Bring One Less Pair Of Shoes But One Extra Full-Sized Serum When Traveling? Oh Why Not?

Full Sized Travel Beauty

I brought these full-sized items with me during my recent trip to Malaysia and Thailand

I’m a sucker for travel-sized products. Major sucker. I wrote about awesome travel minis a while back and many of you love mini, travel-sized products too despite them being more expensive per ml compared to buying the full-sized version. The same product in miniature packaging? Sold! That sneaky product placement of travel minis when queueing up at Sephora or Mecca? How can I resist popping them into my shopping basket? 😛

Sometimes when I don’t have the travel-sized version of my favourite product, I’d decant them into small travel-sized tubes, bottles and jars that are aplenty at pharmacies, DAISO and Muji. I’ve stopped using most of the sample sachets that come free with products I buy or stuck to a magazine. Unless I’ve used the product before, they’re not going on my face, not when I’m traveling. My skin can be a real bitch when I’m traveling and out of nowhere, it would either break out in pimples, come down with very dry and peely skin or worse, both. I’ve certainly learned my lesson that when it comes to traveling and my skin, I really need to stick to what I was using prior to traveling and absolutely nothing new. Even if I have to decant the products into jars and bottles and tubes.

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Bloggie Wednesday: My Favourite Productivity Podcasts Playlist

Bloggie Wednesday My Favourite Productivity Podcast Playlist

I’m a big fan of podcasts. They have not only replaced my commuting music; they’ve also what I only listen to when running, cooking and even before bed. They’re cheaper than audiobooks (well, they’re free so I can’t complain 😛 ) and are quicker to consume. It’s passive content consumption when I’m doing something else and I learned a lot from the really good ones. I’ve shared some of my favourite podcasts with you before but I thought today, I’d zero in on my favourite podcasts of a particular topic, and that’s productivity.

I’m what you’d call a productivity junkie. I have planners, to-do lists, calendars, productivity apps and books up the wazoo and I love it. I enjoy learning about tips and tricks that can make my days more productive while still leaving me time to nurture my soul. They’ve also helped me tremendously in my blogging. Productivity junkies and a lot of entrepreneurs have what they’d call a “morning routine” and I’ll share mine with you in a future blog post.

For now, let’s get on with my favourite productivity podcasts!

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Don’t Know About Working Miracles, But This Philosophy Night Cream Works A Treat!

Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Night Cream

While I’ve used a number of bath products by Philosophy, I must admit that I’ve never given their skincare much thought because when I tested them in store, they were often too rich for my liking or just plain meh. So when the Ultimate Miracle Worker Night Cream landed on my desk for review several months ago, I wasn’t terribly keen on giving it a go. When I’d scraped off every last bit of the night cream I was using at that time, I knew I either had to buy a new one or give that Philosophy night cream a go. No prizes for guessing which one I went for. 😛

Okay, I take back what I said about Philosophy skincare being meh, or at least too rich for my liking. This night cream’s simply a blast! And by that, I mean it was pretty damn good.

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Genuine Fake Makeup, Real Thing!

Counterfeit Makeup Chiang Mai

What if I told you you can buy MAC makeup very cheaply online? By very cheaply, I mean you can buy a Ruby Woo lipstick for less than US$2.00 a piece. Would you buy it? Or would what I tell you ring the alarm bells that something doesn’t sound right when a MAC lipstick is really that cheap?

The photo above was taken when I was perusing a night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The vendor was none too pleased when I tried to take a picture of her wares close up with my phone so I had to get Tim to photograph this for me from a distance. I found it amusing that she had to place such a large sign above her products that the makeup she was selling wasn’t counterfeit and that they were just factory seconds. Many stalls like hers sold exactly the same items yet didn’t have a similar sign. Plenty of tourists, particularly female tourists, flocked these stalls purchasing a heap of cheap makeup that were presumably from MAC, Chanel, Urban Decay, Dior and much more.

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