The Bracelet That Started It All (Including a Special Emma and Roe Giveaway)


Note: This is a sponsored post.

Boy Mum and me 1985

Mum, my brother and I circa October 1985

Growing up, I was a very girly girl. I adored wearing dresses, accessories and jewellery, lots of them. I remember the very first bracelet that I had. I couldn’t remember if it was my mum or my grandpa who gave it to me but nevertheless, I absolutely loved it. I still remember it to this day.

It was a pearl bracelet. It’s not very fancy; it’s a simple bracelet of small cultured pearls strung in an elasticated band that I could easily slip on and off my wrist. Man, I wore that bracelet everywhere (except for school because that wasn’t allowed). I wore it during the day at home, I wore it to church, I wore it to concerts and so on. Heck, I even wore it to sleep. I wish I could show you a picture of me with that bracelet on. I had Mum rummage her big collection of old photos but she couldn’t find it.

Unfortunately, as I loved and wore it so much, eventually the elasticated band wore out and one day, it snapped. I lost at least half of the pearls and I couldn’t get anyone to fix it for me. I was devastated. In my childish anger and frustration, I told myself that I will never ever wear another bracelet again.

Well, I was, after all, just 8 years old. 🙂

I started wearing bracelets again when I was in secondary school. Mum gave me a delicate gold bracelet when I left home for the first time for uni in the UK. I never took that bracelet off (not even when I showered) until just when I was about to leave the UK for home for good, the bracelet finally snapped. When I left home again for work (this time, to Japan), Mum gave me another delicate gold bracelet that was similar to the one she gave me years ago. Even though I no longer wear that bracelet on a daily basis, it’s still in perfect working condition and I still have it with me today.

If I’m ever blessed with a daughter in future, I’d love to be able to pass that gold bracelet on to her one day.

Emma and Roe Customised Charm Bracelet

In the meantime, I’ve been collecting bracelets of my own. Charm bracelets are very popular these days and brands like Emma and Roe by Michael Hill allows you to set up your own charm bracelet with the wide variety of charms they have. I don’t really like wearing conventional charm bracelets where you hang charms off it because they look messy on my wrist. I much prefer to be able to “string” my charms instead.

Emma and Roe Customised Charm Bracelet

Emma and Roe is a younger and trendier range from Michael Hill and their charms are really pretty. They’re very similar to Pandora’s charm bracelets but at slightly more affordable prices and equally great quality. I’ve been creating my own charm bracelet from Emma and Roe and I love it! I can’t wait to add more charms to it. Who knows, one day said daughter may inherit this as well. 🙂


Beautyholics Anonymous has partnered with Emma and Roe give away one Emma and Roe bracelet to one of you lucky readers!

Now this isn’t from their regular charm bracelet range but it’s a special one from the Pink Hope collection. I was allowed to choose a bracelet for the giveaway and I’ve chosen a beautiful charm leather bracelet from the Pink Hope collection. The bespoke range is designed exclusively in support of the Pink Hope Foundation.

Emma and Roe Pink Hope Bracelet Giveaway

The Pink Hope charity, along with its sister charities around the world, empowers women and their families to take control of their hereditary breast and ovarian health through education, prevention and support. Founded by Krystal Barter in 2009 after discovering she carried the ‘breast cancer gene’ BRCA1, Pink Hope wears the motto ‘Know Your Risk, Know Your Future’ to reflect the mission of providing resources to women to navigate hereditary health.

The donations from the sales from the Pink Hope collection will be used to support families facing hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. This bracelet from the collection retails at AU$199.00 and one of you will be able to win this. 🙂

This giveaway will be slightly different from the giveaways I usually run on BA. In light of Mother’s Day, instead of keeping this bracelet for yourself, I’d like you to give it to your mother. If that’s not possible, I’d love for you to give it to someone special in your life. It could be your best friend who has helped you through bad times, it could be your sister, aunt, grandma, etc. Of course, I can’t make you give it to someone and if you do keep it for yourself, that’s up to you. But I’d really love for you to gift this bracelet to your mum or someone special in your life as a token of your love and appreciation to her.

