So Charmed Medicine Jar

I saw this on the So Charmed website, and thought it to be pretty adorable.  It has a hand-beaded glass pearl rosary chain, which features a glass stopper jar full of adorable miniature cakes and sweets. Do check out the site for a clearer picture; the cakes and sweets are really detailed, and jar can [...]

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A New Domain For Beautyholics Anonymous

Hiya folks, Apologies for some bugs this blog was facing for the past hour. You may have noticed that this blog was directed to a page. Yep, bought a domain name for this blog (somebody stop me! Nobody said this was so addictive, buying new domains, I mean :p). My bad for switching to [...]

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Dramatic Eye Makeup? Check The Colour Wheel

Here’s a short makeup tip of the day: For dramatic eye makeup colours, check out the colour wheel. Select your eye colour, and choose the colour for eye makeup OPPOSITE the eye colour. The contrast will make your eyes really bright and dramatic; perfect for evening makeup. For example, if you have green eyes, purple [...]

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Review: Red Earth All Round Concealer

I bought the Red Earth All Round Concealer in the Esprit store in Gurney Plaza a few months ago. This is the first time I am using concealer out of a palette.  This palette contains 4 colour-corrective cream shades designed to hide flaws, blemishes and discolouration. Each colour is used to hide a specific flaw. [...]

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Smokey Eye Makeup For Asians

Being Asian, you know that the majority of us aren’t blessed with double eyelids and deep-set eyes. International magazines tend to focus eye makeup techniques for Western women. Which is great for them, but not so much for us, because as much as we try to apply colour on the “crease” of our eyes, a [...]

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