Glycolic Acid Vs Lactic Acid: What’s The Difference And Which One’s Better?

Glycolic Acid vs Lactic Acid

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Last week, I did a review on Sunday Riley’s Good Genes Treatment serum and a question I received from reader Norlin was this: “what’s the difference between glycolic acid and lactic acid?”. Sunday Riley’s Good Genes is a lactic acid serum, and rather than replying an essay of a comment, I thought I’d share my answer with all of you instead.

I’m not a cosmetic chemist so I cannot delve into the science of the acids much but here’s what I can tell you about glycolic and lactic acids. This is not to be considered as medical advice.

Glycolic acid and lactic acid are alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and while there are also acids like malic, citric and tartaric, the most effective and well-researched ones are glycolic and lactic acids. Essentially, what they do is exfoliate skin cells by breaking down the substance in skin that holds skin cells together. These acid-based exfoliating treatments chemically exfoliates the skin without the scrubby bits and leave the skin glowing.

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Sukin Super Greens: Eat Your Veggies And Take Care Of Your Skin

Sukin Super Greens Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser and Detoxifying Facial Scrub

It’s been a while since I’ve given Sukin’s skincare products a go. I love their body wash and I get them from time to time, especially when there’s a sale going on (it smells and works similar to Aesop’s but at much better prices) and their facial washes are pretty good too.

Last month, Sukin launched their new Super Greens range. The products contain a blend of super foods like kale, spirulina, chlorella, acai and goji. The range was developed to communicate a message of promoting a healthy lifestyle choice (i.e. EAT YOUR DAMN VEGGIES) that consumers can also extend from their health to their skincare regime.

Now, I’ll be honest. A few months ago, if I were to see this range, I’d be laughing my bum off. Me? Consume kale and spirulina? You have got to be kidding me. The thing is, after Tim bought a professional blender for the kitchen and started have green juices on a daily basis, I got sucked in too. Yes, folks, I’m loving green juices now. For someone who can’t stand eating kale (I only eat really dried out kale), spirulina and the like, I’m loving them blended in a cup now.

So no, I didn’t laugh at the Super Greens range by Sukin. In fact, given my love for green juice now, I was actually pretty keen on giving them a go. A couple of products landed on my desk for review and I thought hmm why not? I’m drinking ’em green juice; let’s see how these “super food” skincare products work on the skin.

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Too Good To Throw Away: My Oldest Makeup Product

Too Good To Throw Away - My Oldest Makeup Product

I’ve been doing a bit of a rummage through my makeup collection and discovered a couple of makeup products that I’ve kept with me over the years. Today, I thought I’d show you my oldest makeup product which is just too good to throw away. I actually have more but they’re in Malaysia so I’ll just show you a couple of the oldest makeup products I have in Australia.

Let’s go a-walking down memory lane, shall we? :)

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IT Cosmetics CC+ Colour Correcting Full Coverage Cream: Tell Me I’m Smelling Things!

IT Cosmetics CC+ Colour Correcting Full Coverage Cream

When I visited Sephora in Sydney, I mentioned that one of the brands I really wanted to try out was IT Cosmetics. A few weeks ago, I reviewed their CC+ Radiance Ombre Blush and today, I’d like to share my thoughts with you on the CC cream. Just before I hit the store, I fired up a quick Google on recommended items to get from the brand. One of them was the CC cream and I thought oh why not? So I took one of the full-sized CC creams in the shade Medium and popped in to my shopping basket.

However, when I was queuing up to pay, I stumbled upon a smaller-sized version of the CC cream. You know how Sephora loves enticing you with cute and tiny versions of beauty products just as you’re queuing up for the checkout counter? Naturally, I got sucked in too. Even though it would be cheaper per ml to buy the full-sized product, I figured that if I end up not liking the CC cream at all, it’s just going to be a waste of money anyway so I decided to buy the 12ml version instead.

Thank goodness I did because I know for sure I won’t be able to use up the full-sized CC cream. It’s good but it’s not great.

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