IMATS Sydney 2012

Note: This is a picture-heavy post

IMATS Sydney 2012

I was going to squeeze my post on the IMATS Sydney 2012 into my writeup of the Beauty Bloggers Utopia weekend just a few days ago. After poring over hundreds of photos I took at IMATS, I figured the IMATS deserved a post of its own. This way I can show you more photos of the day, what I saw, what I bought, etc. More importantly, the latter. ;)

IMATS Sydney 2012

If you’re not familiar with what the IMATS is, it’s the International Makeup Artists Trade Show. I did an IMATS round-up on Beauty Directory last year, so do check it out. It’s pretty much the same this year. Most of the brands that were at the IMATS last year were present this year too with the exception of NYX. Let me tell you, the disappointment of most attendees was overwhelming when they discovered that NYX was a no-show this year. It appeared in the program; however they pulled out at the very last minute. I had no idea why.

IMATS Sydney 2012

Top-L-R clockwise: IMATS at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre | Emma, Norlin, Lizzi and Ling | Bumped into Tram, Alice and Tezza at the IMATS | Hugs all around! | Showing off our shopping haul

Everything else was pretty much the same. It’s makeup and brushes heaven at the IMATS. The reception at Royal & Langnickel far outweighed Crown Brushes this time (at least, that was what I noticed). It was such a feat trying to literally get my body past the crowd of ladies trying on and picking up R&L brushes. It’s no wonder why Royal & Langnickel makeup brushes are always so popular at the IMATS. They have good quality makeup brushes at such low prices (e.g $2-$5 for eye makeup brushes, $7-$15 for face brushes and so on. Their makeup brush sets sold like hot cakes.

IMATS Sydney 2012

A tip for future IMATS attendees who would like to check out R&L brushes: either go very early or go late. Decide on what brushes you want quickly because there will definitely be a line behind you trying to get in. Don’t take your own sweet time deciding if you want a $2 brush vs a $3 brush, because the ladies behind you will smell blood and they will not hold back before telling you to sod off :P

As always, there was plenty of body art going on at the trade show. This fascinated me greatly last year and this year was no exception.

IMATS Sydney 2012

The Beauty Bloggers Utopia delegates were given a special treatment of snacks, complimentary manicures and massages at the mezzanine level of the IMATS. This was a godsend especially if you’ve been shopping non-stop for the past couple of hours.

IMATS Sydney 2012

Top-L-R clockwise: R&L’s new [R]evolution makeup brush range | Kitty and Megan checking out the new brushes | Michaela getting her nails done | Stacey enjoying a good massage

IMATS Sydney 2012

Top-L-R clockwise: The Beauty Bloggers Utopia enjoying a bit of time off | With Lilit | With Rosemary | With Megan | With award-winning makeup artist and designer of R&L’s new range of [R]evolution makeup brushes, Kevin James Bennett

Of course, what is IMATS without shopping? ;)

IMATS Sydney 2012

I was very good last year when I only purchased a few makeup brushes (one of them from Hakuhodo, no less, but y’know. Still). This time, I actually had a list of stuff I wanted to get. Truth be told, it was only a tiny list but temptations were far too great for me to resist this time. And no, another Hakuhodo brush was definitely NOT in the list.

IMATS Sydney 2012 Shopping Haul

The items on my list were: BeautySoClean makeup brush cleansers (heard good things about them, had to try them out) and a stippling brush for LeGeeque. In the process of walking to the booths where these are, I also happened to *ahem* procure more things. Bought three more R&L brushes, some Kuu Konjac sponges (they were only $4 each!) and, erm, another Hakuhodo makeup brush (blush brush). This one brush pretty much blew my entire budget for IMATS. Yikes!

IMATS Sydney 2012

As for the Ben Nye powder blush, my first round of covering the IMATS missed the booth. They usually do very bright eye makeup colours, which isn’t really my thing. But when I saw Norlin‘s shopping haul and laid eyes on this, I knew I had to get it. The colour reminded me so much of Tom Ford’s blush in Narcissist and it’s only ten bucks :P

Lunch After IMATS Sydney

Well-needed sustenance after 3 hours of shopping

And that concludes my IMATS experience this year. It happens once a year (usually at the end of September) so if you do happen to be in Sydney at that time, I highly recommend you check it out. The crowds are crazy, you may or may not have to fight with another girl for that last eyeliner brush, but you know what? It’s still heaps of fun. Go with your girlfriends, get fun makeup at lower prices and help each other stick to your budget. Yeah, as if the last one helped me at all :P

Stay tuned in the next couple of days when I’ll be showing you pictures of my amazing weekend at the Beauty Bloggers Utopia :)



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  1. LeGeeque

    So fun reading it and so glad you had a blast :) Thanks for shopping for me :D :D :D

    1. Tine

      LeGeeque: Hahaha you’re welcome. I did have to queue amongst stinky BOs though for your brush, so you owe me one. Hah! ;)

  2. Lizzi

    Such fun, that top photo isn’t too bad, but that bottom one is horrid, next time I’ll play photographer! :p
    Was wonderful to meet you and we’ll have to catch up in Melbourne!
    Lizzi recently posted..Project 100 PanMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Lizzi: Aww man I LOVE the last photo. All of us looked so good and happy! :D
      It was really good to meet you, and yes, catch up again soon!

