My Gisele Bundchen Ipanema Sandals

I’ve heard of Ipanema sandals some time ago when they were launched, but it didn’t really attract me that much as I thought it was just another slipper-fad (like the Crocs. Too bad they lasted. Down with Crocs!!). I also read about Kimberlycun‘s newly-purchased Ipanema sandals, and thought hmm, they look pretty good.

And then I made the mistake of stepping into Novo and trying the sandals on.

Oh. My. God.

It’s simply the most comfortable pair of sandals I have ever worn. It was as though I wasn’t even wearing anything on my feet! I came out of the shop AUD39.95 poorer. Incidentally it would also be the most money I’ve ever spent on a pair of sandals.

Lookit my babies! :p

Gisele Bundchen Ipanema Sandals


Gisele Bundchen Ipanema Sandals With Feet

I walked three hours in the city today in these. The sandals are very light, and like I said, it felt like I hadn’t any shoes on. Highly recommended!

According to Kimberlycun, you can snap them up at 1-Utama, for RM69.90 a pair. I got mine at Novo for AUD39.95. Sucks to me big time for paying more because I cannot NOT have it, eh?

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46 comments… add one
  1. ParisB

    Don’t tempt me girl!!! argh!! *runs away to bury my head in the sand*

  2. fashionasia

    you too?!!! aiyo…ive read about it frm kim, then parisB, then u!! aiyo…tempting me oni u gals. I kept seeing Giselle in my mind.

  3. Tine

    Paris: *pulls Paris away from the sand* Go! Go! So that I don’t feel guilty with my purchase :p

    Fashionasia: Sigh … what can I say? I caved in to pure slipper indulgence. Tsk tsk :p

  4. prettybeautiful

    i have a rm169 voucher to purchase crocs. but, i have went to the shop 2x and still havent made up my mind on which pair to get..all look equally yucky

  5. Kimberlycun

    great buy eh πŸ™‚

    imy first pair was exactly yours, style and colours πŸ˜€ they’re pretty worn out though..the flowers have dropped off and the soles are starting to crack. but still the most comfortable sandals ever. i can’t bring myself to chuck em away eventhough i’ve got 2 new pairs hehe

  6. fashionasia

    but saying that, i think they are much more worth the buy than crocs. Crocs are wayyyyyy overrated, and quite ugly too. Although the newer designs are fairing better. πŸ™‚

  7. geekchic

    hey darls, sorry to rain on your parade. today’s the LAST warm-ish day I think. =P Weekend’s gonna be wet and cold. Better make sure you wear that pair as much as you want today. =)

    Hey, i was in the city yesterday! Was there in sofitel for a seminar (*snore*) Should’ve made plans to say hi kinda thing. Definitely more interesting than my *snore* seminar *snore* *snore* *snore*

  8. Tine

    Prettybeautiful: Oh you serious? In that case, don’t waste it! To give it credit, I do admit that the flip-flops are good, compared to the ugly clogs. I just don’t buy them ‘cos they’re way too expensive for a pair of flip-flops (okok, don’t remind me of how much I paid for my Ipanemas! :p). But since you have a voucher, you can actually get ’em without feeling the pinch.

    Have fun!

    Kimberlycun: Hi, good seeing you here πŸ™‚

    Yeah, it’s definitely a good buy. I love the little flowers on the toes, I’m real tempted to get myself another pair! *gulp*

    Fashionasia: Haha, I agree. But then again hoh, Crocs were originally made for those in the medical profession, where you have to stand on your feet the whole day, so it could be more well worth it for them to wear that to work rather than a pair of Ipanema sandals :p

    I know! That’s why I had to go to the city yesterday πŸ˜› Had to *ahem* show off the sandals, hehe. When I was on the train down to Southern Cross St (went to DFO yesterday; great buys ;)), there was this lady sitting opposite me, who was wearing the EXACT pair!

    Aiya, ini maciam should have replied your email earlier. Getting to it now πŸ˜‰

  9. Askmewhats

    hey!!!!!! I’ve got the EXACT Giselle B. Sandals!!! I LOVE IT!!! I had it for a year now, and I am still using!!! And I’m not a loyal shoe/sandal person, and usually it just lasts a month or so and I’ll move on, with this ?? I just can’t STOP using it!!! hahaha LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I’m glad you have it too!!!!

