2011: The Year That Was

I was going through my archives contemplating on doing a wrap-up post for 2011, and I realised what a truly eventful year I’ve had. The exciting parts mostly came from blogging, and the opportunities I’ve had were amazing. I’ve met more people in a year than I normally would in three. I’ve done stuff I [...]

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I’m Back Baby!

Hi lovelies! I’m finally back from my month-long holiday in Malaysia. Can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but man, that was one holiday I wished was shorter. Suffice to say, half of it was really good, and half of it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea (halfway I was already wishing I was home). That [...]

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Greetings from Sunny Malaysia!

Greetings from sunny Penang, Malaysia! I’ve been back for about a week now, and it’s been lovely. Just thought I’d update you on a little of what I’ve been up to the past week. Updates and Musings: – I’ve been eating. A lot. Yeah, so what else is new? :P Since my aunt and uncle [...]

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Packing for My Holiday

A few snapshots of what I brought to Malaysia. Toiletries bag is courtesy of Groomy. It’s big enough to hold everything but the kitchen sink. Makeup bag is from Borne Naked, which I really like. I always bring the Urban Decay NAKED palette with me when I travel because it’s so versatile and they don’t [...]

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Christmas in Malaysia

Happy Monday lovelies! By the time you’re reading this, I’ve already landed in Malaysia. I’m probably eating char koay teow or chicken rice (I’ll be thinking of you, Tina!) and sipping my favourite kopi peng (iced white coffee) now, but since this post is scheduled, who knows eh? :P Posts will be very sporadic during [...]

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