Spray-Worthy Facial Mists That Are Better Than Spraying Your Face With Plain Water

Spray-Worthy Facial Mists That Are Better Than Spraying Your Face With Plain Water

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I remembered many years ago when Evian first came up with the idea of a facial mist. At least, back then, I thought they were the first to come up with it because so many celebrities were seen spraying their face with fancypants Evian water and all I could think of then was “gee, what a waste of good water!“. Little did I know that years later, I’d be spraying my face silly with that Evian water to stave off the summer heat!

To tell you the truth, it took me a long time to grasp the concept of a facial mist, especially the “thermal water” ones. It was hard to fathom paying that much money for a bottle of was essentially water in a can, regardless of where it came from. But as I slowly started to explore these thermal water facial mists, I realised that it wasn’t as useless as I thought. They didn’t only provide much-needed relief on warm skin on a stinking hot day, they helped keep the skin hydrated when travelling on planes too.

Over the years, I’ve used a number of facial mists and today, I thought I’d share with you the ones worth mentioning and worth checking out. They range from thermal sprays to hydrating mists.

Uriage, Avene, Vichy, SKII, Clinique Facial Sprays

Uriage, Avene and Vichy Eau Thermal (thermal water)
I’ve lumped these three together as these are essentially thermal water sprays from some la-di-dah springs in France. I can’t tell the difference among the three as they give me the same results, so I just buy whichever cheaper and is on sale. These are fantastic in summer. In fact, I’ll have one in the fridge, one in the home office and one in my bag come summertime to stave the heat off. I’ve used this on many flights to different countries and each has served me well. I like to spray my skin with either one of these and before it completely dries, I’ll pop my skincare on. A cold can from the fridge, sprayed on the face, is just as good as an ice-cold beer. Or so I’ve been told, since I’m not a fan of beer. 😛

Thalgo Reviving Marine Mist Cellular Revitaliser*
Like the Uriage and Avene thermal waters, this too comes in a pressurised can. This is different from the thermal sprays as it contains red algae extract, which is supposed to be revitalising on the skin. I find this slightly more hydrating on my skin even though it looks like I’ve just pretty much sprayed water on my face. I like to use this after cleanser and before my serums.

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray
The Moisture Surge moisturiser will always have a dear place in my heart as it was one of the first expensive moisturisers I’ve used that I loved. The face spray is obviously not a replacement for the moisturiser but it’s a good alternative for thermal sprays as it contains moisturising properties, which makes this even better to use on flights. It smells similar to the Moisture Surge moisturiser.

SKII Mid Day Miracle Essence*
I recently had the opportunity to try this out, and I took it to Malaysia with me. I sprayed it liberally on my skin during each 7+ hour flight to KL and it kept my skin well hydrated. I usually need a moisturiser after using thermal sprays but my skin didn’t feel parched with just this on. I used it in lieu of toner and it worked just as well. The Mid Day Miracle Essence doesn’t contain quite as much pitera as the Facial Treatment Essence but it certainly sufficed during my travel period.

You’ll notice that I didn’t include the very popular Caudalie Beauty Elixir in the list. While it works just as well as most of them, I’m not a fan of the scent at all and it’s pretty pricey for what it is. Of course, the SKII in comparison would be more expensive but it worked better on me than the Caudalie Beauty Elixir did.

Now that summer is just around the corner, I’ll be giving more facial mists a go. These work very well in my opinion and they’re worth checking out. All but the Thalgo spray has 100ml and under versions that you can bring on the plane with you. Since it’s actually getting warmer even though it’s just spring, I’ll be popping one of these into the fridge very soon. Come to think about it, I better stock up on an extra bottle or two. I heard that this summer is going to be a real scorcher!

Do you use facial mists/sprays? If you do, which one’s your favourite? Do you have any to recommend that isn’t on the list? If you don’t use them, do you reckon they’re just water in a can?

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13 comments… add one
  1. Ee Laine

    Hi there! long time reader here by infrequent commentator. have a question:

    Your thoughts on ladida france spring thermal water compared to just plain old air suling?

