Bloggie Wednesdays: Blogs For Blogging Inspiration

Dang, could there be any more “blog” in that title?* I follow over 200 blogs, and in that number of blogs, I read about 100 updated posts daily. That’s a whole lot of inspiration going on right there. Still, even though I blog about beauty, I admit that just reading beauty blogs can be a bit [...]

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My Current Favourite Showertime Prodz

This is not my bathroom. Damn. I love experimenting with new shower products. I have Monday to Sunday shower gels and creams, all of which I take turns to use. Yes, I’m spoiled like that :P What can I say, I like having a variety to choose from. Here are a few of my current [...]

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Dermalogica PreCleanse

Double-cleansing is a habit I’ve gotten into for the past few years. I reckon it’s also because I started to wear makeup on a regular basis and also slather a lot more sunscreen than I ever did back in Malaysia. My skin needed better cleansing, and the double-cleansing routine has helped my skin tremendously. I [...]

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A Beautiful Cream Blush That Is Illamasqua’s Dixie

I don’t normally use cream blushes because most of the ones I’ve tried are sticky and do not blend well. When I read on Twitter that a few beauty bloggers were raving about Illamasqua’s cream blushes, all I could think was “meh”. Still, I was curious as to what it was that they were loving [...]

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