Covergirl Outlast Lipstain: Sharpies for the Lips!

I first read about this from Gloss Queen, who raved about Covergirl’s latest lip colour range – The Outlast Lipstain. It’s the lipstick effect; I knew I had to have it. Description: The water-based colourants of Outlast Lipstain give lips a beautiful, lightweight flush of colour that won’t come off, lasting for hours without the [...]

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Would You Wash Your Hair With Detergent?

“Honey, are you done washing the dishes? I need the dishwashing liquid to wash my hair!” I never thought that the words “shampoo” and “dishwashing liquid” would be one and the same. When I saw this link about saving money on shampoo by using detergent from Lifehacker Australia, I was utterly flabberghasted. Has the Global [...]

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That Time of the Month

Thanks to being a woman, I’ve been out of commission for days due to severe cramps. Yep ladies, it’s that time of the month. And this time, it is BAD. A two-week long PMS is no joke, according to the hubs. He knew well enough to stay far away from me then (but still close [...]

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TB: 3 Ways to Stress Less and Have More Fun

13 Ways to Stress Less and Have More Fun Want to live a free and easy lifestyle? You can with these quick tips With these tips we’ll show you how to inject some fun into every day, in a minute or less. So toss out that to-do list and have some fun — you deserve [...]

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Products I Almost Never Splurge On

Inspired by Connie’s post, I thought I’d share some of my products which I almost never splurge on. Sure, there’s the economy downturn, and we’re all looking at areas to trim our spending, and that’s a wise move. Regardless, these are some of the items that I do not think is necessary to spend a [...]

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