Question: Do You Use Feminine Wash Products?

Today’s question is a little on the personal side, but I’d really like to hear what you think.

Do you use feminine wash products? Do you believe in using one? If you do, which brand of feminine wash do you use? Or do you douche instead? Have you had any bad experience with feminine washes and/or douching?

Would really love to hear your opinions in the comments below, as it would help me with an article about feminine washing that I’m currently writing. If you like, you may remain anonymous.

Thanks, and looking forward to reading your comments!

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26 comments… add one
  1. LyNn

    i tried 3 brands by far

    i know one is lactogyn (recommended by my doctor) and eve (my mum gave it to me, i prefer lactogyn and another brand). i know the other brand sounds like lactogyn but cant seem to recall the name.

    i heard douching can irritate your vagina. i dont dare try that but apprently washing too frequent with feminine wash isnt good as well.

  2. Nikki

    I use Lactacyd and I use it daily! I can’t really say that it works so well or it doesn’t, as I do feel the “clean feeling” down there but I can’t say it changes the situation down there, you know what I mean? I just use it “Just to make sure” ! 🙂

  3. jojoba

    i used to till my husband told me it’s not a good practice in terms of medical point of view. He explained how these products reduce our body’s natural protection against bacterias and etc. so best thing is just the plain old water. and that’s what i use now. been like that for years.

  4. Connie

    I’m not particular on brand. not even sure if they work… I just use them cuz they’re there. I’ve switched between Lactacyd and Eve.

  5. acsmvtak

    Plain water…i don’t believe in using in any wash products as they contain chemicals and might do worst than good. Rather do it the natural way with water. Dampen your tissue with water and wipe after every pee does the trick…HTH

  6. Jenn

    I use Lactacyd! Hmmm… i guess i’m using it out of habit and would probably feel weird without using it! Don’t think it makes a difference though…

  7. Indulgent Diva

    Just ol’ plain water. I think that’s the safest and the best!

  8. eliza

    just plain water =]

    because i heard many ppl said that most products have harmful chemicals. Even though the products say its gentle for women, over time the chemical will built up around the area and may trigger rashes/irritation/ovarian cancer =[

    any organic product that may help?

  9. gio

    I tried a few brands but I usually stick to just water. I think that’s safest.

  10. Kimberly

    I used to use Eve & a couple of other brands but I thought they were just a little too expensive. About 3 years ago I switched to using baby bath, you can use pretty much any brand. It’s a lot cheaper, & you get a big bottle.

  11. Shorty

    Yes definitely! The pH ‘down there’ is different from the rest of the body, too much alkali from common soap will disrupt the ‘wellbeing’ of the fragile area, on a worst case scenario one will be at risk for yeast infection and various whatevers *gross* Ideally the cleanser should have a pH of 3.5 – 4.5 to support the natural acidic environment of the nether regions. I’ve tried many brands; Lactacyd, Summer’s Eve etc but my current staying brand is Eubos, they seem like the leading brand for the sensitive skin / dermatological segment. I think most reputable fem-wash brands are good, as long the pH is correct.

  12. Dawn

    It’s like you’ve read my mind or something.. I’ve been contemplating if I should get one as well… I’ve seen some in Pulse and Safeway QV… Haven’t been down to Priceline to check it out ><''' But yes! Do blog once you've decided on one and I'll be sure to find out more and inform you if I've got any info about it.


  13. Melissa

    i’m now using Eubos too. this is my first time trying and i do feel “fresh” down there. just a little bit each time when you shower will do.

