What Makes You Go Back To Your Regular Hair-Person Other Than Just Good Haircuts?


There are a few relationships in the world that are important to keep. I’m not talking about romantic relationships or relationships with your family. For me, there are a few relationships that I make sure I keep, and they’re my GP, the employees of my local post office, the people who take care of my dog Janey when we’re away, my regular phlebotomist (oh yeah, I have one) and my hairstylist.

Ahh … those relationships. You get what I mean now, don’t you? 😉

Before I came to Australia, there was a hair salon I’d go to regularly for blowdries, haircuts and hair colour work. It’s not a fancy salon. It’s a cheap, neighbourhood salon that is often overcrowded with people and cluttered with hairstyling paraphernalia. Even though I could get better haircut and hair colour work elsewhere, I always go back to that salon because as a regular customer and also someone whom they’ve watched grow up, I always received special treatment from them. My head massages are often slightly longer than the rest, the staff secretly use better hair products on me than the generic stuff, and I always get a bowl of sweet dessert soup during my hair appointment. It was with a heavy heart that I had to say goodbye to them (and their RM10 – approximately AU$3 at that time – blowdries) when I moved to Australia.

It took me a while to find a good hairstylist when I came to Australia. When I finally did, I thought I’d hit the jackpot. Going for my hair appointments was a lot of fun because my hairstylist, hair colourist and I would chat for hours on end during my hair appointments. I was a regular customer for 3-4 years before I stopped going to them, mainly because they were getting far too expensive for me. It’s not their fault; it’s first and foremost a business to run. I’ve since found another hair salon to frequent but it took me a long time to get over the feeling as though I was cheating on my hairstylist.

So what makes one go back to their hair-person other than just for good haircuts? In my experience, it’s the service and the familiarity with the staff that makes me go back, even if I may get better haircuts and colour elsewhere. I went to the same hair salon for years because of the good service I received, even though the haircuts were really just mediocre. My dad went to the same Indian barber for 30+ years because he didn’t only give very cheap haircuts, he gave my dad fantastic neck twists (scares me shitless but dad insists they’re great, even though the barber doesn’t have any formal, er, head twisting training). He was devastated when he found out that the old barber had passed away and to keep up with the tradition of good haircuts and neck twists, he now goes to that late barber’s son for haircuts.

On the other hand, if the haircuts and colour are very good but the service is mediocre, I’m happy to never return to that hair salon. I’d rather find another salon to go to than having to endure lousy service, even if I do look like a million bucks when I leave the salon. The thing is, what’s the point of looking like a million bucks if I don’t feel like a million bucks when I walk out of the salon? If I end up feeling resentful and angry at the lack of service I received, then it’s clear that the salon will not receive any future business from me. That’s how important good service has become. Of course, if the service is very good but the hair job is terrible, then that’s a different story altogether. I mean, I love good service but not that much!

But hey, that could just be me, of course. Different people have different criteria when it comes to frequenting the same hair salons and what makes them go back for more. Personally, I put great service in higher importance than a fantastic haircut and colour job. I may look like a hundred thousand bucks instead of a million, but if I came out feeling like a million, then that million is what I’d go back for.

A hundred thousand bucks ain’t too bad. 😛

What about you? Do you have a regular hair-person you go to? What makes you go back to him/her repeatedly? If you have to choose, would you prefer great cuts/colour over service? Or great service over not-so-fantastic cuts/colour?

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  1. Kate

    For me, the quality of the service is of a greater importance. I dont want to spend my time and money on mediocre service and non stop chat. But i have came to realizing that usually if the quality of work is good the service is decent as well. I am yet to find a professional who is great at what he/she does but aweful at service. I do have regular people i go to for services but only cause i like what and how they do for me. I will easily go to a new person though if i find a better service.

  2. Paris B

    Hairdressers are the one relationship I keep and almost slavishly so. What I look for really is quality of service and skill. Previously, the one I went to was good, but a little temperamental, and had a tendency to overcharge for little things. Although he was very friendly and would give the occasional freebie (I spent a mint back then with hair colour and treatment and stuff) I soon started feeling disgruntled. but didn’t dare stray because of the fear of the unknown. When I moved, I took a while to find my current hairdresser, which came recommended by a friend’s friend. Happily it’s been good. Prices are reasonable, I can leave my hair in his hands without any fear because he gives me a good cut every time, I get an excellent head, neck and shoulder massage, friendly service and I never ever get a hardsell. I even mentioned in passing that I was starting to see grey hairs and he told me not to colour my hair because it would only make it look more obvious! instead, he told me to grow into it. Now, which business person would pass up a chance to sucker in an insecure woman, I ask you?! 😀
    Paris B recently posted..Except for the Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in Pirate, I’ve made my other glosses walk the plankMy Profile

  3. Tracy

    I just broke up with my hair stylist I had for over 2 years because of bad service. I was going into the salon twice a week for blowouts. She’s styled my hair for events, did a beautiful bayalage in January and overall did a great job maintaining my hair. In September I went in for a bayalage to go a bit darker for the fall and the color was all wrong. When I voiced my opinion I was met with frustration and not wanting to fix it. I ended up having to contact corporate which is not something I wanted to do but in the end someone there fixed my hair, the salon gave me a partial refund and I ended up parting ways. Not because of the color but because of the bad service. I tend to take both into consideration but I would take a good blowout to just ok service because at least I wouldn’t have to do it myself. I have very thick hair and a lot of it so I enjoyed having someone else maintain it for me. I tried another salon but the stylist wasn’t familiar with the technique I liked so I’m back to doing it myself for now. I was sad to leave but it was the best decision for all involved. If that’s how they’re going to treat their regular clients I’d rather go elsewhere.

  4. Efrain

    Oh god that’s a hard one because hair it’s not something I do pay a lot for it, that’s why I did my bleaching and then gray/pastel colors dyeing myself, but I have to admit that I really like my hairdresser not only because he really knows hot to cut curly hair I may not have all the struggles of black people with hair; however most hairdressers cut it like if it was straight.

    I can’t say he’s my friend but he’s really nice so the main reason is because how he cuts my hair as the price is steep for what I’d been used to and the only plus service is washing your hair. We don’t get massages while cutting our hair.

    Also when I cut my hair really short I did it with next door hairdresser she isn’t bad but I wasn’t amused with the results but hey the haircuts are less than a half of what I pay with my normal hairdresser.

  5. Jue

    I have sensitive scalp and I prefer not to repeat my preference.

    So I’ve been with my hair dresser for almost 5 years.

    I don’t like to talk that much.

    She seems to be cutting my hair just the way I want.

    Hopefully it doesn’t get that much expensive

  6. Katie

    It has taken me a while to find a friendly hairdresser, you wouldn’t believe the amount of rude,blunt women I’ve come across..I have found a wonderful lady now,but I still can’t get past how horrible the mirrors make me and my mum look,as soon as I look up,I get uncomfortable,I do not recognise this sad melting old face looking back at me

  7. Katie

    Does anyone else feel this way ? Tine ?

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