A Pretty And Very Useable $2.80 Blush? Yes Sirree!

Daiso Mix Cheek Powder in Magic Colour

Okay I must admit that while I adore Daiso and all of its cheap $2.80 goodness, I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to their cosmetics range. I don’t know what’s in the skincare and makeup because 1) I can’t read Japanese and 2) $2.80 for good skincare and makeup does seem a tad far-fetched to me. So while I’ve spend a lot of money on Daiso products (you’d think that $2.80 per item is pretty inexpensive, right? So you’ll keep throwing stuff into your shopping basket and realised at the checkout counter that you’ve spent at least $28 on those tiny items), I usually steer clear of the cosmetics section.

That was, until about a week ago, I stumbled upon a shelf that contained their latest makeup range. At least, I think they’re the latest because it was on a special shelf. Oh my, the blushes sure look pretty! The eyeshadows looked like something I’d find from Japanese makeup brands like Lavshuca, KATE, Anna Sui, Cezanne, etc. I figured the eyeshadows must be shimmer central given that most Japanese ones are so I decided to picking a blush up to try instead. I bought the Mix Cheek Powder in Magic Colour (that name gave me a bit of a laugh) and y’know something? It definitely was not a waste of $2.80 at all. 😉

Daiso Mix Cheek Powder in Magic Colour

Look at that blush and tell me that doesn’t remind you of something you’d see in a Japanese or even a high-end blush. It’s gorgeous!

Daiso Mix Cheek Powder in Magic Colour Swatch

The Magic Colour is a mix of baby pink and light coral. It shows more of the baby pink on the skin than the coral. The top half of the blush is full-on shimmer and the bottom half of the blush is fully matte. I was initially quite worried about the shimmery top-half but when I swirled my blush brush over the entire pan, it didn’t pick up that much shimmer as I expected. In fact, there must not be a lot of shimmer in there (hallelujah!) because this looked more like a matte blush to me. The result is a rosy pink sheen on the skin, which is lovely. There isn’t any noticeable flecks of glitter on the skin and my cheeks looked glowy, not sparkly.

Daiso Mix Cheek Powder in Magic Colour

Another good and very surprising thing about this blush is that there’s barely any powder fallout from the pan. I’ve used a lot of blushes that were 10 times the price with heaps of fallout. I expected this to be messy and gritty to the touch but this wasn’t the case at all. While I wouldn’t say it’s buttery soft and smooth, it’s certainly not gritty.

Daiso Mix Cheek Powder in Magic Colour

Of course, it had to be said that this blush, like a lot of shimmery Japanese blushes, is quite sheer so I had to pile on a good number of layers before it showed on my skin. But when it’s on, the lasting power is surprisingly good. I fully expected the blush to disappear after 8 hours but most of it stayed on my cheeks all day.

Daiso Mix Cheek Powder in Magic Colour

I’m impressed, Daiso. In fact, I half expected this blush to be rubbish (yet I bought it. I’m weird that way) but it surpassed my expectations and more. If you’re at Daiso, keep a look out for this blush. It comes in 2 other colours but I think the Magic Colour is the prettiest of the lot. At $2.80, heck, it’s even cheaper than a cup of mediocre coffee. 😛

Have you tried any cosmetics from Daiso? Is there any that well-surpassed your expectations?

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10 comments… add one
  1. Wendy@BlushandBarbells

    Very pretty!
    I love Daiso. I shopped it out when I lived in Japan and when it came to Los Angele I nearly cried from happiness!
    Wendy@BlushandBarbells recently posted..This Whole Blogging ThingMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Hahahaha I felt exactly the same way when they came to Australia! 😀

  2. emmabovary

    I actually bought this very same blush maybe 18 months ago, but haven’t even opened it up yet! Now that I’ve read this post I will have to hop to it!
    emmabovary recently posted..2015 Empties, First QuarterMy Profile

    1. Tine

      See, this is how much I don’t know about Daiso cosmetics. It was out 18 months ago and I thought it was new! 😛

  3. Claire

    Looks like you found a great bargain there Tine. Sadly, we don’t have Daiso here in WA 🙁

    I would love to try their makeup brush cleaner, I have heard great things about it.

    1. Tine

      Boo! I hope it’ll open there soon. Melbourne already has enough Daisos, go to other states!

  4. Yolondi

    I am yet to visit a Daiso. No have here in Canberra. I was in Adelaide over the weekend though and found something similar, called Kawaii, came home with a new spoolie, some mini travel containers, tiny, itty bitty cotton buds (I tell myself I will use them for eyeliner clean ups, as they are too tiny for anything else!) as well as black cotton buds! I know they have them in Sydney too but from what I know they are all quite far out of the CBD. I don’t really want to trek to Parramatta just for one shop!

    1. Tine

      Itty bitty cotton buds are very good for cleaning up eye makeup mistakes, especially eyeliner. I love it for defining my brows too (wipe the access off when I’ve gone a little too crazy with the arch or tail). They’re great for cleaning gunk out of keyboards too! 😀

  5. Norlin

    That IS a pretty blush!! I have to say, their falsies are pretty good too! I bought a pair a while back and tried them – they were AWESOME!!!!

    1. Tine

      Check out their other matte blushes as well. They’re also very impressive. 😀

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