Hoarder Special: Makeup And Toiletries Bags

Makeup and Toiletries Bag Collection

Okay, by now, if you’ve followed BA long enough, you’d know that I’m a collector of things. I envy those who lead the minimalism lifestyle but I know me. I’m the sort of person who just needs STUFF around her. I always have, and I most likely always will need to have lots of stuff around me.

On top of the collection of makeup, skincare, stationery, notebooks, bags and more, I have another confession to make. There’s another category of items that I hoard like nobody’s business, and that’s makeup and toiletries bags.

The funny thing is, I don’t actually use a makeup bag to put makeup in there. My makeup bag in my everyday bag contains only one item of makeup, and that’s lipstick. Everything else is generic-but-essential-in-case-I-need-them items like a foldable hairbrush, lipbalm, hand sanitiser, tiny vial of perfume, facial blotters, etc. So it begs the question, why the heck do I need that many makeup bags when I don’t even bring makeup out with me?

Beats the hell out of me, I tell ya. 😛

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What A Fashionable Cushion Foundation The Seatree Easy Cushion Is!

Seatree Easy Cushion Foundation

Here’s another cushion foundation to add to my discovery of good cushion foundations. I wish I discovered Seatree makeup earlier because this Korean beauty brand is smashing it in terms of affordable makeup and better yet, very pretty packaging. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m only discovering it now because I would have easily handed my money to them for a much longer time with the goodies they offer. 😉

I must admit that I bought this cushion compact purely for the packaging when I had no idea the brand (and its products) existed. The design? So pretty!

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Tine’s Guide To Getting Off Your Bum: Use The Stairs!

Tine's Guide To Getting Off Your Bum: Use The Stairs

In Melbourne CBD’s Flinders Street Station, there are escalators and stairs to get to and fro train platforms. Whether it’s rush hour or not, at least 90% of passengers who get off the train will leave the platform via the escalators. Even if it’s terribly crowded, people would queue up to get on the escalator. People who prefer to wait on the escalator would stand on the left side, while people who are rushing for time will walk or even run up the escalator on the right side. The escalators on the platforms are usually chock-full of people trying to get on the escalator to leave the platform.

All the while, there’s a flight of stairs RIGHT NEXT TO THE ESCALATOR. And it’s hardly used.

It’s funny how most people would rather queue up to get on the escalator than to walk up the stairs of the same distance to leave the platform. They would rather wait in line to get on the escalator than use the stairs (often during rush hour, the queue can get pretty long). I’m not talking about the elderly, pregnant women or those who have trouble getting up the stairs. I’m talking about fit young men and women who would rather queue up to get on the escalator, wait to reach the top and then run to leave the train station.

It’s a interesting observation how adverse people are to walking up a flight of stairs or two. I know, because I used to be one of them.

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Popular Productivity Hacks: What Worked For Me (And What Didn’t)

Popular Productivity Hacks

I’m a sucker for productivity hacks. I enjoy listening to podcasts on productivity. Websites like Lifehacker and even Pinterest have become my evening guilty pleasure. Ever since I learned and mastered the very first productivity hack that is the Pomodoro technique, I’m always on a lookout for more even if some of them actually made me less productive.

But what the heck, it was all part of the fun of experimenting, eh? 😛

There’s a podcast on productivity hacks that I enjoy listening to, and that’s Straight and Curly by Carly Jacobs and Kelly Exeter. There’s an episode on popular productivity hacks that they’ve tried and hated, which I thought was very interesting. I thought I’d share the productivity hacks they mentioned that I’ve tried and what actually worked for me as well and what didn’t.

A number of the “hacks” mentioned in the podcast didn’t seem like they had anything to do with productivity (sleeping nude and brushing your teeth in the shower? Huh?) so I won’t be touching on them. I’ve added a few of my own too that I’ve tried and liked/disliked. When it comes to productivity methods and hacks, I’m all for it!

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