Bloggie Wednesday: How to Blog Consistently Without Burning Out

Bloggie Wednesday: How to Blog Consistently Without Burning Out

This is a question I often get from readers. I don’t blog that frequently anymore (even though 5 days a week is still plenty frequent to me!); I used to publish 7 posts a week for a couple of years. When 2015 came about, I decided to cut down to 5, which was a very good decision because 1 ) it meant that I could create better content without needing fillers and 2) I get less unsubscription notices telling me people have unsubscribed due to too many updates 😛 . In fact, I’m already considering cutting back to 4 a week, but we’ll see how that goes, eh?

As blogging is pretty much a full-time job for me, I make it a point to serve content as frequently and more importantly, as consistent as I can. Having said that, frequency and consistency are two very different things. You can be a consistent blogger without needing to blog so many times a week. You can be a consistent blogger with just 2 posts a week. It’s how you plan your content out and when you’re serving it.

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I Finally Got To Try The Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream But Was It Worth The Anticipation?

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

Out of all of the moisturisers I’ve heard of, I don’t think there’s one I wanted to try out more than Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. This is Elemis’ best-selling and multi-award winning day cream. I heard about it from beauty YouTubers and when I heard the word “marine”, I was sold. I wanted one. Unfortunately, at that time, Elemis had already pulled out of David Jones. I didn’t know that I could have easily picked one up from Adore Beauty. *facepalm*

Several months ago, I was in Sydney for work and during one of my appointments with a PR I used to work with, she gifted me a jar of the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. It was completely out of the blue and at first my eyes went wide and then, I, erm, kinda embarrassed ourselves by letting out a loud squeal. But all was good; I finally had one in my hands and I was finally going to try it out!

As I wanted to finish what I was using first, I technically only started using this a month ago. After wanting to use this for so long, was it worth the anticipation?

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Is Your Choice Of Makeup Colours Influenced By The Colour Of Your Eyes And/Or Hair?

Is Your Choice Of Makeup Colour Influenced By The Colour Of Your Eyes And/Or Hair?

© merydolla

If you read a lot of women’s magazines and newspapers, you’ll notice many articles on ways to wear makeup colours to complement your eyes and hair. This is particularly handy for women (or even men!) with blue/green eyes and/or blonde/brunette/red hair.

Now for me, I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Isn’t that the most boring thing ever? 😛 I adore people with coloured eyes, especially when their eye colours change with different emotions. Back in uni, I had a professor with ice-blue eyes and whenever he’s pissed off at us students, his eyes will flare to grey. I could seriously drown in his eyes and pissed-off-ness, I tell ya. 😛

Anyway, a lot of makeup artists tell me that since I have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair, I could pull off any colour I want. I guess that’s good because I wouldn’t want to be pigeonholed to just a small range of colours. On the other hand, coloured eyes have so much depth that I’d almost wish I had that instead!

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Do You Look At The Mirror During Your Skincare Regime?

Do You Look At The Mirror During Your Skincare Regime?

I seldom wear my glasses on the blog (can’t show my facial skin properly with my glasses in the way for reviews etc etc), yet here’s the thing: I’m blind as a bat without it. When I get out of the shower, dried myself off with a towel, popped on body lotion, I head to the bedroom to start my skincare regime. I don’t have a proper dressing table, only 2 chests of drawers my skincare items sit on, so I usually stand in front of a small mirror to apply my skincare products.

Again, just to remind you, I’m blind as a bat without my glasses and throughout the entire process, I don’t have my glasses on. If you’re also short-sighted like me, you’ll know how it feels to have to go very near the mirror just to see what you’re doing clearly.

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