List of Lusts: Pearl of the Orient

{ 1. Taylor Dresses Brocade Fit & Flare Dress | 2. Guerlain Bois D’Armenie Eau De Parfum | 3. Accessorize Oriental Print Disc Earrings | 4. Accessorize Floral Print Phone Cover | 5. Stella McCartney Brocade Print Top } { 6. Accessorize Oriental Bird Cut Out Disc Earrings | 7. Guerlain Liu Eye & Lip [...]

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BB Creamology: Rimmel, Palmer’s & ZA

I’ve been using a lot of BB creams for the past year. In fact, I was going through all of my makeup and found this amount of BB creams in a corner (including the ones I bought in Japan). Jeepers creepers! Did I really amass that many tubes of BB creams? Oh boy. One face, [...]

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Bloggie Wednesdays: How I Became A Beauty Blogger

One of my favourite things about beauty blogging is getting emails from lovely readers like you. I’ve been getting a number of emails from them asking how it was that I became a beauty blogger. I thought I’d answer them and share with you how I walked down the blogging road :) Let’s rewind to [...]

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Native Box: Unboxing The Box with a Difference

I haven’t been writing about beauty box subscriptions lately or do any unboxing posts because quite frankly, most haven’t been very inspiring. It seems blasphemous for me as a beauty blogger to say “aww man, another beauty box? Again?” when I see beauty boxes. I’d love to see new boxes with different things like accessories [...]

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The 5 Rules I Live My Life By

Note: This is a sponsored post. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough – Mae West If you’ve been following me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you’d notice that I’ve been posting a few photos with the hashtag #appletisersparkle. So, what was that all about? Beautyholics Anonymous is proud [...]

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