Frame Those Peepers With Wayne Goss’ The Brow Set

Wayne Goss The Brow Set

When I unboxed Beautylish’s 2016 Fukubukuro Lucky Bag, I was mighty chuffed to see a set of Wayne Goss makeup brushes. It was utterly unexpected as Wayne Goss’ makeup brushes are usually very expensive. The set I received was the Brow Set, which comprises an angled eyebrow brush, a spoolie and a comb/brush duo. Needless to say, they were put to good use very quickly.

Prior to the Brow Set, I’ve only had one Wayne Goss makeup brush, and that’s Brush 00 (formerly known as The Holiday Brush in 2013 and 2014). It’s a tapered face brush and the goat hair is incredibly soft. The only issue I had with it was that even after a year of regular use and weekly cleansing, it still bled grey dye. The bleeding has stopped now, thank goodness. That brush was US$85, which was a real whopper, which is why you can imagine my excitement when I received another item from Wayne Goss, and this time, it was in a set of three.

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Travel Minis: Awesome Creations Or A Waste of Money?

Travel Mini Beauty Products

Okay, straight up, I love travel minis. Love. I’m a huge sucker for them and I won’t deny that I’ve picked up 1-2 mini travel items when I’m queueing on the way to the checkout counter more than I can count. Marketers are pretty damn clever for creating a “queuing area” with shelves stocked with cute goodies that customers drop into their shopping baskets at the spur of the moment.

And I fall for it every. Single. Time. 😛

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Tine’s Guide To Getting Off Your Bum: My Favourite Activewear (And Where To Get Them)

My Favourite Activewear

Okay so technically, this post isn’t about exercising, running or plain gettting off your bum. Technically. It may seem like a frivolous thing, this “activewear” or as I saw it on telly the other day, “athleisurewear” (*roll eyes*), but believe you me when I tell you that when it comes to activewear, I’m very serious about it. Imagine me putting on my serious face.

Thaaaaaat’s right.

Seriously though, there’s power in good activewear. Compare these two scenarios:
1. You go running/working out in your usual home lounging shorts, ratty ol’ T-shirt, a regular bra and any ol’ pair of sneakers you have lying on your shoe rack, OR
2. You go running/working out in proper sports leggings/shorts, sturdy sports bra, shoes that are meant for running/working out. And maybe a ratty ol’ T-shirt but that’s where I draw the line.

I don’t know about you but #2 motivates me to run/work out any time. Even when I’m just doing yoga at home, I don’t do it in my home lounge wear. I make sure to change to my exercise leggings and a sports crop top. It’s a placebo effect but a good one that gets me off my butt nonetheless.

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On My Beauty Bookshelf: Face Paint By Lisa Eldridge

Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge

I don’t really fancy the term “makeup guru” especially when used on YouTube but if I do, I would give that to my favourite YouTuber and celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge anytime. I’ve been following her videos for years and when she released her first book, Face Paint, I made sure to pick one up as soon as possible.

When Lisa Eldridge did her series on vintage makeup and interviewed Madeleine Marsh on her collection vintage makeup, it made me fall in love with her even more. And to think that her first book is on the history of makeup … well, that’s just a no-brainer; I had to get my hands on it!

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