  3. Madam M

    I’m kicking myself i didn’t go. I’m def going next year. You guys looked like you had a ball! You got some fabulous treats.
    Madam M recently posted..MY CURRENT SKIN CARE ROUTINE – SEPTEMBER 2012My Profile

    1. Tine

      Madam M: Oh you must. You will have a fabulous time shopping your brains out at the IMATS :P

  4. Nico

    Great Post. I was at IMATS on Sunday and the crowds were not too bad so maybe day one is crazier than day 2. I’m getting my blog together so hopfully I can be part of the blogger crew next year!

    1. Tine

      Nico: That’s good! I’m guessing most people wanted to get the best stuff on Saturday before they were sold out, hence the larger crowd. Did any of the items going on sale further on Sunday, I wonder? Y’know, to get rid of their stock?

  5. Karen C

    Goodness! So much choice – glad we have you to review products for us!

    1. Tine

      Karen: I’m here to serve, ma’am! *bow* :P

  6. Jackie

    Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun! $4 sponges? Worth going for that alone let alone the other great buys. Putting IMATS on next year’s calendar.

    1. Tine

      Jackie: The sponges retail at $7.95 each, so getting them for $4 each was a good deal. Dangit, should have gotten more than 3!

  7. Evelyn

    Wish I could have been there! Looks like you all had an amazing time! Awesome goodies too xo
    Evelyn recently posted..National Breast Cancer Awareness Month- My favourite Pink productsMy Profile

  8. Evelyn

    Wish I could have been there! Looks like you all had an amazing time! Awesome goodies too…that blush is so bright! But cool :) xo
    Evelyn recently posted..National Breast Cancer Awareness Month- My favourite Pink productsMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Evelyn: I’m going to review the Ben Nye blush soon. It’s CRAZY pigmented. Even more than NARS, and they’re already well-known for having very pigmented blushes :P

  9. Issa

    this is what i call Heaven! hihi…. looks like you had a lot of fun!

    1. Tine

      Issa: Wellllll it’s heaven with sweaty bodies. HAHAHAHAHAH! :D

  10. lara/swatchgirl

    Gorgeous pictures!
    lara/swatchgirl recently posted..THE MYTH OF HAIR: on expectations, feminine appearance, and shaving my headMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Aww thanks Lara :)

  11. Dustyn

    I loved IMATS, so worth it! I think we got the same blush from Ben NYE – except I thought that it was an eyeshadow, haha fail for me!

    1. Tine

      Dustyn: Oooh you can totally wear it as an eyeshadow AND a blush. So beautifully pigmented, right? :P

  12. Emer

    Love the pics from IMATS, I didn’t take that many, and what a good shopping haul guys. :-)

    1. Tine

      Haha thanks Emer! And it was good to meet you too. Man BBU was awesome, wasn’t it? :P

      1. Emer

        Was super awesome can’t wait for the next event :-)

  13. Dustyn

    YES! I also picked up a gorgeous plummy shade as well. Can’t wait to film my haul video tonight (no patience and too many products to take decent photos hehe)!

    1. Tine

      Dustyn: Hahaha cool! I’m not a video person (as in I don’t do videos ‘cos I can’t stand looking at myself in one), but that’s a very good idea. Much quicker than taking heaps of photos, editing them and then posting them on the blog ;)

  14. Megan

    I love this post and I love all the photos, I have zero photos with me in them so I’m enjoying seeing myself popping up on other peoples blogs. I’m wishing I’d purchased some of those Kuu Konjac sponges, I love them so much!
    Megan recently posted..Beauty Bloggers Utopia Part 1 – Cosmetiques De FranceMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Megs: Hahaha you were busy enjoying yourself shopping! That’s good! :P I didn’t start buying stuff at least for the first 30 mins just to take pictures for the blog. Damn. No wonder there weren’t much regular Konjac sponges left! I wanted to buy more but I took almost the last there was on the rack (they could have more in stock, I suppose), and that was only 3. At only $4 each, man I should have gotten at least 5 >.<

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