Pressure Buildup in Tubes

I’m not sure if this has happened to you before, but it happened to me very frequently, especially when I’m traveling. Any creams or lotions I have in tubes will burst out in abundance whenever I uncap/unscrew them either on the plane, or when I’m unpacking my toiletries bag. This happens too with handcreams in [...]

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Updates Updates

Yep I’m still here. It’s been quite a week, thus draining me from the inspiration to write. Just a bit of an update of what’s been going on lately: – The hubs and I have been house-hunting for a place of our own for a while now, and we actually found a place we liked [...]

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TB Quiz: Does Your Daily Routine Need a Lift?

Quiz: Does Your Daily Routine Need a Lift? Answer these questions to find out if you need to add a dash of daring to your humdrum existence Tired of being stuck in a rut? No time like the present to add a little sparkle to your summer. Answer these questions to find out if your [...]

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Total Beauty: Fried Hair Rehab

Fried Hair Rehab Our program comes to the rescue for women at every price point Sun damage, coloring, flat-ironing … you’ve demanded enough from your stressed hair. Find out how to bring health back to it, thanks to advice from a panel of hair pros. See tips

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Interesting Clicks for Friday

A little late, but better than never :) Flu Face Masks: Not So Chic Face masks are so common in Japan that you’d actually be embarrassed to not wear one if you’re sick and still out and about. To the Japanese, it’s a courtesy to other people when you keep your germy goodness to yourself. [...]

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