Beauty On The Go: My Makeup Bag

It sure wasn’t easy deciding which makeup item to bring with me on vacation. I mean, what if I suddenly wanted to use another colour but I didn’t have it with me? It was a thinker, all right. After much consideration of usability and practicality, I decided on these items. The makeup bag is from [...]

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Beauty On The Go: My Toiletries Bag

I have two bags for all my toiletries. One bag just doesn’t seem enough! I don’t compromise on my skincare routine even when I’m traveling. I don’t use normally use free skincare samples when traveling because I don’t know what they can do to my skin. As the humidity in different countries (and different altitudes) [...]

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Beauty On The Go: My 1-Litre-For-The-Plane Bag

With the LAG restrictions on carry-on baggage for air travel, every traveler is now required to put all carried-on liquids, aerosol sprays, gels, etc into a clear 1-litre bag with the maximum of 100ml per item. So here’s mine. Amazing that I’m able to stuff so much stuff into the bag, huh? Trust me though, [...]

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Honeymoon Hiatus

I’m finally off for my honeymoon! As such, I’ll be on a hiatus for about three weeks. I’ve arranged for some scheduled blog posts throughout the period that I’ll be away (gotta love the ability to be able to create scheduled posts). However, I won’t be able to reply comments or emails quickly during that [...]

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My Island Beauty Needs on Home Spa Goddess

Aww lookit here, I’ve been featured on Home Spa Goddess! It shows the beauty items I’d want with me if I were to be stranded on a deserted island. Of course, I wouldn’t actually bother with that if I really am stranded in one (except for sunscreen; I’d definitely need sunscreen), but for fun, let’s [...]

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