That Time of the Month

Thanks to being a woman, I’ve been out of commission for days due to severe cramps. Yep ladies, it’s that time of the month. And this time, it is BAD. A two-week long PMS is no joke, according to the hubs. He knew well enough to stay far away from me then (but still close enough in case I need him or something. Tee hee).

I was actually late this month. My cycle’s very punctual and consistent, so when I was late a week, it freaked me out big time. Believe me, having to sneak into the pharmacy to get an early pregnancy test was bad, and the waiting was even worse. Oh we’ve been careful but you never know. I’ve never in my life taken an EPT, and boy was I nervous. It’s such a big thing; having to wait to see if it’s going to be the moment when your life changes forever. My hands were actually shaking when I picked up the thingy to look at the results.

Negative. Everything goes back to normal. Phew.

Still, because I was late this month, it wrecked havoc in my body and gave me what was probably the worst cramps I ever had. It was so bad that I could hardly move without bowling over in pain once more. It was such a feat, dragging my sorry ass to the medicine box to pop in a couple of ibuprofen tablets. Felt utterly wretched. It’s all better now, thank God.

I’ll be back real soon. For now, I’m afraid that all the beautiful makeup in the world won’t make me feel any better. Only my trusty ol’ hot water bottle will.

Well, that and trashy gossipy tabloids 😉

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  1. ponikuta

    Hey babe,

    Perhaps you should consider the pills to help regulate your period and for hormonal reasons.


  2. prettybeautiful

    i feel for u 🙁 mine was quite consistent, but sometimes it just delays one or two weeks for some months, and the PMS is horrible. Anger, frustration, suicidal thoughts. Gosh!

  3. Nikki

    use a warm your tummy method…*hugs* I’m just over with my time of the is a nuisance! lol

  4. Anais

    Haha yeah, 5 days per month I hate being a woman. Really.

  5. Jenn

    Poor girl!! I hope the cramps are gone by now!! *hugs*

  6. Ida

    Uh! I can understand you! I’m not a person without ibuprofen those days! and yes maybe you sould try a treatment?

  7. Melissa

    don’t you wanna have kids? *winks*

  8. Syen

    The month before the wedding, mine skipped the entire month, which sent me into a (slight) panic attack.

    And then I had TWO in August. One of which was right smack in the middle of my honeymoon. Great.

    Hope you’re fine now! =) *huggles*

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