How Long Do You Spend Working On Your Skincare Routine?

How Long Do You Spend Working On Your Skincare Routine?

Some time ago, I had a good chat with an old chum from my uni days and we reminisced about how I introduced her to skincare and how she used to complain she had no time to even pop moisturiser on when she became a new mum. I used to tell her that a good yet simple skincare routine doesn’t actually take that long and that it would only take about 5-10 minutes. Of course, things have changed for her and she has more time to devote to her skincare now, but it got me thinking … how long do you spend working on your skincare routine each day?

I wasn’t exaggerating when I told her (and now you) that a simple yet effective skincare routine only takes 5 minutes to do. This doesn’t include cleansing since I cleanse my face in the shower anyway, but from toner to sunscreen, it really just only takes me 5 minutes. Of course, if I had more time, I would purposefully take at least 10-15 minutes to pop everything on and let each product sink in before applying the next. I like to spend a bit more time towards my evening skincare routine than my day but if push comes to shove and I’m really rushing for time, 5 minutes are all it takes.

With that short amount of time, this means that I’ll have to reduce the amount of products I use on my skin, which is not a problem as long as I don’t shortcut any important steps. Here’s what my day routine looks like:

Bear in mind though, I don’t take only 5 minutes per day skincare routine if I don’t have to. If I have another 5 minutes to spare, I like to take my time on each step. But at the very most, this would pretty much take up to 10 minutes and that’s reaaaally pushing it. My evening routine takes longer but if I have to, it would look something like my day routine minus the sunscreen.

This is not to show off on how quick I do my skincare routine (again, I like to take my time whenever possible) but to show that it’s possible to take just 5 minutes out of your busy time to take care of your skin. With the water restrictions in Victoria, I’ve learned to take quick under-4-minutes showers and along with my skincare routine, I can be done in under 15 minutes minus makeup application. Of course, if possible, I’d highly recommend you to slow down and take your time with your skincare routine because it’s not only better for your skin, it’s also a time of relaxing and de-stressing as you pat your products on your skin.

How long do you reckon you take to work on your skincare routine for the days and evenings? Do you like to dash-in-and-dash-out or take your time to apply your skincare products?

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  1. Asha

    Huh! Interesting post, how many steps and how long does your evening routine take?

    1. Tine

      Hmm … SKII lotion, NUXE pre-serum (currently trialling this), hyaluronic acid serum, retinol/AHA serum, eye cream + moisturiser … you know what, it still takes just slightly over 5 mins!

  2. MonicaP

    Honestly, I’ve never timed myself .. so I’m clueless on how long it takes .. maybe 15 min?

    MonicaP recently posted..Blissmo Box No. 1My Profile

    1. Tine

      I never thought to time myself either until my friend complained she didn’t have time to even pop on a moisturiser. So I gave it a go and found out it doesn’t actually take as long as I imagined!

  3. Swati

    On the whole if I have to compare, my sunscreen takes me the longest and at night of course I do like to take time on my skin. But, when I am just lazy I finish with these sleeping masks I got, they are so convenient. Btw, just curious, when you apply so many serums and products on your face, does it not feel too heavy? Also, was wondering how much of the sunscreen do you actually apply? Because they say that a nickel sized dollop should go on face but when I try to apply that, I either have to skip all other products or my skin turns out like a pan or white cast. What do you say?
    Swati recently posted..Garnier Pure Active Real Neem Face Wash Product ReviewMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Hah, you’d think my face would be weighed down by the amount of stuff I apply, right? Not at all, and I have combination skin too. All of the products I use are very lightweight, even the sunscreen. I’m very very particular about what I use during the day because I don’t want to end up with an oil slick on my face. I enjoy using Japanese sunscreens because they allow me to use as much as possible without feeling the weight. Bear in mind though, most Japanese sunscreens do contain alcohol and if it’s not your skin’s thing, then I’m afraid it’s not for you. My skin has no issues with it at all. When you mention that you get a white cast, are you using physical sunscreens, eg titanium dioxide and zinc oxide? That tends to happen. The only physical sunscreen I can use as much as my Japanese ones without leaving any white cast behind is Dermalogica’s Ultracalming sunscreen. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t make my skin look white of pan-ish.