  14. Tamira Nel

    few months ago, I fealt a bit disturb down there and didn’t really know why. i didn’t done anything diffrent on daily basis but it started to bother me. I asked a doctor friend and she reffered to read some articles on this issue and during that process, i kept reading and reading and found out a lot of information that i wasn’t so aware off. I mean moms not always talked with us about it and we even don’t talk with our closest friends about it. it’s not an easy topic to discuss and a bit gorss….. if you think about it better. while reading, I realized that many women’s don’t know what is going on down there and they just prefer to live with it or go to next pharmacy to find some solution, when the solution can come just knowing about it and prevent it, by your self and it’s that simple.
    i done a bit research of my own and there are some products out there – i read information about them, even tried two and then a friend that i talked with her about this, told me that she tried a new product with a ph 3.5 which is very recommended to this area, because it keeps the natural flora of the gential area and so on and so on.. I had my doubts, but was willing to try, hi after all I read so much about it and tried other two, so why not to try another one? she reffered me to their website and there I read some more and get more curious – here are some informaiton I read there:
    Sometimes the easiest way to treat a yeast infection is to stop it before it starts
    Methods of preventing yeast infections include:
    Wearing cotton underwear instead of synthetic fabrics that don’t breathe as well
    Changing out of wet clothing and swimsuits right away
    Avoiding scented feminine products and toilet paper
    Using of unscented & detergents in your genital area
    Using on daily basis a pH balanced wash for your genital area
    These tips will keep the vaginal area dry and clean, discouraging yeast from multiplying.
    this is only one of the tips. The name of the product is : Intimore and they have 4 differnet kind and it’s free pf preservatives and SLS (some chemical staff).
    I bouhgt one just to try, even it’s not that cheap, i fealt very comfortable with it, more then the other two products I tired. initially I tried the intimore classic one and then I also bought the intimore sensetive one, and this one is really helps in menstrual period with all irritation from the pads and so on.
    i am babbling too much. I just wanted to share the knowelege and my experience. hope i helped.
    Good luck with your article.

  15. Shani

    I use Pink Kitti Untouched wash regularly…it is soap free and organic.
    Yin Care Herbal wash only when I am on my period.
    Briefly use the “Jamu” soap. Love the smell, but I don’t use it very often.
    Had a bad experience with the following products:
    Summer’s Eve
    Vagisil Talc Free Powder
    Always Wipes
    Playtex Wipes

    Before bed, i just wash with 100% aloe vera gel and water. Changed to natural pads and pantyliners. It’s really helped.

  16. allyse


    FDS has truly come out with a winning product.
    Unhappy with other “intimate” washes on the market, I upon hearing “raves” from my two closest friends, boughtFDS Feminine Wash. As I began to apply in the shower,the “sheer tropics’ fragrance was subtle,yet extremely feminine.The wash, which can be used all over the body(not just intimate areas) works into a wonderful ,sensuous lather and leaves you feeling clean
    and refreshed all over.
    I will always make sure that I have this product on hand!

  17. Shyam

    Try to wash with water. But my mom told me once tht washin wit salt water once in a while is good as it removes bacterias. I did tht a couple of times when it itchs. And it worked!! My doctor recommended me Lactogyn and tht has reduced a little of my fungal infection.

  18. Carole Heath

    I prefer feminine washes to soap as i found that soap caused soreness in the intimate area as many soaps contain so much additives in my opinion. I have used many of the feminine washes on the market including Boots own brand and Avon feminine wash. I have never had any problems so far, i think that FW’S keep you feeling more fresh and clean than ordinary soap. Of course you can overdo the washing bit and cause problems to much washing is not good really. I sometimes use the washes all over my body when i have a shower or bath i find them gentle enough to do that.

