What’s In My Makeup Bag? (January 2013)

Longchamp Le Pliage Cosmetic Bag

Every six months I like to do a What’s In My Makeup Bag post. Between you and me, I’m a big sucker for What’s In My Bag/Makeup Bag posts. Humans are natural voyeurs and I’m a bag one. One of my secret habits (well, not much of a secret anymore now that you also know about it) when I’m on the iPad is browse the “What’s In My Bag” gallery on Flickr. It’s highly addictive!

Right. My turn to show you what’s in mine. I’m a creature of habit; most of the items in my bag remains the same. There are very few changes to what goes into the makeup bag. But if you’re here for the first time or have only started reading Beautyholics Anonymous a couple of months ago (welcome!), it’ll be your first time peeking into my makeup bag. Drats. I wish I had something more interesting to show you 😛

It’s a bit silly to call it my makeup bag since I don’t actually have much makeup in it. The only items of makeup I carry in the bag are lippies.

Longchamp Le Pliage Cosmetic Bag

The makeup bag I’ve been carrying since August is the Longchamp Le Pliage cosmetic bag. This was a birthday gift from a dear friend. I like how roomy it is inside and that it’s water resistant from the inside.

What's In My Makeup Bag [January 2013]

As for the contents, as you can tell, there are barely any changes from the last time I blogged about my makeup bag. The only changes and new additions are:

  • Decanted Natio Wellness handcream to a travel-sized bottle from Daiso. I absolutely love this handcream and since the tube is too big for me to bring around with me, I decanted it to a small bottle.
  • You can barely see the words on the Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment anymore. That’s how battered and used it is in the bag, which is a very good thing.
  • Paul & Joe facial blotters. This was a spur-of-the-moment purchase from BeautyBay.com. It also comes with a mirror. This means I don’t have to carry an extra mirror with me now. Win!
  • KFC wet wipes. Why buy extras when you can use the ones from KFC? They’re smaller and excellent in removing makeup swatches.
  • Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in RD309. Such an easy shade to wear.
  • Uriage Bariederm Lip Balm
  • ALLIE by Kanebo sunscreen. Now that it’s summer, I bring alone a bottle of sunscreen with me in case I forget to apply it on my arms and legs.

What's In My Makeup Bag [January 2013]

If you follow my Five Minutes with my Favourite Blogger chats, you’ll notice that I always ask them about a random item in their bag. I think mine would be the KFC wet wipes. 😛

I can actually fit a lot more junk in my makeup bag since it’s so roomy but that’s all I’m carrying at the moment. It has never been my style to carry other forms of makeup with me since I almost never use them when I’m out. Once I used to carry a makeup palette with me that included eyeshadows, blushes and lip colours, since y’know, it’s what beauty bloggers do :P. A month on and it’s back in the drawer, unused. Oh well.

What's In My Makeup Bag [January 2013]

Stay tuned for another update on my makeup bag six months from now. Who knows, you might see a different bag by then. 😉

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22 comments… add one
  1. Zoe

    I love these kinds if posts/pictures too, they are addictive! I recently did a “What’s in my travel make up bag?” And it was so fun!

    I have only heard amazing things about the Fresh Sugar lip treatments, I think once I have used up a few more of my lip products I will be trying those out!

    Zoe xx
    Zoe recently posted..My New Zealand Adventures: QueenstownMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Yay! Good to know that it’s not just me then who’s addicted to posts like this 😛

      Some say the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments are overrated (they aren’t cheap to begin with for a tinted lip balm) but I say it’s worth it. Some aren’t even a lip tint; the colours are bright enough to pull off as a lipstick that you don’t have to apply a lip balm prior to the lipstick. Pretty cool, right?

