Tighten Your Skin, Not Pores With Kiehl’s Precision Lifting and Pore Tightening Concentrate

Kiehl's Precision Lifting and Pore Tightening Concentrate

It’s hard to review a serum that doesn’t work for everyone, especially when you think it might have worked for you but even though you’re 1/3 through the serum, you’re still not 100% sure. That’s how I feel with Kiehls’ Precision Lifting and Pore Tightening Concentrate.

I’ve been using this for 6 weeks now and I reckon it’s time to share what I thought about it with you. I’m still a bit on the fence about it but read on and let me know what you think.

Featuring the power of highly refined Micro-filtered Yeast Extract plus Geranium Essential Oil, this clinically demonstrated formula significantly improves the look of facial skin’s overall “bounce-back” quality and definition, while visibly reducing the size and appearance of enlarged pores.

Water, Butylene Glycol, Bis-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silane. Methyl Gluceth-20, PEG-20, Squalane, Dimethicone, Alcohol Denat., Octyldodecanol, Cyclohexasiloxane, Lauroyl Lysine, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Pentylene Glycol, Caprylyl Glycol, Polysilicone-11, Yeast Extract, Xanthan Gum, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylates Crosspolymer, PVP, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil, Adenosine, Capryloyl Salicylic Acid, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein, Citronellol, Geraniol, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil/Rosemary Leaf Oil, Citral, Limonene, Fmla.

Kiehl's Precision Lifting and Pore Tightening Concentrate

Now before I go on, we must be clear on one thing: despite what the beauty “experts” and product descriptions are telling you, pores cannot open nor close. Pores contain a hair follicle and sebaceous gland and serve as a portal for sebum, our skin’s natural oil. Dirt, oil and dead skin cells can often build up and make our pores appear larger. If a pore becomes clogged, it will temporarily stretch and look bigger. But here’s the thing: pores don’t have muscles around the opening to make them open and close. You cannot steam your pores open nor can you close them by splashing cold water on your skin.

So when Kiehl’s says that this will tighten pores, it’s pretty misleading because technically, this cannot happen. However, they also said that this will tighten and lift facial skin … now that I can somewhat believe because I can actually feel my skin tighten when I use this. In terms of actually seeing my skin lift, probably not; the amount of “lifting” from the tightening of skin isn’t so great that I can actually see a difference in a mirror right there and then.

Kiehl's Precision Lifting and Pore Tightening Concentrate

Anyway, let’s talk about the serum. It’s a light, oil-free lotion that absorbs quickly onto the skin. It smells lovely; if you’re a fan of the calming scent of lavender, methinks you’ll like this.

When I say that the serum actually tightens skin, it’s not the sort of dry tightening that I’d feel with a drying foaming cleanser. My skin doesn’t feel dry at all when I apply this serum. I can feel a very slight contraction of my skin when I apply this. Sometimes it’s noticeable, other times it’s not.

I’ve been using this as my day serum for 6 weeks and I can see a bit of difference on my skin. It feels firmer, especially on the jawline and the lines under my eyes have softened somewhat. I can feel a difference in my skin’s elasticity and that it has certainly improved. The problem is, I can’t tell for sure if that is due to the retinol and AHA serums I use in the evenings. But if you ask me if I feel any sort of “lifting” of the skin, I’d say yes because I do feel my skin contracting ever so slightly whenever I use this serum.

However, if you asked me if there’s any reduction in the size of my pores, I’d say no. I didn’t see any difference. I have large pores on my nose and they still look pretty darn big to me even with after using this serum.

Kiehl's Precision Lifting and Pore Tightening Concentrate

As you can tell, the jury’s still out on this one. I’m still using it because it feels good on my skin and it smells really nice. Time will tell after I’m completely done with this serum. For now, it does work in the so-called lifting with skin contraction and my skin’s elasticity has improved. Again, I don’t know if it’s the work of this one serum or a combination of what I’ve been using. It’s sort of hard to tell when you’re using 3 serums, y’know? πŸ˜›

In terms of price, this is not a cheap serum. At AU$91.00 per 50ml bottle, it’s quite expensive for something that is not bad but not that great. If you’re going to splurge on a Kiehl’s serum, might I suggest the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (great facial oil) or even the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate? I’ve tried these both and think they’re much better.

What I like about it: Smells really good, tightens the skin (hence that “lifting” effect), certain areas of my skin feel firmer to the touch, especially on my jawline and under my eyes.

What I do not like about it: Doesn’t do anything to the pores, the “lifting” effect of the skin is only temporary.

Have you tried this serum or any other serums by Kiehl’s? Did you like it? Did it work for you?

This product was provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read our disclosure policy.

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15 comments… add one
  1. Ameena

    Thanks, I didn’t know that pores couldn’t open or close until I read this, good info 😊

    1. Tine

      Beauty brands and “experts” talk about this often, on opening and closing pores. They’re not doors; they can’t open nor close. πŸ˜›

  2. Paris B

    This one went into the box of things I didn’t like. I didn’t see nor feel any difference at all to my skin and that pore thing? Uh, no, just no. Stop it already with the pores! >.<
    Paris B recently posted..The Beauty Blogging Ennui: Beauty Fatigue and the Lack of Discerning CritiqueMy Profile

    1. Tine

      I know right? Of course, the description doesn’t actually mention “tightening” of pores, just said that it reduces the appearance but the fact that the name is on the bottle itself is already claiming that it will tighten pores. Sigh.

  3. Amy

    Yikes! That’s one expensive product! I was considering getting this for my relative’s birthday but I guess I should have more of a look around first.
    Amy recently posted..Skincare Hauls + First ImpressionsMy Profile

    1. Tine

      If you’d still like to get your relative a Kiehl’s product, I recommend the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Or even the Line Reducing serum. Now these are good. πŸ™‚

  4. iAllure

    Thanks for letting me know about the pores. I really thought that they could open or close as the experts seem to claim that they could. Useful info to file away in my head!

    1. Tine

      They don’t open nor close because they don’t have any muscle for them to do so. Beauty brands will say that it “reduces the appearance of pores” because actually saying that it opens and closes pores mean causing a physical change, which means it’s a drug, not a cosmetic product (FDA’s rules).

  5. Keen On Beauty

    Hi, Tine! I really enjoyed reading your review. I have enlarged pores too and I’ve been searching for a bottled “pore reducing miracle” for ages. I believe the best is to use oil-control products, so in such a way you fight the cause of enlarged pores. Like you say, pores are not the doors, they don’t open and close :))) They are already consequences of a problem. These days I bought few Korean pore covering products and as soon as I test them properly, I will write a review on my blog. Olena

    1. Tine

      Thanks Olena. I have enlarged pores and the only way to make them look less obvious is to make sure I cleanse my skin well and exfoliate. And when I use foundation, just pop a primer on, the silicone-y ones. Done. πŸ™‚

  6. Rachel

    I actually found this was great as a primer! haha
    Rachel recently posted..Current Favourites (August 2015)My Profile

    1. Tine

      Hahaha that’s good! πŸ˜€

  7. yulia

    Hi Tine, if I’m not mistaken this product for someone around 40 years old…am i right? Do you know about it ? How if people under 40 use it? will we get a problem?
    I just bough this product …well actually i made mistake …i want to buy powerful-strength line reducing concentrate but choose a wrong item.
    Since the price is expensive so i keep to use it. Hopefully its fine with me.


    1. Tine

      Nah I don’t think there’ll be any issues for those under 40 to use it. They target a market where they’ll see better results compared to the younger ones. I would much prefer the line-reducing concentrate but since you’ve already bought this, keep using it! I hope it’ll work well for you too. πŸ™‚

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