  19. Valerie

    While I used to be decidedly against buying feminine cleansers, last year friend of mine recommended this stuff, Fresh Control, to me one day when we were joking about the catch-22 of ‘feminine-care’ products (they seem helpful, but, even if you’re unfazed by the prospect of dropping it in the check-out line, it tends to smell like old potpourri, or irritate your skin, and just wind up being a waste of money you have to hide under the bathroom sink).
    Actually though, she announced, she had just recently started using this feminine wash called Fresh Control, and was so happy with the results that it had she’d become a convert to the extent that using it had actually just become part of her daily routine.
    After hearing all her reasons for using it, and listening to her go on about all the problems with just using regular body-washes and soaps (that they’re abrasive, leave residues, and as a result, can cause more irritation and infections), I finally decided -in spite of my past bad experiences with similar products- to try it, and was pleasantly surprised to find that she was right.
    -Unlike other products, it’s unscented, and doesn’t leave any oily, sticky, or potpourri-smelling residues, and doesn’t irritate your skin at all.
    Because Fresh Control’s not only hypoallergenic, but is designed to have the same pH as your body/ ‘sensitive areas’, it actually works as a cleanser while being totally non-abrasive, and without disturbing your natural body-chemistry (so, you actually feel -and are- cleaner, as opposed to just floral-smelling, when you leave the shower).
    And, as added perk (that really should be the case with similar bath products, but isn’t), it’s not the case that whoever uses the shower after needs to know that you might not be perfectly-confident in your level of ‘feminine-freshness’, because Fresh Control comes in a discreet, plain white and pink bottle with a specifically easy-to-remove label (so it looks like a generic women’s beauty product or shower-gel).
    So, especially for anyone looking for or thinking about buying a personal/feminine cleanser but worried that it will irritate your skin, cause you to break out into hives, or embarrass you at the pharmacy check-out counter, I highly recommend Fresh Control -It’s the best feminine bath product I’ve come across so far, and definitely worth trying!

  20. Valerie

    Yes I do. I also took awhile to contemplate whether or not to try it out. But I did so because regular soap stings, I’ve decided to use it on an alternative basis and everyday during my period, so as to not get too reliant on using it. I recently had an infection but realized that might be due to my regular usage of panty liner which I will stop using.

  21. anonymous author

    last year i had a yeast infection :/ it was horrible de doc told me it was probably because i used some public bathroom, so he told me the best thing to do is to ALWAYS! (daily) clean yourself with water, but when you have your period clean yourself with a special soap, one that balance your PH, but DO NOT USE THIS SOAP on a daily bases because the body has his one ways of cleaning it self (i am not saying don’t bath yourself but do not over do it)
    H e told me there was a “organic” hahaha way of balancing your PH dow there once a month after you period has come do a special “wash” you put on a plastic pail warm water and vinegar (I think it was the apple one) and you sit on it (of course without close) 15 minutes the take a regular shower, and thats it, ur fresh and cleaner than ever, i was a little skeptic, BUT I PROMES IT WORKS!
    hope this works 😛

  22. sara

    yes ave tried douching and it did more harm than good to always out and in of tha hospital and really i feel stressed up.can somebody out there recomend to me any product i can try coz am really suffering.
    i want to change to feminine washes but am afraid its gonna hurt me tha way tha douching did to me..its been 5 months and monthly i have to see a gyna..pliz help me out friends

  23. Kara

    I have used apple cider vinegar diluted with some warm water for years and it works well for me. I stop using it for a while in between and started getting problems so got back to using it. I keep a separate bottle of apple cider vinegar for the bathroom and use it in the shower. The pH is slightly acidic so balances the natural pH of the area. It also contains fruit acids from the apples which is good for the skin. Apple Cider vinegar can be used on other parts of the body aswell like for treating acne, so same again diluting with warm water and applying to the skin with a face towel or cotton pads.

  24. Chocolate goddess

    Usually, it’s organic Apple Cider vinegar, diluted, and it really works for me. I have also just started Femfresh, and I love how it feels. Will most likely use the Femfresh for when I want to get intimate with my man.

  25. Elizabeth

    I just picked up the FDS Intimate Wash today at Walmart because I couldn’t find the Vagisil cleanser, so I bought this one. It’s in Aloe scent and I love it even after the first use! It made me feel very clean and fresh. I’ve been struggling with “not feeling clean” or paranoid of having “odor” down there…which is why I haven’t had sex with my boyfriend of a year. I’m hoping this will boost my self confidence! 🙂

  26. lisa bling

    I use lacktacyd and I’m wondering if I should switch to summers eve…..with the brand I use now…. It makes me feel fresh…not sure if its a mind thing or it actually works..

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