Back To The Sweltering Heat

Finally back in Melbourne. I’m glad to be back, but to tell you the truth, I can’t help but wish I was back in Malaysia instead, for the sweltering heat here is simply unbearable. It’s bloody 45C outside. It’s the hottest temperature I’ve ever experienced, and it’s very difficult to get used to. Makeup be [...]

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Random Trip Updates

My apologies for the lack of updates, ladies. Just a couple of days left to the Chinese New Year, and a lot’s been going on. Here are a few random bits of my trip so far: 1. Meeting up with a few fellow beauty bloggers at The Curve (TGI Friday’s) was one of the highlights [...]

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And I Thought I Was Just Window Shopping!

A few things caught my eye (and pocket) today as I roamed about Queensbay Mall whilst waiting for my girlfriends for dinner. 1. Stage Cosmetics face brush (TB6000-01) – really soft bristles, but it costs around RM135. I was very tempted to get one, but at that price, should I just pay a little more [...]

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My Collection of Makeup Brushes

Reading Plue‘s posts on the good and bad of her makeup brushes, I had a thought to do a post on my makeup brushes as well. Not so much as a review of each brush per se, but just to do an inventory of my babies :) Now as you read on, you’ll notice that [...]

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Malaysia Bound

My bags are packed, and I’m off to Malaysia this afternoon! Thanks to my accrued Enrich miles over the years, I’ll flying via business class for the first time. Lots of things going on for me this trip. There’s my cousin’s wedding this Saturday (apparently I’m supposed to sing at the wedding too, but I [...]

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