Rootote Pouches – A Definite Aye!

Hands up for those who own a Rootote? *ME! ME!* Sure they sell tote bags and shopping bags, but did you know that Rootote now sell pouches too? When I received an email from Rootote regarding the sale that they were having, I hopped over to the site, just to see what the sale prices [...]

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An Ecotools Surprise

Remember when I wrote about the anatomy of a retractable kabuki brush, and that my brush fell apart after a short while of use? Just a few days after I wrote that article, an Ecotools PR representative contacted me regarding the brush, and lo and behold, this came in the mail today. It certainly was [...]

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FlexiFlats For High-Heeled Shoe Lovers

Love wearing gorgeous high-heeled shoes but can’t stand being in them for long? What if you’re out partying in your stilettos and your feet starts to kill you by the minute? There is a way to be able to wear your favourite heels without being in pain all evening. Let me introduce – readers, FlexiFlats! [...]

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Anatomy of a Retractable Brush

Bugger. My Ecotools retractable kabuki brush, fell apart after just a few months’ use. Expected it to last at least half a year though. How disappointing :( Original Form Oh well, just in case you want to see a breakdown of the retractable brush (or any sort of retractable brushes for that matter), here you [...]

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Bangkok Baby!

It’s been three years since I last went to Bangkok with Bea, and I really missed it. We had such a fabulous time with each other, and I couldn’t wait for our next trip. So when the idea of going to Bangkok once more came up last year, I jumped at the chance. Guess who [...]

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