January Hit & Miss List

January Hit & Miss List

I’ve decided to introduce a few more series of posts for 2014 since I quite enjoy doing them last year (BB Creamology, Rudiments of Rouge, List of Lusts, etc). While some may be put to pasture, I thought I’d kickstart the first month of the year with my monthly Hit and Miss List.

It’s not a new concept; it’s a popular monthly favourites series done by beauty bloggers and YouTubers where they tell you what their favourite products of the month are. It’s something I used to do way back when that fell off the bandwagon after a while. I thought I’d resurrect it this year and add my list of misses too. If there’s something good, often there’s something bad, right? ;)

Let’s get started with January’s Hit and Miss List!

The Hit List

January Hit List

Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper Hand Cream
This was a Christmas gift from a dear ol’ friend and it has become a fast favourite on my bedside table. It smells amazing (you know me and orange scents) and it isn’t greasy. I’m not sure if I can get this in Australia because I definitely want to get the full-sized tube when this is finished.

Pureology Colour Fanatic Multitasking Hair Beautifier*
I love this multitasking hair leave-in spray. It protects against colour fade, conditions my hair, controls frizz and static on my hair. I usually have a myriad of hair care products, each for detangling, treating, conditioning and this just combines all of them into one easy-to-spray bottle. I can just imagine decanting this for when I’m traveling and how many bottles I DON’T have to bring with me just to take care of my hair. Again, multitasking FTW.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colour in Rosy
This lipstick was highly recommended by Estée from Essiebutton and believe it or not, this is my first lipstick by Bobbi Brown. It’s creamy and the colour’s gorgeous. I was expecting this to be quite sheer given its name but it packs one heck of a colour punch upon first application.

Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candles
I discovered Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day soy candles in December when I was shopping on iHerb. I was just getting some pet supplies for Janey and I had no idea iHerb stocked soy candles too. I picked up a couple from Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day range and I absolutely love them! I really like the jam jars they come in and for a good soy candle, they’re cheap too (under $10). I picked up a couple more in my next order and will continue to repurchase as long as iHerb still stocks them.

The Miss List

January Miss List

Cussons Foamburst Foaming Shower Gel
When these first came out, I really liked them because they came out like a gel, foams up like a mousse and smell really good. You only need a small dollop to soap your body, arms and legs. I stopped using them for over a year when newer shower gels came to the market. A few weeks ago, Priceline had a 50% off all Foambursts and I picked up a couple. It was then that I remembered why I stopped using them.

When you’ve used up about 1/2 of the shower gel, it becomes really hard to dispense. You’ll have to press the small plastic lever really hard just so worm-sized gel comes out in a snail-like pace. Every time I get past half the bottle, it’s shower gel constipation all over again. I give up!

Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser
I picked this up during a 40% off sale at Priceline. I’ve heard good things about it and how it’s pretty comparable to Cetaphil’s Skin Gentle Cleanser. Long story short, it’s not. Not even close. I found it drying and when Tim used it, he didn’t like it either (damn, and I thought I could palm it off to him). It gave our skin that tight and squeaky clean feeling that I really don’t like. There’s now an inch of facial cleanser left in the bottle that neither one of us want to use. Ideas anyone? :P

Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF50
I like sunscreens by Skin Aqua. Heck, I’ve repurchased a lot of their variations. Sadly, this isn’t one of them. I wouldn’t say I hate it but I don’t like it at all. It’s terribly watery (light, oil-free, slightly runny texture is good. Easy-to-spill watery is not) and to be honest, I don’t know how much of it is needed for a decent amount of skin protection. It’s like applying water on the skin. As the bottle is small and light, I’m keeping this in my bag for times when I forget to apply sunscreen but it wouldn’t be something I’d automatically reach for if possible.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my hit and miss list for this month. Apologies if any of my not-so-good ones are in your favourites list but that’s what makes it interesting, not everyone liking the same products. No worries at all if you hate my favourites. :P

What’s on your hit and miss list for January?

Note: The product marked with * was sent for editorial consideration.

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21 comments… add one

  1. sushiroll

    With unwanted cleansers and moisturisers, i use it on my feet. lolz.

    1. Tine

      Kakaka you used it to cleanse your feet? BEST COMMENT of the day! :P

  2. Norlin

    Really? You didn’t like the Neutrogena cleanser? Miss 12 is using it now and apparently it’s pretty good on her skin. Yes she’s used this for a month now. But she did say the scrub feels a little bit tight on her skin. That one is a newbie so I’ll have to see if it reacts to her skin after a few more uses (the scrub). My hits this month…hmm…Oh yes! This Lush sikim girls body lotion or something like that? The one we got at the Christmas event. OMG I love the scent!
    Norlin recently posted..Fashion Day: The Classic Wrap Dress with The LBDMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Yeah, it didn’t work for me. Found it too drying :(

      Oh yeah I know the one! Damn, have to go dig it out. Gah, where did I put the Sikim Girls?! >.<

  3. Julia @ Chic To Do

    I find most Neutrogena products super drying on my skin and had to give up on buying them a long time ago!