  10. Tine

    Yay! Good for ya. I’m loving mine too. Glad to know yours hasn’t fallen apart after a year, hehe :p

  11. Askmewhats

    after a year, it just gets….a li’l bit flat…compared to the first time I bought it, but its same as comfy as before..yes’ll last long and I think it’ll last for another year (no joke) hehehe ENJOY!!!! I can’t believe it! Exact same one!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  12. sesame

    I’ve got the same pair but in black! I like it, but it does hurt a little after long hours of walking cos of the criss cross at the big toe.

    Anyway, I’m lemming their new designs now!

  13. Tine

    I can vouch for the quality so yeah, it should last me a while. Which is good, because I don’t want the husband to start complaining that I buy crappy shoes that fall apart after a few wears!

    I do agree with you; the criss-cross bit does nip. For some reason I think I “felt” the flower, but there’s another layer of strap below it, so I shouldn’t feel anything. Hmm …

  14. Anonymous

    Hi im actually looking for the same design tat u bought. I believe u just bought them not too long ago. Im just wondering if Novo in Bangsar Village still have the same design?? Thank you for ur help.

  15. Tine

    Hi there, I actually bought mine in a Novo store in Melbourne. But you’re in luck. According to Paris, you can get the Ipanema sandals at Novo in Bangsar Village II. The one she bought is very similar to mine, so go check it out.

    Good luck!

  16. Ansari

    Please tell me where did you find those sandals? I live in Jakarta Indonesia. Maybe I can find it in S’pore or Malaysia? OR Is there any website that I can purchase on-line internationally?

  17. Tine

    This is available in Singapore and Malaysia at prices a lot less than what I’m getting in Australia. Ipanema UK does ship overseas, but the shipping costs are pretty high. Perhaps you could get someone to help you to get it from Malaysia instead?

  18. Sungirl

    I recently purchased a pair of ipanema..beautiful i must say.
    but trust me…its not at all comfortable. i went for holidays in singapore
    and the sandals caused me so many blisters on my feet was aching mad that
    i had to get a new pair of sandals. what a waste of money!!!!! pls dont get it unless ur thinking of wasting some cash!!!!

  19. Tine

    Oh dear, that’s a pity. I would suggest to break it in first, because the first couple of times, it did give me a couple of blisters. But after that, it was smooth-sailing all the way. I wore the sandals the entire time I was traveling in the US; I even climbed the Grand Canyon in them! πŸ™‚

  20. Eros

    i love the sandals too! i have 1 which is similar to yours too, but it’s whitish..and took so long for me to get it last year as they were out of my size.. but eventually i managed to find the last pair in
    it’s such a good buy, worth all trouble! πŸ˜‰

    btw, there’s been a lot of imitation versions in m’sia recently..imagine u can even get a similar pair from the night market at RM10! as such, some ppl who has not heard abt the ipanema sandals thought i got it from the night market!

  21. seedwi

    some people look good in crocs though.

  22. Chea Yee

    hello.. hello… I got mine too…

    I bough it in New Zealand early 2008.. about NZ 45.00? About the same price in AUD then..

    yes, it is very comfortable….. and pretty..

    i tell ppl they can’t “look down” at my sandals (back in KL now)…coz they cost more than their pair of sandals ever will. LOL! mine is the horizontal brown ones across my feet.

  23. pinkylicious

    girls, girls…. anyone tried Havaianas before? i own a few pairs and been using for so many year … it’s really super comfy. i tried the ipanema and it was ok… but Havaianas is the best! Even hollywood celebs are into it. the designs are quite fab. anyone here tried it before? i cannot travel without my havies … it’s a must wherever i go (overseas or at the beach). i can walk all day with it! I find Crocs too bulky and ugly (in terms of design)… no offense though to those people who have it πŸ™

  24. Rojak & Tapai

    I finally got around to buy a pair of Ipanemas πŸ˜€ thanks to your informative blog. I didnt even know until i read your blog that its available here ..hehe i know im totally clueless πŸ˜‰ Googled it even more and found out its available at The Pavillion. I’ve worn it, its very light however I was on my feet more than 3 hours so they were in pain. I would love to give FitFlops a try next and I can only get them closest is in Singapore …hmmm….

