SCA Promo – 25% Off Storewide

*AHEM* Going to do a little shameless self-advertisement here, so don’t mind me :P *AHEM* We’ve reached the middle of 2010, and my oh my, where did all that time go? And you know what happens during this time of the year? Why, the ever-popular mid-year stocktake sale, of course! As such, Sweet Contemplation Accessories [...]

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Nuts About Essential Oils

I live in a tiny apartment with an open-plan living, which means that everytime I cook, the whole place stinks. And you know how Chinese cooking can be; the wonderful stench of garlic and ginger lingers on for hours before it’s finally gone. Opening the windows and door doesn’t help much either. To help remove [...]

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Me On A Necklace

Yep, my narcissism is all fired up and ready to go. On my neck, that is. I Carrie-fied my name on a necklace, which I got from It had nothing to do with the movie Sex and the City 2 (which I still haven’t watched, by the way). I’ve always wanted one when I [...]

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Turning Thirty

I joined the 3-0 bandwagon over the weekend. And what a birthday it was. My family didn’t forget me (well, they almost did last year), my girlfriends from Malaysia sent me wonderful gifts, dear friends to celebrate my birthday with me this year, great pressies … oh, what a day it was. Coffret D’or blush [...]

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Readers, We Have A Problem

Update: I’ve reverted to the old design just to see if visitor count goes back up. This will be up for a couple of days. Process of elimination going on here. Just so I don’t tear out all my hair in frustration. Something’s terribly wrong with the new Beautyholics Anonymous. Ever since I updated the [...]

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