When Getting Your Makeup Done Professionally, Don’t Be Afraid To Use Your Own Makeup

Professional Makeup Artist

I’ve had my makeup done professionally at the last couple of weddings I’ve attended in which I’ve played a minor role in (I was cousin Beetrice’s maid of honour at her wedding and sister of the groom at my brother’s wedding). I was very kindly offered to have my makeup done by a makeup artist at these weddings and while I’m not too bad in applying my own makeup, it was lovely to have my makeup done by professionals instead.

Plus there’s something about sitting there having brushes and fingers on your face that feels quite relaxing. No? Okay, just me then. 😛

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Do You Prefer Natural Skincare To, Er, Less Natural Ones?

Natural Skincare

© Botamochy

If you’ve been following me on BA for a while now, you’ll notice that I don’t review a lot of skincare that are, shall we say, naturally-inclined. When I say natural skincare, I mean plant-based products that are usually from brands like Jurlique, Sukin, Simplicite, Antipodes and so on.

The thing is, the word “natural” is a misnomer because there’s no such thing as a 100% natural skincare product, unless you count oils like coconut oil, argan oil and so on. All of the creams, lotions and potions are created with chemical ingredients to stabilise the product, to give you a pleasant texture and overall to look and smell aesthetically pleasing. But I’m getting ahead of myself here as we talk about preference to plant-based, “natural” skincare.

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That Makeup Brush Really Doesn’t Have To Go There

Makeup Brushes

You and I know I’m crazy hooked on blushes. It’s a beauty weakness of mine that I don’t intend to fix any time soon. The thing is, it’s not just blushes that I don’t have strong willpower against. I have a thing for makeup brushes too and my collection is growing bigger by the year.

Ahh but do you know that makeup brushes don’t really have to go where they’re supposed to go?

Erm, say what, Tine?

The fun thing about makeup brushes is that they don’t have to be used the way they’re originally intended for. Just because it’s called a concealer brush, doesn’t mean it has to be used to apply concealer with only. Just because it’s called a blush brush, doesn’t mean that it can only be used to apply blush. A single brush can be used on more than one area.

Here are a few examples of the makeup brushes I frequently pick up that aren’t used for its original purpose.

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The Power of Brows

The Power of Brows

© okalinichenko

If there’s one makeup trend that I’m thankful for yet am apprehensive about, it’s full and defined eyebrows. Gone are the days of awkward, pencil-thin brows; hello bushiness! I’ve experimented with many brow shapes over the last 15 years, so I know thing or two when it comes to my brows, what works and what definitely doesn’t.

And boy, do I know what doesn’t work for me. *cringe at old photos*

When a picture frame frames a picture, so do eyebrows frame the face. Back in the day, makeup artists used to say that brows frame the eyes but not anymore. These days, brows frame the FACE. This is why it’s important to make sure you have a good frame for your face. Does your face look better with a skinny frame? Or would it look better with a thicker frame?

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