What’s In My Makeup Bag? (March ’09)

Reader Crystal wanted to know what’s in my makeup bag. I did a post on this last July, and looking back, there wasn’t much of a change in what I carry with me on a daily basis.

Funny enough, the only bit of makeup I bring around with me are lipgloss and lipstick. It might look like I carry a lot of junk, but believe you me, when I’m caught in a situation where I’d need to use any of these, I’d be glad I carried them around like a brick in my bag :p

Makeup Bag March 2009 1

I’ve had a few more makeup bags after I got this one from Bloom, but I still went back to this one as it’s held my stuff the best. It’s laminated with plastic on the outside which prevents it from getting wet and dirty.

Makeup Bag March 2009 2

Makeup Bag March 2009 3

Description given from left to right.

First row:
Tampons and pantyliners in a ziplock bag
Hair elastic, bobby pins and safety pins in another ziplock bag
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissues
Wet tissues (got this from a 100yen shop in Japan)

Second row:
L’oreal True Match Super-Blendable Powder in Neutral (abysmal stuff, but I got it for free so I just leave it in there)
Origins Sensory Therapy Peace of Mind On-The-Spot Relief
AMO Complete Blink-N-Clean Contact Lens Drops
PocketBac Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Gel in Cucumber Melon from Bath and Body Works (best smelling hand sanitiser EVER)
Ego QV Cream (a gift from Connie)
Cancer Council Australia Everyday Sunscreen SPF30+ (in the summer, I’ve taken to carrying a small tube of sunscreen with me everywhere I go, especially if I forgot to put any on, or when I need to reapply)
Small mirror

Third row:
Foldable comb and brush (got this from the Malaysian Airlines Golden Lounge :p)
Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in Juiced Berry
C.O. Bigelow My Favourite Lip Balm
Avon Ultra Moisture Rich lipstick in Pink
Camphor oil (I need this as I get intermittent stomach aches. Provides me with temporary relief without having to pop pills)

That is just in my makeup bag. I also carry a packet of tissues and mints.

Thanks for the question, Crystal, and I hope this answers it 🙂

Over to you. For those of you who have never done a post on this before, what’s in your makeup bag? For those of you who have, have any of the items you bring with you change in the past 6 months? Have you added or taken out the kitchen sink? 😉

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19 comments… add one
  1. Nikki

    Ohh so far, since the last post, I still bring the same stuffs, yours look so neat 🙂

  2. ponikuta

    Geez woman, you’ve got a whole truckload of items in there. Believe it or not I have never carried a makeup bag with me ever before! Sometimes I don’t even carry tissue. Weird huh!

  3. Eli

    You even bring minyak kapak! I only carry lip balm, lip gloss, tissue, face blotters and eye drops.

  4. fuz

    I love how neat you are!! Hehe, the bag’s cute too

  5. Jenn

    I never carried a makeup bag with me! All my stuff are dumped into my handbag!! =X Maybe i should!! Yours is so neat! 😀

    Eh, i MUST get that hand sanitizer from BBW the next time i get my stuff from there!! I have the Cucumber Melon lotion and the scent is really nice! 😀

  6. prettybeautiful

    lol. yr bag must have weighed a tonne. 😛

    i dont even carry make up bag with me now, just chuck them randomly in my bag. hehe i have only lipbalm, lip gloss (yeay for beauty rush lipgloss ^5), and brow pencil, and oil blotter. hehehe

  7. Connie

    you’re so complete… I carry too much of stuff that I don’t actually need and very little essentials. Lol. The QV cream’s pretty handy yeah. I used to carry that around until I got a bigger tube of cream. lol

  8. beetrice

    alamak…haha…I should probably do one of my bag one of these days…should be a real eye opener…teeheehee!

  9. gio

    You carry a lot of stuff! I don’t carry a makeup bag with me, I usually chuck only my lip balm and sometimes a lipgloss in my handbag.

  10. Crystal

    Thank you so much for doing this post!! I can see what essentials you would bring. I usually carry powder, lip gloss, and blotting paper around too.

  11. Traclyn Yeoh

    Maybe I should invest on a make-up bag. I always have all my stuff all over my bag. Sad that I don’t have a make-up bag right? Hahaha…

  12. Jenn

    Pssst, you’ve been nominated!! MY BLOG ROCKS, BUT YOUR BLOG ROCKS HARDER! 😀

  13. pinky

    the ziplock bag is such a good idea! now I know how to put the small stuff together. they always went missing especially like pins and all.

  14. Syen

    Hehe.. I got to see it firsthand! =) Nice.

  15. Indulgent Diva

    I used to carry a makeup bag, but don’t anymore. haha…with the umbrella and everything else, gosh, it’s just too full! No space for a makeup bag, so I just chuck the whole heap of cosmetics and stuff into my bag and everytime I change my bag, I’ve got to unload and reload all of them. Perhaps I should go checking out nice and cute little cosmetic bags. Shall do a post on this one of this days.

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