Bloggie Wednesdays: When Blogging’s Just No Fun Anymore

Lately I’ve noticed a number of tweets and Facebook status updates that read something like this: “Oh no, still haven’t blogged. It’s been days/weeks!” “Sigh. So tired from work, but still have to blog” “Everyone’s outside enjoying the gorgeous sunny weather, but I’m inside blogging”. Sound familiar? Goodness knows I’ve been there. Not going out [...]

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The One Where I Wore A Fascinator For The First Time

Tim and I was at the Vue at Halcyon on Saturday for a friend’s wedding. Now if you’ve been following me on Twitter and Facebook, you may remember my asking a question or two on whether it’s appropriate to wear a fascinator to a wedding. I’ve never even been to the races before so the [...]

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Want to Relax At A Day Spa? Here Are 5 Ways To Do It

Note: This is a sponsored post. Ahh day spas. Kid you not, if I lived in one, I’d never ever leave the house. Worries? What worries? I’d have stress massaged right out of my bones. For me, money saved up each month doesn’t go to beauty products, clothes or bags. Oh yes I hear you [...]

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Five Minutes with My Favourite Blogger: Stef @ Read Cook Shop

Five Minutes with My Favourite Blogger is a series of posts where I’ll be showcasing some of my favourite bloggers. These are the bloggers whom I admire and inspire me. Enjoy! Image Credits: Italy | Dita Von Teese My style icon: It’s tough to pick just one! From an inspirational standpoint I love Dita Von [...]

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