Emma and Roe Pink Hope Bracelet Giveaway

Simply leave a comment below answering the following questions:
1. What country are you from? (this giveaway is open internationally)
2. What’s the most important pearl of wisdom your mother (or a motherly figure, sister, grandma, aunt, best friend, etc) gave you?

1. This contest is open to Australian and international readers.
2. The value of the prize in the contest is AU$199.00.
3. Anyone can enter the competition regardless of whether you’ve won anything here before.
4. Only one comment per contestant will be accepted.
5. Please keep it clean and spam-free.
6. The closing date for this giveaway is 11.59pm, 12 May 2015 (Australian EST). Comments submitted after this time will not be considered for the giveaway.
7. One (1) winner will be selected at random. The winner of the giveaway will be announced in the Competition/Giveaways page on 15 May 2015. The winner will also be notified via email. Please ensure that you’ve entered the correct email address because I’ll be using that email address to contact you if you’ve won (not via social media).
8. The winner will be required to submit his/her name and contact address to Beautyholics Anonymous, who will be sending the prize out (please read Beautyholics Anonymous’ privacy statement for more information).
9. The winner must respond to the notification email to claim the prize within 3 working days.
10. Prizes are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable.
11. If for any reason beyond the Promoter’s control that the agreed prize is not available, a product of equal or greater value will be provided.
12. Beautyholics Anonymous and Michael Hill are not responsible for prizes once they have been dispatched to the winner. Beautyholics Anonymous and Michael Hill reserve the right to change the terms of this giveaway at any time.

Good luck! 😀

This is a sponsored post for Emma and Roe. The bracelet was provided for editorial consideration. For more information on sponsored content, please read my disclosure policy here.

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  1. Mel

    1. Australia
    2. Be careful who you tell your secrets to, because not everyone is trustworthy
    Mel recently posted..Review of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel and Water Gel SPF 15 UVA/UVBMy Profile

  2. Tracy

    My mother said that it’s just as important to like the man that you marry as it is to love him.

  3. Cass

    1. Australia (by way of Wales, we’re still a bit weird around here *g*)
    2. I never knew my mother, she left my father and I when I was 18 months old… I don’t even remember her face, BUT my cousin Helen who grew up with my dad is the matriarch of our family, and she always taught us that so long as we make loving each other our priority, there’s no mistake so big it can’t be fixed. She throws a Christmas party at her place every year, and the guest list looks like a sitcom roll call; her, her husband (separated), and their son, her new partner and his son. Her father and his new wife, her mother and her mother’s new girlfriend. It goes on like that. Everyone loves Helen, and we’ll do just about anything to keep her happy so the rule is “Helen loves us all, so we better get used to loving each other.”

    My Christmases are kinda nuts, but they’re always good!
    Cass recently posted..Jupiter Ascending – ReviewMy Profile

  4. Fei

    I live in Melbourne, Australia and my mom lives in Hong Kong. I learnt from my mom from a very young age that one should always moisturise, even on warm, humid days. My mom always goes through a 30-minute ritual of putting facial and body moisturisers on twice a day. And in her late fifties, she has skin that would make many thirtysomethings jealous!

  5. Claire

    Thanks Tine for the opportunity to enter this very generous give away.
    I am also from Australia.
    The best advice my mother gave me was to never give up and to fight for what you believe in and follow your dreams. Her support and advice was of great comfort particularly because we tried for so long to have children and a family of our own. Fourteen years later it happened! I will pass this on to our son, don’t give up on your dreams, keep striving towards your goals and be grateful for all that you have and your dreams will come true!

  6. Kai

    Love these pretty baubles.
    Mom dishes out advices everyday, but the most important one would be eat to live… Good meals on time is a must, you can’t do well on anything on an empty stomach

  7. Shyuan

    Hi Tine, this particularly post of yours is so apt as my mother is a breast cancer survivor and this is the 10th year since she has fought the battle and I’m just so thankful that she is still around with me today. I’m from Singapore and being the typical Asian mother, my mum didn’t really dish out advices to me but instead showed me through her own ways how to live a humble life and what is responsibility to the family. If I have to pinpoint one of the most important thing I have learnt from her is that tolerance and acceptance is the key to a happy and long lasting marriage, something that she has shown me through her own marriage to my father. They hardly fought and even if they did, it never lasted and to us, the children, we always had a happy family because our parents are happy.

