Janey The Lady: How Many Beds Does One Dog Need?

Janey The Lady

Happy weekend, folks!

I haven’t written about Janey in a while now and since we’ve started the weekend, why not talk about something about my little ball of fur, eh?

For those of you who are new to BA (hello and welcome!), Janey is my dog. She’s a terrier cross and is about 7 years old. Tim and I adopted her from the RSPCA over a year ago and she’s been such a joy in our lives. Well, most of the time anyway. 😛

Now you’d think that since I only have one dog, I’d only have one bed for her, right? Yeah … no. She has 4 beds and at least 2 blankets. Four beds! She’s quite a small dog so I’m sure it would bemuse anyone as to why she needs 4 beds. Well, she doesn’t really need them but she absolutely loves them.

Janey The Lady

Just before we adopted her, I was dog bed-shopping and I found her a good-sized pillow from Snooza. It contains wool and is suitable for both warm and cool temperatures. Cost us a pretty penny too but we thought, oh why not, we only have one dog. Since we would also be crate-training her, I got her a cheapie $6 bed from Kmart that has the round “pillow” thing that she could curl in and sleep on outside her crate.

Well, it turns out that Her Royal Highness doesn’t like the expensive flat pillow. She much preferred the Kmart bed. Go figure. In the end, I stacked that cheapie bed on top of the expensive Snooza in her crate.

A couple of months later, Tim got her a Fuzzyard bed because he thought she would be more comfortable in that bed. Now if you know Fuzzyard beds, you’ll know that they’re not cheap. Oh Janey adores that bed, so we made that her “outside the crate” bed. Recently, Tim ordered some books from Book Depository and it came in a big box with large bubble wrap. I popped the Fuzzyard on top of the bubble wrap and box, which somewhat squished her bed. Janey loves it even more now as it cocoons her in. It’s also elevated from the floor and it keeps her warm.

Janey The Lady

Janey also has a dog kennel outdoors for when we’ll leave her outside when the weather is warmer. I got her a water-resistant bed for the kennel as well in case she wants to sleep on it.

The moral of this story is this: if you’re a crazy dog lady like I am, you’ll be okay getting your ball of fur a lot of beds. Mine has four and …wait for it … we’re about to get her a 5th one.

I know. CRAZY. *roll index finger on side of head*

Do you have a pet too? Do you also have more than one bed for him/her? Two beds? Three?

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  1. Kerri @ Beauty & Things

    haha my dog right now have 3 beds, 4 a couple of months ago until he decided he wanted to shred it to pieces. We have a fuzzyard bed too, they are so soft and comfy. We got ours half price at Chadstone a while ago and it was still quite $$.
    Kerri @ Beauty & Things recently posted..Looking to combat the unpleasant dry skin? OBAGI is here!My Profile

    1. Tine

      Fuzzyard is so expensive. They’re so comfy but geez, they’re pricey. Thank goodness Janey is small; the larger beds are yikes! Hahaha 3 beds! I’m sure you’ll get more as time goes by. 😉

  2. LeGeeque

    Coco has 3. A regular d1000 snooza that has lasted her from her cray chewing tearing puppy days. And recently I got her another snooza round bed to stack on top of her d1000 in her crate. She’s learnt to curl up like a ball in it. It keeps her warm in winter. Outdoors, she has a small d1000 in her kennel. She’s a silly one 🙂

    1. Tine

      Coco has a doona of her own and pretty much her own couch. I think she wins every dog in that department. 😛

  3. Shamim de Varax

    I went a little overboard and did a whole shop for my ball of cat fur before she arrives. Even personally tested all the possible beds to find the softest cosiest one. So once she arrives she has atleast 3 bed options and she has spurned them all. Instead she sleeps on the couch or my leather office chair. =.=”’.
    Shamim de Varax recently posted..SDV Reviews: NARS OrgasmsMy Profile

    1. Tine

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!! The boss wants what the boss wants, 3 awesome beds be damned. 😛

  4. Stephanie

    I have two mini Dachshunds. They don’t really have a bed as such, we have a couple of beds/pillows around the house but we also have cats so they just share. I made the mistake of letting them in the bed as puppies and now there is no way they will sleep anywhere else. I both love and hate it. Love the warmth & cuddles. Hate the dog hair and the bed hogging (seriously they take up 2/3 of the queen bed).

    Janey is adorable 🙂
    Stephanie recently posted..TAG: Addicted to BlushMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Ahhhhh I LOVE dachshunds! I checked out your Instagram to see if you have a picture of them there and OMG I melted. They’re SO cute! <3

  5. Kat Ness

    I have two cats. I use to always buy them toy and beds and other things but I finally realise that they are happy with balls of al foil, any type of bag and cardboard boxes haha
    Kat Ness recently posted..Mini Priceline HaulMy Profile

    1. Tine

      What is it with cats and their love for cardboard boxes? I love watching videos of cats in them. SO CUTE. 😛

  6. Vicki

    Oh, my, Tine …. how sweet is Janey 🙂 You can see in her eyes how much she loves her bed! I totally get the multiple bed thing …. my two have crate beds (for both their metal and soft crates), office beds, living room beds, kennel beds most with summer / winter covers!! In fact, I have no problems thinking of 25 Excuses Why My Dogs Needs A New Bed … hey, that sounds like a good title for a post!

    1. Tine

      Hahaha do it! By the way, I checked out your new blog. So cute! I love the About page. That photo of you and Bo … <3 <3 Can’t wait to see more things from you!

      1. Vicki

        That’s so sweet of you to say – thank you 🙂 I would love to call on you and Janey to put some doggy products through their paces if you’re both up for it 🙂

        1. Tine

          Aww you’re too kind Vicki. Seeing that my blog is predominantly a beauty one, it would be a bit strange for me to start reviewing doggie products, as much as she’d love it 😛

  7. Vicki

    Of course, Tine … I meant as a guest reviewer for Dog Happy 🙂

    1. Tine

      Oh well in that case, YES! 😀

      1. Vicki

        Great! We’ll look forward to doing that with you 🙂

  8. Jenny

    I can relate … we have one dog and six beds! (two outside and four inside). Our dog’s favourite is her Henry Hottie bed. Aussie made and Aussie owned, and they are really good beds, especially for winter.
    Janey is just the sweetest and so photogenic 🙂

    1. Tine

      Hahaha 6 beds! I’ve not heard of Henry Hottie beds. I just Googled it … oh wow. Janey’s going to LOVE it!

      Aww thanks! She hates having a camera in her face so most photos of her don’t have her looking at me. 😛

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