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Kia wanted to know what my 5 ins and outs are right now, i.e. what I’m into currently (and not). Some of these have been an “in” for quite some time now, and not all of them are beauty-related. Here goes.

What’s In For Me

Envirosax Candy Series

1. Cute environmental bags, like the ones from Envirosax. Beats carrying plastic and paper bags around.

Turquoise and Yellow Eye Shadows

2. Turquoise eyeshadow, matched with yellow eyeshadow and highlights. I’ve always loved using this combination of colours on my eyes. I first saw this used on one of my dear friends, Hester, several years ago when we were in Japan. Goes very well with dark brown eyes.

Aspley and Company Melbourne Scented Space Fragrance Diffuser

3. Fragrance diffusers. Perfect for areas in the house where you don’t want to leave lighted scented candles unattended. I put one in the kitchen and one in our bedroom. I love the ones by Aspley & Company Melbourne Scented Space.

Crisp White Men's Shirt

4. Crisp white men’s shirts. You can’t go wrong with these. You can dress them up with trousers, pencil skirts, or dress them down with jeans. I’m currently on a lookout for another shirt or two. My, err, Padini linen one is looking a little worse for wear.

Oroton Faves

5. Oroton bags and accessories. Geekchic got me hooked on this. The leather bags are oh-so-gorgeous, and I really like the silk scarves too. I call it the Coach of Australia 😀

What’s Out For Me

MAC Helly Kitty Mild Collection

1. MAC Hello Kitty collection – okay, I know this is going to annoy a LOT of MAC lovers out there, but it just isn’t for me. I reckon it’s because it’s been far too publicised, compared to other collections. No thanks for me. On a slightly different note, I prefer the original Hello Kitty when she was red and white, not pink.

Purple Eyeshadow

2. Purple eyeshadow. As much as I love the colour, I just can’t wear it on my eyes. Still can’t perfect this without looking like I’ve been punched in the eye. Dammit!

How I Met Your Mother

3. The first three seasons of How I Met Your Mother were hilarious, but the fourth went way down. It’s as though they’ve run out of things to talk about, and so they’re just adding in any old funny bits which, in my opinion, aren’t funny. Either introduce the mother already, or quit while you’re ahead.

4. Movie titles with two words – “The Something“, e.g The Ring, The Teacher, The Matrix, etc. It was nothing at first, but more and more movies are titled as such these days. Running out of inspiration, oh movie makers? I’m not surprised if I see these movie titles in the future – “The Chair”, “The Table”, “The Horse”, “The Cat”, “The Bird”, “The Car”, etc. Oh y’know what I mean.

Enid Blyton Books

5. Bookstores not stocking Enid Blyton books for children. Her books are classic children’s stories, not Harry Potter or Hannah Montana. Sigh.

And … that’s it!

I wasn’t tagged for this, as this was a question from Kia (thanks for the Q, Kia. Hope you weren’t asking for all beauty-related stuff though :P), but I’d love to know what your 5 current ins and outs are. It can be beauty related or not.

Jess of Ohh … Pretty
Indulgent Reviews

For those whom I did not tag, feel free to do this too if you like. I look forward to reading your ins and outs 🙂


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19 comments… add one
  1. geekchic

    Outs: Skinny jeans!!! Even though I’m still wearing mine to death 😛

  2. Jess

    Thank you for tagging me! 😉

    Oh, and also thank you for your nice comment on my latest FOTD!

  3. cuteandcurls

    Ive been reading Enid Blyton since I was a little girl and it has been my all-time favorite. I even sent one to a Japanese pen-pal of mine only because to me its the best thing to read if you wish to learn English 😀 As much as i like Hello Kitty i find the MAC Hello Kitty too publicised also and like you, i prefer to see HK in her original colors 🙂 I wouldnt mind having those funky looking environmental bags, at least they look chic when you bring them around compare to the groceries one 😀 I am still in search for THE White Shirt think Padini carries some good ones?

  4. MisSmall

    I lurrvveesss Enid Blyton! And I still love children’s books with a passion, it’s the aisle that I spend most time in at bookshops. Most of my friends find that real weird. Haha.

  5. ying

    me too! i used to love enid blyton so so much! her books are fantastic.. i never ever get bored of them.. sort of miss reading those stories….

  6. gio

    I didn’t like the Hello Kitty Collection either. I wouldn’t have minded the publicity if the collection had been amazing. But for me it was just ok, I think the colors were quite boring.
    Those envoiromental bags are really cute. I should get one too, I hate plastic bags and try to use them as less as possible.

  7. fuz

    Haha you’re funny! I’m so going to try turquoise with yellow sometime soon!

  8. Indulgent Diva

    Ooo..I loved Enid Blyton books too! All of them were fantastic!
    and I didn’t fancy the Hello Kitty and the Dame Edna collection as well. Haha..Too colourful for me.
    Thanks for tagging me, Tine. I’ll have a post ready soon. 🙂

  9. ann

    i totally hear you on the how i met your mother part! =)

  10. lalala~

    hey! i like reading ur blog! can u give some info about makeup on darker asian skins like indians for eye make up??? pleaseeeee… *begs*

  11. Traclyn Yeoh

    I’ve been wanting a diffuser. Might get from Body Shop if I have the money 😛

  12. jojoba

    blue is in!!! yay! but why is purple out??? i can understand stila’s out.

  13. Connie

    Excellent post! I think we all go through an eyeshadow color phase. mine has been the greens, teal and rust colors. Lol.

  14. beetrice

    LOL…just got mine done! 😀

  15. Indulgent Diva

    I’ve done this! 🙂

  16. Jess

    Oh yes, i loved Enid Blyton as a child! What a pity, the days seem have passed, where children read books like that… 🙁

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