    And, because I AM someone who drinks beer, there’s actually nothing compared to an ice cold beer after a humid, sweltering summer, I can attest to that. :p


    1. Tine

      HAHAHAHAHAH!! Okay to be fair, there’s nothing wrong with spraying your face with good ol’ air suling. If air suling came in a pressurised can like those thermal water ones, hell I’ll go for it. The la di dah ones feel good on the face especially when I use one straight out of the fridge.

      Well, I suppose I can say the same about an ice old cola? 😛

      1. Ee Laine

        haha i’m glad to hear that. I’m on super austerity mode (you know la, Malaysia economic sentiment how strong now hor) now so I’m just gonna stick to using refrigerated air suling in plastic spray bottles 🙂

        I love coke too! But ice cold cola needs ice for the oomph otherwise it’s too sweet. Beer just open fridge pop and drink HAHAHA ok I’m just being annoying lah! To each her own hor? 😛

        Keep up the good work ok? <3

        1. Tine

          Awww thanks! I actually used to read your blog back when you were Fireangel! When I saw your current blog, I thought “hang on, she looks really familiar!”. Whaddyaknow! 😛 And I think you know LeGeeque as well?

          1. Ee Laine

            ooops. *shy* Some parts of those years I’d like to forget. :p

            Yes I know (online only lol) legeeque! I’ve been stalking her for a LONG time and Paris B too 😛 I started stalking ALL of you at the same time la!

            Ee Laine recently posted..New: Villa Danieli’s (of Sheraton Imperial KL) Wine DatingMy Profile

  2. Mel

    Not long ago I got the Avene Thermal Water in a Priceline goodie bag and I had no idea what to do with it, so it just got shoved in the cupboard. I’m glad I held on to it now that you’ve enlightened me with what it is actually for! Perfect for summer.
    Mel recently posted..Long Hair First World ProblemsMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Oh trust me, come summer, you’re going to be spraying this on your face like you’re spraying mosquitoes with mosquito spray! I don’t have AC in my home office and when it gets hot, it gets really hot. These facial sprays are lifesavers!

  3. sany

    Your review regarding the beauty products are really awesome keep sharing

    1. Tine

      Thanks Sany, glad you enjoy them!

  4. Kate

    Hi there! I’m using the Sukin’s Facial Mist at the moment and loving it lots! I prefer floral waters to thermal waters and I use them before my serums as a toner or before and after masking to aid with adsorption. This costs 5AUD when I was there in March, but costs 13SGD back here. What a set back. Going around to look for cheaper alternatives of floral water mists.

    1. Tine

      Hi Kate, ahh glad you’re enjoying the Sukin Facial Mist! I can’t remember if I’ve used one before but it’s very familiar, so I must have! If you like floral mists, I heard the ones by Melvita are really good. I’ve not personally used them though as I don’t have access to Melvita here but I reckon you do. Pinterest has heaps of DIY ideas on making your own floral water mists, perhaps you can make one yourself? 🙂

  5. Kathryn

    Hi Tine, I am another ‘read all the time, don’t comment often’. I haven’t tried the thermal waters, I also got the Avene in the Priceline bag, but I gave it to my daughter in law, I shared the bag out because there was so much in it I knew I would never use it all! Anyway, back to the subject. I love Jurlique facial mist, the rose one. Also ModelCo for a cheaper alternative. I have tried the Antipodes too, it’s lovely but doesn’t smell as nice. I take a small decanted bottle on planes, it’s so refreshing. I also use it after cleansing and before serum. Love your blog, informative and you feature so many things I would never hear about otherwise! Kathryn x

    1. Tine

      Hello Kathryn, so glad you’ve de-lurked! 😀
      Oooooh how can I totally forget to mention Jurlique’s facial mists? *facepalm* I LOVE THOSE! The lavender one is just heavenly. I have one too, yet I forgot to add it in. Apologies. Yes, that one too, really good. 😛

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