Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Wrinkle Filling Night Treatment

When I was stocking up on Eucerin’s Hydro-Balance Refreshing Hydrating Cream (it has replaced my Clinique’s Moisture Surge. I’ll talk about this in a future post), Eucerin’s latest range of skincare products, Hyaluron-Filler, caught my eye. And since it contains hyaluronic acid, which I have yet to try, I thought I’d give this a go.

I’ve been using this for over a month now, so I think it should be all right for me to review this moisturiser.

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Wrinkle Filling Night Treatment

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Wrinkle Filling Night Treatment Ingredients

First of all, what the heck is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid* (also known as hyaluronan) is a naturally occurring biopolymer, which serves important biological functions in bacteria and higher animals including humans. Naturally occurring, hyaluronic acid may be found in the tissue of higher animals, in particular as intercellular space filler.

The effect hyaluronic acid seems to have on the skin is at the level of promoting the formation of collagen. These are the fibres that firm the skin. Hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down collagen fibres, is produced by free radicals and UV radiation. These factors breaks down fibres of collagen can cause premature wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Focusing on hyaluronic acid, it would seem reasonable therefore, that reducing the free radicals is a major key to reducing the hyaluronidase enzyme and secondly to promote normal levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin.

Scientific mumbo-jumbo aside, it plumps the skin from inside out, making it appear smoother.

Okay, now back to the review.

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Wrinkle Filling Night Treatment Foil

When you remove the cover of the moisturiser, you’ll find it sealed with aluminum foil. I find this a very hygienic way of packing the cream in to avoid contaminants, because I’ve seen people (okay, me included. Sometimes *gulp*) at the stores removing the cover to give it a sniff and a feel before buying.

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Wrinkle Filling Night Treatment Cream

The texture of the cream is quite thick and rich for the skin. Which made me wonder at first if this was good for oily skin, because I was afraid it might break me out, as my skin cannot take creams which are too rich. It did break me out, after using it for a few days. I persevered on with the cream, determined to find out if it actually works.

Over a week on, the pimples were gone, and I started to notice a difference in my skin. The dry, peeling skin at the corners of my mouth were gone. The skin was hydrated. The cheeks do appear “plumper” and smooth. This was all great news for me.

A while later, it broke me out once more, on my forehead. That was when I realised that I’ve been using a little too much of the moisturiser on my skin. As I have a very oily T-zone, I cut down the amount of cream I slathered on the area (just a touch of the finger on the cream was enough), whilst maintaining the same amount on the cheeks.

Once I got the amount of cream right on my face, I started getting smoother skin. I use this only at night, and when I put it on, my skin will look very oily. However, the very next morning, the shine on my T-zone is gone, and I wake up with, believe it or not, visibly smoother skin.

Oh I kid you not.

Who do I recommend this for?

I’d recommend this for those with dry skin and stay for long periods in an air-conditioned room. I would not recommend this for those with oily skin in a hot and humid climate because it’s far too rich. It works for me here because the humidity is relatively low and I can thankfully get away with it.

A snag about this cream though – I do not like the smell. It smells something like processed soy beans, lots and lots of soy beans. Now I love soy milk, but this is just meh. But I’m sucking it up because it works for me, and I’m determined to at least finish the jar to come to a final conclusion on whether I’d repurchase or not (I most likely will).

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Wrinkle Filling Night Treatment (50ml) is available at Malaysian drugstores like Watsons and Guardian, and is sold at RM98.

What I like about it: Good night cream which hydrates the skin, making it appear fuller.

What I did not like about it: The smell. Too bean-y!

You can also read more about Eucerin’s Hyaluron-Filler range and hyaluronic acid on Viva Woman.

*Source: Hyaluronic Acid – The Latest Craze In “Natural” Skin Care?

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31 comments… add one
  1. Nikki

    now you got me intrigued! You changed Clinique Moisture surge for this? OH NO! This must be good ! thanks for the heads up 🙂

  2. Connie

    thanks for the review! I’m definitely tempted because I’m looking for a night cream. But I’m still trying to get through or my products first >.< too many

  3. giddy tigress

    Yup, like you, I LOVE sealed products too, it gives me the feeling that it is really really hygienic and never been used.

  4. fuzkittie

    Lots and lots of soy beans? Hahaha! What a weird smell!!
    I have HA!! It’s the best hydrating stuff~

  5. Sue

    soy bean smell moisterizer? -_-
    I cant imagine that having it on my face.. lolz
    thanks for reviewing~~

  6. Karen

    Do you have any theories about the peeling skin at the corners of the mouth? I often get that, and also at other parts eg. thin-skin areas of my cheek … I always thought it was some kind of allergic reaction. From your experience, it looks like I could be wrong. Would love to hear what you think.

  7. Tine

    Not for this, but for the Hydro-Balance. It works the same as the Moisture Surge, believe it or not, and for half the price too :p

    Haha, I know what you mean. I’ve got a LOT of creams in my cupboard too 😉

    Giddy Tigress:
    I like them too, but it would be great if there was a tester nearby where I can see, smell and feel the cream before buying. When it’s sealed, it’s a gamble :p

    Oh I don’t know, it’s a mixture of soy beans and something else. I just can’t put my finger on it.

