Complimentary Lancome Virtuose Mascara and Mini Makeover

To my Australian readers, here’s a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ which might interest you. Click on the picture above, or here for a printout of a voucher for a complimentary 2ml Virtuose mascara sample and a mini makeover at your nearest Lancome counter at Myer. The offer ends on August 4, 2008, so hurry!

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Review: Badger Night Night Balm

I first heard about Badger balms from Beetrice when she bought a few tins back from her trip to London in 2007. Badger balms are sadly not available in Malaysia (not to my knowledge anyway). So when I saw the Badger balms in David Jones, I thought I’d try one out. I was originally going [...]

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Poll: How Often Do You Use Sunscreen?

Happy Wednesday, ladies! It’s not such a good day for me, as I’m having non-stop sniffles and am pretty much stuck in bed with a hot water bottle and cups and cups of hot Lemsip. Okay, sniffles and nose-juice aside (tee hee hee), the question of the day, and I think it’s an important one, [...]

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What’s In My Makeup Bag (July ’08)

I thought I’d do another post of What’s In My Bag since most of the items have changed. But this time I’ll be doing a “What’s In My Makeup Bag”, and I’m going to be tagging people as well just to get y’all to show us what’s in your makeup bag. These are the items [...]

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Review: Sally Hansen Lip Inflation

Everyone associates Sally Hansen with nails. Not so much a variety of nail polishes, but a good selection of nail treatment products. I’ve never thought of trying anything outside of the nail products range. I certainly wasn’t thinking of getting a lip plumper for meself, but when I saw this on sale at a cosmetic [...]

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