    1. Tine

      I used to use their regular cleanser, the ones that’s brown and come in a pump bottle? Can’t remember the name. Used to like it very much when I was younger. As my skin has changed as the years went by, it’s now too drying. :(

  4. Tegan @ Tegania's Thoughts

    I just went and bought a couple of those candles – I love the look of them! That Neutrogena wash did not work on my skin at all (which is surprising, because I like the makeup remover). I used it up as a body wash :)
    Tegan @ Tegania’s Thoughts recently posted..Kit Cosmetics Lipstick in High Jumper {Swatch}My Profile

    1. Tine

      Theose candles smell really good. And they’re so cheap for soy candles (at least compared to the crazy amounts we have to pay for similar candles here). I finished one and am now thinking of what to store in the jar, which is so cute.

      I might use the leftover Neutrogena cleanser to wash my makeup brushes. Or, like one of the readers mentioned, my feet! Kakaka!

  5. Jules

    You have a great list of hit list. They seem like great products to try out. I am interested in trying out the Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper Hand Cream. It seems like a great product to try out based on your review. I will def gonna check it out.
    Jules recently posted..Do Eyelashes Grow Back After They’ve Fallen Out?My Profile

    1. Tine

      That hand cream smells really good. Definitely worth checking out. :)

  6. Monica P

    I do love Bliss products and wish they were more price friendly. I’ve also used the Neutrogena face wash and thought it was .. meh .. nothing I’d repurchased.

    I just wrote a beauty toss post .. those were my misses for the year :-)

    Monica P recently posted..Beauty toss, removing undesirable products from my collectionMy Profile

    1. Tine

      I’ve seen some Bliss products here and they’re ridiculously expensive. They’re actually quite cheap in the US!

      PS: Heading over to your post to read now. :)

  7. Rebecca B. Bird

    I love the idea of doing a hit & miss list instead of just monthly favorites. I really like Mrs. Meyers as a brand… I get their hand soaps when they’re on sale because they smell very lovely. :) As for the reject facial cleanser, I would probably use it on my body. Or maybe as a foot soak.
    Rebecca B. Bird recently posted..Use It Or Lose It: January 2014 Sample EditionMy Profile

    1. Tine

      I bought a Mrs Meyer’s hand soap in Lavender during my second iHerb haul. I haven’t used it yet as I still have a bit of the current handwash left. I read good reviews about the hand soap so I can’t wait to finish the old one up and use this.

  8. Amanda

    Try using the neutrogena face wash to clean brushes. I’ve heard it works well for that

    1. Tine

      I saw a YouTuber use the Neutrogena cleanser to wash her brushes as she didn’t like the cleanser either. Will give that a go. I have to finish that last inch!

  9. Allison

    Thanks for the recco on the Bliss hand cream. I too adore orange scent, and Marshall’s (a store that discounts brand names) often has Bliss products :)
    Allison recently posted..Pilfered Beauty Tip: An Easy Way to Apply Liquid EyelinerMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Awesome! I don’t know how much it would cost retail but hey, if you can get it discounted, why not? ;)

  10. Beauty Box

    Loved reading your hits and misses this month :) Thanks for the tip on the Mrs Meyers soy candles from iHerb.com – I love candles for evenings in my living room but hate to spend more than $10 on one. I adore expensive candles but I just cannot bring myself to splurge $60 and above for one and unfortunately I don’t get them as gifts either lol!! Btw, I am a huge Essiebutton fan too and I really want to try that Bobbi Brown lippie in Rosy that she raves about and the Apricot blush which looks so lovely as well.
    Beauty Box recently posted..Jan EmptiesMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day candles are really good and they’re cheap for soy candles (you should see how much soy candles are selling in Australia. You’d think they’re gold or something). Plus you can reuse the cute jam jars too. I use one of mine to store cotton buds in the bathroom.

      I discovered Essiebutton last year and OMG she’s so funny! I wanted to get the Bobbi Brown blush in Apricot that she raved about but it was the only shade that was sold out at David Jones. Gah! Anyway, her vlogs are seriously the best I’ve encountered on YouTube. Reggie cam, Reggie cam… :P

      1. Beauty Box

        Reggie cam!!!! LOL! Essie’s bf Aslan is hilarious as well. They are such a cute couple and I love watching their vlogs. I was quite sorry to see their vlogmas vlogs finish and I really look forward to their next video.
        Beauty Box recently posted..Jan EmptiesMy Profile

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