    Now see if it really smells like soy bean milk, or tofu, I’m totally fine with it. There’s a body moisturiser from Boots where it has soy in its ingredients and it smells great. This one, not so much.

    I’ve had that actually, with peeling around the mouth. For me, it could either be due to contact dermatitis (if it itches), or just general dryness around the area (I get this pretty often too). I’d normally put more moisturiser on the dry bits, massaging the area. If it itches, then I’ll apply some tea tree ointment.

  8. Karen

    yes, mine are itchy and sometimes feel “hot”/”burning”. sad. it’s really an allergic reaction like the doc said, no denying it. *sob sob*

  9. elly

    Hi, I don’t know English very weel, bat, I need this crem.
    Where I can buy Eucerin Hyaluron…

    Please. You can help me…

  10. Teff

    I am currently using this night cream as well. And I find that it really makes my skin appear smoother, plumper and softer day by day. I like it a lot..but I have to agree with you that the smell is a bit off-putting…sigh…I may not repurchase this cream because of the smell. I still love Clinique’s Moisture Surge tho 🙂

  11. Pattie

    I first purchased this in Italy after airport security trashed my Bare Escentuals moisturizer for being a bit too big as a carry-on. Anyway, I love it. I love everything about it and I can’t wait to buy more!

  12. Monika

    I was introduced to this cream by a co-worker in Germany. She got me very curious over this and the following day I went to the pharmacy and I made the purchase…now I am back in the US and freaking out about where I can purchase more of these…I was only able to sneak 2 of them back to the US. It is wonderful, my skin feels smooth, and my husband loves it! I am 43 years old with better skin then most 20year old, it’s a matter of fact my 23 year old is jealous of my skin, what better compliment then that.

  13. Maria

    Where in Milwaukee, WI, I can find Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Wrinkle Filling?

  14. Mohan

    I need this cream so that please give me location of qatar do you have any diller in qatar?

  15. Louise

    There is no supplier in Qatar to my knowledge. It is available in South Africa, UK etc. Best to get a friend to bring it back for you when one holiday in one of those countries.

  16. mona

    hi i want to know if eucerin hyalourn filler fill wrinkels near my mouth thx

  17. joy

    hi, is this Hyaluron-Filler wrinkle filling treatment for Night is suitable for sensitive skin?

  18. ann

    i tried eucerin white solution this morning. i think i start to love it because the texture so light. now im looking for eucerin night cream

  19. Belinda

    I LOVE IT!!!! I’m 37 and just started to notice fine lines around my eyes…..managed to get a free sample and HOLY MOLY!would u believe it when I tell u people keep telling me I look about 25 or 26. This stuff is fabulous. I live in very hot and humid Durban, South Africa, but have yet to notice any oiliness in my skin. Seems to be fine.

    1. mellory meyer

      Hi Belinda – are you still using Eucerin for mature skin, if so please contact me as
      I have some good news for you – ‘Regards, Mellory

  20. ashwin

    hi my mum used tis 4 a mth. i saw a diff in her skin + asked wat she was using. she tried to avoid my q, so i asked again. i anted to research tis product so that she has no future side effects. Man i tell u if u go on this girls …. botox is history !!!!

  21. Simonne

    This cream sound promising huh.. but i think the price is steep for drugstore product. But I wont mind paying if it works 😀 Okay shall find a day visit my local Guardian/Watsons
    Simonne recently posted..Blueberry BuckleMy Profile

  22. Simonne

    Hehe I bought them today @ Rm 83 got sales ma So must buy 

  23. Simonne

    Ya when I apply it my face look shiny n oily can I know do u apply any serum with this night cream or do u apply just this night cream alone
    Simonne recently posted..Blueberry BuckleMy Profile

  24. Stella Yates

    I saw the Eucerin products on offer in a local discount store and bought the Dermo Densifiyer cream without any great expectations other than it was worth a try. It was pleasant in texture being quite weighty and rich without leaving a heavy residue and proved a good base for make up. What took me by surprise after some weeks was the fact
    my skin looked plumped up and the little creeping lines were lifted out. My daughter commented that she had never seen my skin look better and that is not something she would normally comment on. I am quite simply amazed that a cream can produce such results.

  25. lucia

    Where can I buy it in South africa Durban

  26. Jan

    I tried this cream now for nearly a month, it is amazing, all other creams being ditched in it’s favour. I got mine in Boots Chemist. Thumbs up to Eucerin. Think it has almost removed the deep lines that were forming from my nose to corners of mouth.

  27. Norli binti Sapei

    Hi, now I’m using white therapy gentle cleansing foam and it’s good for my skin. For your information my face no acne but have some acne scar. Is it suitable for me to use Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Wrinkle Filling Night Treatment?.
    For your information I’m muslim. Is Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Wrinkle Filling Night Treatment content have ‘non-halal’ animal ingredients? Thanks for your answer because I’m seriously like to use this products.

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