Olay Aqua Action Long Lasting Hydration Gel: A New Blue Discovery!

Olay Aqua Action Long Lasting Hydration Gel

When Paris B was in town late last year, she left a few items with me to lighten her luggage load. Lighter bag = more shopping = winning. :D

One of the items she left with me to try was Olay’s Aqua Action Long Lasting Hydration Gel. Given that I have combination skin, anything that says “gel” on it piques my interest right away. Olay consistently comes up with top-notch skincare in the drugstore category and while I do find a lot of their moisturisers just a tad heavy on me, I don’t discount the fact that they are good and have quality ingredients that makes them more than comparable to high-end skincare. So whenever Olay comes up with new ranges of skincare, I keep my fingers crossed that it would be something I’d be able to use and enjoy.

When I saw that this was a gel, I thought “finally, an Olay moisturiser that I’m going to be able to use up!“. Long story short, I love it.

So … I should stop the review now, shouldn’t I, since I’ve given you my verdict? Oh, all right, I’ll go on. :P

Olay Aqua Action Long Lasting Hydration Gel

The moisturiser is a light gel that is, well, blue. Not to worry, it doesn’t turn your skin blue. It goes on clear. Even though it’s light, it does leave the skin feeling quite sticky for the first half hour. After that, the gel is absorbed and the skin isn’t so sticky anymore. Since it’s quite “wet”, I only use this as a night cream because who’s got the time to wait for so long before slapping makeup on during the day?

Olay Aqua Action Long Lasting Hydration Gel Ingredients

I love the scent of the moisturiser. It has a marine, seaweed-y scent that I absolutely love (I prefer this sort of scents to floral and fruity fragrances). It actually reminds me of H20′s Face Oasis, where it’s also a gel and smells quite similar. It does actually smell quite strong so if you’re not a fan of fragranced skincare, you might want to stay away from this.

Olay Aqua Action Long Lasting Hydration Gel

As it’s quite light, I enjoy using this in summer. I’ve been using this for 2 months now and my skin just drinks it up. It’s also quite similar to Clinique’s Moisture Surge so if you’re a fan of this, you might like to check this out too. The gel keeps my skin well hydrated during the night, even when it’s warm and dry in the room. There wasn’t any reduction of appearance of fine lines or brightening of the skin. This moisturiser just does what it’s suppose to do, and that’s to moisturise the skin. A decent job at that too.

Now, the only sucky thing about this Olay moisturiser is: it’s not available in Australia. Please insert a big sad face here. Olay Australia didn’t bring in the Aqua Action or the whitening range, which is double sucky. You can get this in Malaysia or any of the Asian countries but not here. Insert bigger sulky face.

Olay Aqua Action Long Lasting Hydration Gel

I’ll be sure to pick a jar or two of this to stock up whenever I’m back in Malaysia (or get someone to bring it for me, hint Beetrice hint) because I really like it. It’s just one of those moisturisers that do what it’s supposed to do and do a bloody good job too.

Olay’s Aqua Action Long Last Hydration Gel retails at RM59.90 for 50g (approximately AU$20) and is available at leading pharmacies in Malaysia. You can also get this at Sasa.com for about AU$18.

What I like about it: Good moisturiser, keeps skin well hydrated, smells amazing.

What I do not like about it: Takes a while to absorb, gives you a sticky face in between. You can’t get it in Australia. Gah!

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16 comments… add one

  1. ponikuta


    1. Tine

      It’s quite embarrassing that I had to Google who Angelababy was :P

      1. ponikuta

        Very embarrassing lo, I have been going on about it for years. GET WITH THE TIMES.
        ponikuta recently posted..What happens after 25 years of ageMy Profile

  2. Paris B

    You pipped me to the post! :) Glad it works for you Tine. It’s not bad, a little light for me but try also using it as a sleeping mask or on flights as I did. Feels nice :)
    Paris B recently posted..5 Tips How to Help Skin Recover from Dullness and Breakouts after Festive Season ExcessesMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Hahaha if I don’t write about it now, I might finish it and forget to write about. Then I’ll have absolutely no product to show since I can’t get it here (grrrr!!). I can see how it can be used as a sleeping mask although those sort of masks aren’t really my thing. As a moisturiser, oh me very likey!