  25. pinkylicious

    found out lots of celebs love havaianas too … if u wanna see i saw it at seem havaianas will be available malaysia soon

  26. axal

    It seems even Christian Louboutin himself declared he has 30-40 pairs of Havaianas!

    this is what happened….He might be the king of high heels, but even Christian Louboutin knows that women can’t live in stilettos alone. In fact, when asked how many pairs of shoes a woman should have, he said, “Every woman should own three pairs of shoes — high heels, flats, and Havaianas.”

  27. axesori

    girls, i just want to warn all of you. in case you plan to purchase anything from beware! They have scammed many people’s money. If you dont believe, you can check out the or if you google “Shop flip flops safe” you will see the results.

    all i want is for innocent people not to be scammed by this website. They are selling havaianas and different slippers like Ipanema

  28. lisa

    I love shopflipflops I have been using them for over 1 year and never had any problems ? I am surprized to hear you say that about them.

    Did you get the wrong size or something because they accepted my returns. i had to email them directly.

  29. Iqa

    Hello there…Ipanema sandals rocks! I bought a pair of them last month and bought another one recently. Incredibly comfy and stylish. Wide range of choice (also for toddlers). Hoghly recommended! A must have, especially for shopaholics, like muah hehehe…

  30. becky

    havaianas is expensive here in malaysia, we saw it in one of the boutique in one u

  31. honeybee

    Oh I saw it on the display @ Novo some time ago =p and I was tempted to get it! But unsure since I thought it’s just another Havaianas look alike. $40 is pretty exy for a rubber shoes though. But the last time I look, Novo had some special, it’s $10 for a second pair… so I might recommend a friend to also get one haha. If not, you can become a member of Novo and get some discounts =p

  32. Mel

    I own 1 pair of Gisele B. also, but it was the white one with brown and gold straps. They are REALLY pricey (I could buy two good flip flops with it) and the thing that made me buy one is because it is so pretty and very comfortable to wear.

    However, the stones on the straps have started to fall off. And I have no idea as to where I could buy some here in Manila to replace them with..

  33. fanny

    We use shopflipflops 2-3 times per year and love them

    Never had a problem.

  34. felicia

    hello, do you know where i can get ipanema sandals in singapore? how much do they cost??

    please reply, thanks!:)

  35. NathΓ‘lia

    Wow. Amazing. This one here in Brazil costs R$15,00. the same that AUD$ 9,67.

  36. natty

    hi i just bought my second pair of ipanema – they are the best sandals ever – i spent all last summer and most of this one in them – when it-s hot outside and i walk in the city i like that the sole doesn’t get warm because of the fabric (i think caoutchouk) it’s made from and also they are very very comfortable – like i have no shoes on πŸ™‚
    i totally recommend them to all my friends!

    (in Romania, Europe)

  37. Annie

    I have 11 pairs of Ipanema sandals! They’re great.. and I love them!

    They’re the most comfortable sandals ever. However, they need to be washed often!

    Love ’em!

  38. Grace

    I saw a pair of this sandals, same design & colour, at Litmus @ Queensway sc. I like the girly design. If I’m not wrong, I saw Gisele B. in another design @ a shop in Velocity on display. it was on offer, @ $34.90. I was quite tempted, the only things stopping me was the price tag & the quality. I had to know if the quality for the price I”m paying…

    1. 0harra

      dun worry bout d quality..u can count on it..!

  39. J

    Love Ipanemas! They are sooo comfy. I own four pairs, one from each series of the Gisele B. range.

  40. Ally

    May i know where to get such designs in Singapore??I have been looking for them in Sports shop,in both Malaysia and Singapore.Sadly,they don’t have the old design.Especially the one with golden stripes and purple soles,which i used to have,but died on me 2 years ago.
    Ps,this shoe is rly lasting.

  41. 0harra

    juz grabbed latest design for tiz brand n i got a luvly key-chain.never fail to get every latest collection coz i’m really-really-really-really crazy bout it..d quality.cmfort,simple but attracted evy1 who look at it..suka sangat!!

  42. Stephanie

    I bought these sandals in June of 2007 in Brisbane, Australia. They are by far my favorite pair of sandals for the beach or everyday wear. Today they are worn out now. I live in the US and cannot find these shoes anywhere in store or online. Does anybody know where I can buy a pairr? Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. Tine

      Try They ship worldwide. πŸ™‚

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