Do You Do The Matchy-Matchy With Your Lip and Cheek Colours?

Do You Do The Matchy-Matchy With Your Lip and Cheek Colours?

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As you know, a lot of my blog post ideas come about when I’m going through my beauty stash and doing a bout of decluttering (side note to bloggers: it’s a great way to come up with blog post ideas. Give it a go! 😛 ). This time, as I was sorting out stacks of blushes for my upcoming preloved makeup sale (hint hint sometime this week hint hint) and dusting off my collection of lipsticks, a question came to me: do you match your lip colour with your blush or vice versa?

The reason I asked that is, for the longest time, I used to do just that. I did the matchy-matchy.

When I said matching the lip and cheek colours, I don’t mean using products from the same brand or using a lip and cheek tint where the same product goes on your lips and your cheeks. What I meant was using the same tones for your lips and cheeks. For example, when I’m doing the matchy-matchy, I’d wear pink-toned lip colour with a pink-toned blush. I’d wear a warm-toned lipstick with a coral/orange-toned blush. Berry tones with berry tones and so on.

I did just that ever since I started wearing makeup. For some reason, I had it in my head on that makeup rule that the tones must match. Rules indeed. Pfft.

I can’t pinpoint the exact day I had a blush-lip epiphany but early this year, I had a coral blush on and I remembered I really wanted to try out a gorgeous fuchsia lipstick I recently acquired. Normally, I’d leave the lip colour for another day as the tones don’t match but at that moment, I figured screw it, so what if they don’t match, no one cares. So I popped that bright pink lipstick on. Initially, I did feel strange having two different colour tones on my face but after a while, I couldn’t care less anymore.

From that time on, I gave up doing the matchy-matchy on my lip and cheek colour. As long as the colours didn’t clash that obviously (e.g. bright coral blush with neon pink matte lipstick … yeah, I could’t do it. Not yet. 😛 ), I’d wear blush and lip colours that don’t have the same colour tones. That’s another makeup rule I’ve thrown out the door, and it feels pretty damn good.

What about you? Do you do match your lip and cheek colours? Or do you really don’t give two hoots about it?

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  1. MonicaP

    I don’t really match my lip to cheek color because I’m too busy matching my makeup to my outfit .. tee hee.

    I seem to really like peach cheeks and pink lipstick though .. but I probably don’t wear pink blush and pink cheeks.

    MonicaP recently posted..Spiced Pumpkin Bread from the Oct/Nov 2015 issue of Paleo MagazineMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Hahahahah priorities! 😀

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