Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serum: Customised Goodness For Your Skin

Skin Inc Chlorella, Vitamin A, Ceramide Serum

I’ve heard good things about Skin Inc but so far, have only tried one of their products and that’s the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask. That mask helped to save my skin from some issues I’ve been having a while back and it made me curious to try out their serums too.

Luckily for me, not long after I gave the mask a go (which I ended up loving), the kind people at Skin Inc reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to try their customised serums. I remembered reading somewhere about Skin Inc’s customised serums and I was definitely keen on giving one a go.

Skin Inc Skin Identity Test

Firstly, I had to take a Skin Identity test where Skin Inc asked a lot of questions about my skin type, how I’m taking care of my skin, what my skin concerns are, what the condition of my skin was when I did the test and so on. At the end of the test, Skin Inc came up with 3 different types of serums that are to be combined into one bottle: the Chlorella Serum (to brighten and tackle spots), the Vitamin A Serum (to even out skin tone and reduce dark circles) and the Ceramide Serum (to strengthen and soothe the skin). I was even allowed to choose the colour of the bottle I wanted my customised serum to come in! I chose a purple bottle but they ended up sending me one in pink, which was fine with me.

Skin Inc Chlorella, Vitamin A, Ceramide Serum

Skin Inc Chlorella, Vitamin A, Ceramide Serum

The thing is, I thought the serum would come mixed in one bottle. When the package arrived, they came in three separate 10ml bottles of those serums I mentioned and one empty 30ml bottle. It was up to me to pour all three serums into the big bottle. It was like Chemistry class all over again; there I was picking up the serum with the dropper cap, dispensing it into the big bottle and giving it a really good shake to mix all three serums. I thought it was fun! 🙂

Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serum

Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serum

Even though the biggest bottle was stamped 30ml, all three serums only came up to 3/4 of the bottle. I used a lot of rubbing alcohol and tried to keep the area as clean and sanitised as possible but I had to wonder if it was a hygienic move for me to create my own serum that way. Oh well, so long as I don’t experience any breakouts or make my skin worse, it’s all good. Plus I had fun mixing the serum and I didn’t have any problems using this on my skin at all.

Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serum

As far as the serum goes, I really like it. It has a viscous texture and feels a tad sticky when I first applied it on my skin but it absorbs very quickly leaving my skin feeling soft and refreshed. The ingredients mixed well together to form a good hydrating and brightening serum. I noticed an overall radiance to the skin, my fine lines slightly softened and my skin feeling very boing-boing the next day.

Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serum

As for the Vitamin A serum, I wouldn’t really call this a retinol serum. It contains retinyl palmitate, which is a milder form of Vitamin A. Skin Inc doesn’t mention what the retinol percentage is for this serum but I’m guessing it’s very low. What I love most about this serum is how nourished it makes my skin feel. It helped me a little during my shitty skin phase and nourished it further now that my skin is back to normal.

Skin Inc Vitamin A, Ceramide and Chlorella Serum Ingredients

With 9 serums to choose from, the customised My Daily Dose serum consists of 84 possible combinations of 3 serums blended into a single bottle. Now that sounds pretty darn cool to me.

Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serum

Skin Inc is available exclusively at Sephora (you can also get this at Sephora Sydney). I must say though, that this serum is expensive. Each 10ml serum is AU$62 (at only 10ml, that’s a whopper) and the My Daily Dose serum that includes 3 10ml serums plus a bottle to mix in retails at AU$199.

What I like about it: The fact that I get to customise a serum according to my needs, play Chemistry class and mix all the serums together is already a winner in my books. Oh, and it nourishes my skin very well too! (and all that brightening, line softening, blah di blah)

What I do not like about it: Even though I made sure my work area was as clean as possible when I mixed the serum, I wasn’t sure if it’s a hygienic move to mix the serums myself. Ah screw it, I had fun and my skin certainly didn’t complain. 😛 Having said that, it’s also an expensive serum.

Have you tried Skin Inc’s My Daily Dose serum? What do you think about customising your own serum? Pretty cool, eh? If you have made your own Skin Inc My Daily Dose serum, let me know what your serum combination is!

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5 comments… add one
  1. Robert C.

    This is a very interesting concept to serums haha, to choose what you want to make a ‘serum’. Certainly the first I’ve seen so far. I think this concept is very smart, as nowadays, people are looking for specific ingredients to target ‘concerns’ such as Hyaluronic acid, Ceramides, Retinol, etc. So why not make it all separate so they could choose haha. Ingenious.

    Saying all that, I would love to say that I will try this but the price tag, whew. It’s like the Sisley black rose oil all over again, it’s like paying rent. Maybe sometime in the future ha.
    Robert C. recently posted..[review] Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil – not an oil but is an oil?My Profile

    1. Tine

      Sigh, I know right? I really didn’t think the serum would be that pricey. The price of the individual serums were the ones that made me baulk. Having said that, I thought it was a brilliant concept for you to be able to customise your serum based on your needs. I wish more brands would introduce that too.

      Hahahaha I’m using enough SKII now like I’m paying rent to use stuff on my face. I totally know what you mean. 😛

  2. Allison

    OMG, Tine, I was shocked that you had to mix the serums yourself! Too bad there’s not a Skin Inc store where they mix it for you. For that much money, I want it to be sterilized and come in a pump bottle, lol. Nevertheless, it’s a cool concept. And it sounds like you’re happy with the results you’re getting. Plus pink. You’ve inspired me to use my Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask tonight. I love the Pure Revitalizing Exfoliating Mask – have you tried it yet? It’s amazing
    Allison recently posted..Bite Beauty Vivid Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo: Colors for Spring!My Profile

    1. Tine

      I think you’re meant to mix it yourself. I saw this sold in Sephora Sydney and they sell them individually and also with the empty bottle so yeah, you’ll have to mix it yourself. I had fun though. 😛

      Nope, haven’t tried the Pure Revitalising Exfoliating Mask yet. Too many things distracted me when I visited Sephora in Sydney yesterday. 😛

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