  3. Allison

    I am the original gel moisturizer fanatic. I went from Clinique Moisture Surge to Lierac Hydra-Chrono Balm to Garnier gel and finally to Hada Labo Tokyo Skin Plumping Gel Cream, my fave of the bunch. It has super HA in it plus a lot of great ingredients, and it is very affordable. Do you get Hada Labo Tokyo skincare in Australia? Worth a look for sure. I agree with you about Olay, quality products. P&G has a ton of money and they spend it on R&D. I haven’t seen this product yet in the US. Altho I’ve heard both good & bad about parabens, I wish Olay had left it out. Nevertheless, I will try this when I see it here.
    Allison recently posted..Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer: BrigitteMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Unfortunately, we don’t get Hada Labo here. Which is a pity because their lotions are good. That Plumping Gel Cream sounds good! Do you reckon I can get it from Sasa.com? That’s the only place I’ll be able to get it, unless I get it from Asian beauty stores here, which is no point because they mark up the products significantly.

      1. Allison

        Oh, boo! Hada Labo Tokyo sells through their own website in the US as well as at Ulta, and drugstore.com and walgreens.com. This American product is packaged differently from the Japanese products. I don’t know if the formulas are the same. I assume they are, but it’s just an assumption. It is listed on Sasa.com and there’s a 20% off and free shipping advertised now. What is nice about the Hada Labo gel is that it dries right away, a little goes a very long way. It’s moisturizing enough for me but it’s not the least bit heavy. I’m sure you’ve got tons of lotions, creams, gels etc., but this is a goodie :)
        Allison recently posted..IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Eye Shadow PaletteMy Profile

        1. Tine

          Thanks lovely! Oooh good to know it’s on sale at Sasa.com. Hey, I’m always on a lookout for a goodie despite my mountain of lotions and potions. ;)

  4. Shalunya

    I am bummed that this line is not available in America. I love the Garnier gel moisturizer and would love to try this one too. I will have to put this on my list of things to buy next time I’m in the Philippines. I am going to need 3 or 4 jobs to support that trip just from beauty products alone. Great post dear. Thanks for sharing.
    Shalunya recently posted..Sunday Scores and Steals Haul 2/9/14My Profile

    1. Tine

      Drats. I think this is probably just for the Asian market because this isn’t available here in Australia either. Ooh which gel moisturiser by Garnier? Do you know the full name? I love gel moisturisers; they’re fantastic during our very hot summers.

      1. Shalunya

        It’s the Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream. I use the pink one for dry skin and I really, really, really enjoy it!
        Shalunya recently posted..Men Wage Wage War, What Do Women Do?My Profile

  5. Victoria

    I was looking for a day time gel moisturiser and almost got this but was told that it was more suitable for oily skin. I got the Origins Rejuvenating Treatment in the light green jar instead and really like it in terms of texture and scent. I do not think I have 30 minutes to wait for it to dry during weekdays when I am rushing to get ready for work. Hahaha. I am using the Olay Micro Sculpting Moisturiser (Fragrance free) during night and I do like it. I was just wondering, if you use this gel moisturiser at night, how do you accommodate an anti-aging item in your night skincare? I always go by the method of hydrating for day and anti-aging for night so sometimes it is difficult for me to add a hydrating moisturiser at night. I will rely on ANR II or Kiehl’s MRC for that.

    1. Tine

      I prefer a hydrating moisturiser at night because they’re usually quite rich or in this case, quite sticky and wet. I don’t rely on moisturisers to do the anti-aging work. That’s what my serums are for. :) I amp up on the serums for anti-aging, brightening, smoothening, etc and just use a basic moisturiser to “seal” the juices in while keeping my skin hydrated throughout the night.

      1. Victoria

        What anti-aging serums are you currently using? Any reason you do not rely on your moisturisers to do the anti-aging work? I always thought that using an anti-aging moisturiser together with other serums would double-up the anti-aging effectiveness, if there is such a thing. LOL.

        1. Tine

          If I managed to stumble upon a good anti-aging moisturiser, I’m more than happy to use it along with my serums but if not, hey, a decent basic moisturiser is more than sufficient for me. For serums, I’m currently using La Mer’s Lifting Contour Serum. I haven’t used it long enough to review it properly yet but will be reviewing it some time next month.

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