  8. Bianca Helen Estandarte

    I am from the Philippines and while I love my mother to bits, she worked abroad for most of my childhood and it was my grandmother who raised me. The most important pearl of wisdom my “nanay” (Filipino for mother; I call my biological mother “mommy”) gave me is to always have faith in the Lord…that Lord will always see me through, no matter what the difficulty may be, and all I have to do is pray.

  9. Anna

    Hi I am Anna from the US. The greatest advice my Mama gave me was always treat others the way you want to be treated. 🙂

  10. Lilian

    I live in Singapore. My mum taught me to leave all my worries to God. That’s why I pray before I sleep each night 🙂 and have a good sleep.

  11. Iliana R

    I live in the US and the most important advice that my mom gave me is that no matter what people, especially what family believe, I should do whatever makes me happy!

  12. Asha

    That pic of you and your family is off the chain adorable!

  13. Nicole

    I’m from sunny Queensland in Australia, am my mother has always said “Never trust someone that says trust me” haha and “Always take your makeup off before bed”. Loved your post! xo
    Nicole recently posted..April FavouritesMy Profile

  14. Rachel Kriss-Newell

    Pearl of wisdom – don’t let your legs go unshaven. Even though they may not be seen under trousers in Winter, men hate nothing more than curling up to a hairy gorilla. When she announced this to me at the age of 16 I cried laughing so much. But I guess it’s more of the fact of not letting your standards drop just because you feel comfortable in your man’s presence. (I’m from Australia)

  15. Norlin

    1. Australia
    2. Words from my late paternal grandmother: Nothing is difficult because you’re the one in charge, don’t let something conquer you. (BTW that was me trying really hard to translate what she said).
    Norlin recently posted..Fashion Day: How To Wear Jacquard Without Looking Like a GrandmaMy Profile

  16. ksuan

    Hi Tine, from this Malaysian based in Singapore 🙂

    The most important piece of advice that my Mum has given me is this: “For every problem, there are at least three solutions.”

    More important than the advice itself, however, is the way she has put her own advice to practice in her everyday life 🙂

  17. Sharon Wong

    Thank you for such a beautiful giveaway Tine! I’m from Australia.

    My mother is not a woman of many words but how she is with my dad taught us what true love is and what qualities we should look for in a man 🙂

  18. Hilary

    1) Australia
    2) You only have to make YOU happy.

    I’d love to give this to my friend Q, who is having a particularly rough time of it at the moment, and has been so ultra supportive to me recently during my tough times as well – It would really make her smile I think to just have a random act of kindness.


  19. Deby

    1) USA
    2) always treat people how you want to be treated. Never lie because it will always catch up with you.

  20. Eunice

    1) Australia
    2) marry my husband

    would love this fot my mum. Rarely celebrated mother’s day with her since I cane to Australia. This year, she’s here!

  21. Kylie D

    1) Australia

    2) If at first you don’t succeed – do it the way your Mum told you to (wisdom I’m passing on to my own children!)

    This week is 5 years since my Nan died from Ovarian cancer, I know my Mum would love this bracelet in memory of her beautiful Mum.

  22. Ling

    A wise old lady told me yesterday to not have too much sex as it ages you quickly & gives you a sore back! I almost died laughing. This was at my workplace! Lol
    Ling recently posted..Review : Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring BrushMy Profile

  23. Jenn


    My mom taught me so many things and now that she is no longer with me her words mean everything to me.

    She always told me I could do anything that I set my mind to doing, it’s because of her that I am on my way to becoming a reiki master.

  24. Lea Anita Black

    I am from Australia. My mother gave me the wise advice to never seek revenge on another who wrongs me, but to leave it to Karma. I know it is hard at times but she was right…..revenge is not the way to go.

  25. Cynthia Richardson

    I live in the USA and the most important thing my mom has taught me is to play nice.

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