      1. Swati

        Hey tine. Thanks so much for replying back. I didn’t know that dermalogica is a Japanese brand. I shall definitely check out its sunscreen but they are a bit expensive as well. Actually, I do experience white cast with chemical sunscreens as well. I apply two finger lengths of the product on my face alone and that becomes too heavy!! Btw, do you apply the same amount? I think the white cast might be due to the skin tone difference as physical sunscreen, I use Marie Veronique which is a U.S. brand, not sure if you came across it! But, it is tinted so one can only use just so much of the product otherwise it looks too clownish!!
        Swati recently posted..Garnier Pure Active Real Neem Face Wash Product ReviewMy Profile

        1. Tine

          No no, Dermalogica is not a Japanese brand. It’s one of the very few non-Japanese brands of sunscreens I’d use because of how light it is, especially for a physical sunscreen. With the Ultracalming sunscreen, yep I still use the same amount of it as I would any Japanese sunscreen as I don’t experience any white cast or heaviness with it.

          I’ve definitely heard of Marie Veronique when it was MV Organics. Haven’t tried any of the products though. I’ve heard good things about the brand, especially their sunscreens.

  4. Kate

    For morning routine, I take about 10mins to spray a toner mist, apply serums, eye cream, moisturizer lotion and sunscreen, wait for a couple minutes before drawing my brows and pop on a lip balm. Evening routine takes about 15-20mins for a full night routine, including exfoliating lotion and waiting for it to sink in, aloe Vera massage, serums, eye creams, face oil, spot treatment and eyelash serum. A quick 1 minute on a cheat day which I just put on exfoliating toner, eye cream and a couple drops more than usual of face oil and I just flop on my bed.
    The routines are not including cleansing time which I spend about 2-5 minutes on cleansing milk/oil and cleansing lotion/foam during shower time. Most people find it hard to keep up to use the products I use and simply forgo some of them. All the better! The more products I can keep for my own use. Hee hee.

    1. Tine

      Oooh good one, thanks for sharing Kate! Your night routine sounds like mine if I’m massaging my skin, adding a face mask, etc too. Oh wow, you do spend quite a lot of time with your cleansing. I’m a bit lazy; 30 seconds is all I give it. Ooops. 😛 😛

  5. BebeTaian

    In the mornings, less than five minutes- to wash my face and maybe* apply lotion or something, depending on how dry/oily my skin is. At night… eh. Probably the same 5 minute routine at most. If I have oily skin that week, it’s short- just degreasing and putting on some anti-redness stuff from Paula’s Choice. If I have dry skin… oy. Lotions and oils, layered if need be, right after a shower to trap moisture in, two or three times a night, which can take an hour or so. And my skin is still parched! It’s all about the hormone imbalance and whatever the side effects are. ::sighs:: At least it gives me an excuse to try new things, right?
    BebeTaian recently posted..Wicca Pagan Pentacle Earrings – Royal Blue AB Glass Handmade Earrings by BebeTaianMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Oh wow an hour? Then again, you would need to make sure all those oils do their job and sink in so you’ll definitely need to wait more. What about hydrating facial masks? Would those help your skin?

  6. Natasha

    I take about 5 minutes in the shower (unless I wash my hair, then it’s 10), and then another 5 layering skincare products. Sunscreen takes another 5 minutes because I make sure to cover all exposed skin; I work outdoors so that’s really important. At night, I am usually lazy — just cleanse and moisturize. Love sheet masks when I have extra time.

    1. Tine

      Me too! I love sheet masks but have been quite lazy with them the past month or so. I used to think that I can’t do anything with it on, which is why it stopped me from using it often, until I found out that I could still pop my glasses on over the mask without it falling off. Then again, I suppose I should use sheet mask time as a time of relaxation instead of going about my business, shouldn’t I? 😛

  7. Rosalind

    I always wonder how do people finish their skincare routine so fast!! :O I take at least 20 minutes to do mine (from brushing teeth, washing face, up to finish putting sunscreen) and I can’t make it any faster than that. My night time routine sometimes take up to 45 mins if I take my time :p Although, admittedly I probably have more steps than what you mentioned since I have dry skin and the Australia climate is not really helping =.=\\ (now I am feeling sooooooo vain, hehe~).

    1. Tine

      Ahh see, I don’t count the time from brushing of teeth and cleansing of face! If I take that into account, it’ll take me at least another 5 mins. 😛

      Think of it as a good thing! A beauty routine shouldn’t be rushed. At least that’s what I always tell myself when I find myself just slapping stuff on when I’m rushing for time. 😛

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