  2. Lacey

    Oooh I love knowing what other people carry!! Great post!
    Lacey recently posted..It’s My Birthday!!My Profile

    1. Tine

      Haha thanks Lacey! Happy to meet another what’s-in-my-bag fan 😛

  3. Lily (@ChloeAsh)

    Yup, the first thing I saw were the KFC wipes 😛 Thanks for sharing!! It’s such a coincidence that I did a similar post on Sunday. Hah! What do they say about great minds? LOL! Have a great day ahead, Tine 🙂
    Lily (@ChloeAsh) recently posted..Sunday Sharing: A Peek Into My Makeup PouchMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Haha I know right? I saw yours and was like, hey I’m doing this a couple of days after you too! These sort of posts rock. It satisfies my bag voyeuristic nature. Hee hee!

  4. Victoria Shanti

    hi tine. i am commenting for the first time here eventhough i have read your blog on and off since last month. i have the exact same makeup bag in green. lol. but i never used it for makeup and instead used it for my wallet, mobile phone and passport when traveling. with this post, i think i will use it as a makeup bag whenever i travel. thanks for the idea! your kfc wipes are so interesting as i have never seen it in malaysia.

    1. Tine

      Hi Victoria! Thanks for your comment!

      Haha that’s a good idea. I just automatically used mine as a makeup bag because when my friend gave it to me, she said “there you go, a new makeup bag for you”. I just never thought of using it otherwise. Darn 😛

      There are no KFC wipes in Malaysia?! NO WAY! Don’t they give you any when you buy the chicken? NO WAY!

  5. Kaye

    Haha, KFC wet wipes! That is absolutely brilliant.

    And I’m going to have to borrow this idea from you, I’ve been thinking of doing one but got lazy with it. I’m like you, I love taking a sneak peek into others bags. It’s so fascinating! 🙂
    Kaye recently posted..How To Create A Blog Header (Like I Did) – Part 1My Profile

    1. Tine

      Haha I know, right? It’s fascinating to see what people carry with them. I’ve seen the most random things, even handcuffs! (don’t ask :P)

      KFC wipes are excellent for removing makeup swatches. Essential for beauty bloggers, y’know. Tee hee!

  6. xin

    i love to see what’s in others’ bag! u have such a neat and compact pouch, mine is beyond messy with all sorts of misc stuff. Sometimes I find a small random tic-tac and some random receipts in the pouch ><
    xin recently posted..Your Say: Would you use an unknown brand of skincare even if it&#8217;s damn good?My Profile

    1. Tine

      I have a bit of an OCD thing when it comes to bags. Receipts and such have to be emptied every evening. I have crumpled up oily facial blotters hiding in the crevices of my bag too >.<

  7. M&L

    haha i shall keep in mind how handy kfc wet wipes can be!
    im addicted to reading whats in my bag tags! and other tags as well, i think i just like reading them to get to know the blogger better 😀
    M&L recently posted..Wardrobe Addition 002My Profile

    1. Tine

      Hahaha me too! So glad to know I’m not the only one. Sometimes I feel a bit sneaky enjoying peeking into other people’s bags. But it’s so much fun! 😛

  8. Issa

    i love taking a peek at other’s bags too! my makeup bag has a lot of lippies in it, hihi. Because sometimes I like to change shades in the middle of the day depending on my mood. 🙂 And, I usually bring a complete set of makeup since sometimes I want to give my office mates a makeover, hihi.

    1. Tine

      Ooooh you give your colleagues makeovers? That is so cool! I never did get to do that. My makeup skills (or lack thereof) were not good enough to even draw a straight line using an eyeliner 😛

  9. cuteandcurls

    Ahhhhhh the good ol make up, you should see my travel make up bag ..my husband always asked me if i will be using so much in that bag hehehehe

    1. Tine

      Hahaha isn’t that always the case? Mine complains that I carry the kitchen sink with me 😛

  10. Kimberley

    What a cute makeup bag!
    Kimberley recently posted..Adore Beauty Haul: Alpha H & O&MMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Thanks Kimberley. I love it. Especially since I can fit way more than I need in there 😛

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