Bloggie Wednesday: Refresh Your Blog, Change Your Tagline!

Bloggie Wednesday: Refresh Your Blog, Change Your Tagline!

Happy hump day and the second day of spring, folks! At least, for all you readers living in the Southern Hemisphere. The first day of spring was absolutely horrid in Melbourne. It was cold, wet and mighty dreary. Ironically, the last day of winter was warm and sunny!

Now that we’re entered spring mode (come join us too, all you readers who aren’t heading to Spring), it’s time to do some spring-cleaning. I don’t just mean spring-clean your closet; your blog needs it too. Clear out any old plugins you don’t need. Delete your unused themes. Maybe refresh your blog with a new splash of colour and/or design.

One of the ways to refresh your blog is to change your tagline. What’s a tagline, I hear you ask? It’s that sentence that follow the name of your blog. It can be your motto, your ethos, your slogan. It can be anything!

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How To Prevent That Dreaded Hat Hair

Hat Hair Before and After

There are two reasons why I rarely wear hats.

  1. I have an unusually large head and hats rarely fit me. Most hats can barely fit the top of my head let alone sit on it. There’s usually a lot of space sitting between my head and the hat.
  2. For the hats that do fit me, I hate hat hair.

So, what is hat hair? You know that flat, hair-plastered-to-the-head situation each time you remove your hat or helmet? Yes, that’s hat hair. More often than not, my sideswept fringe would be so flat, it would look as though I’ve run hair gel on it just so it’s flat against my scalp. I get that with beanies too.

It’s not a good look, people. Not a good look at all.

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Beauty Tip: Get Yourself Some Mini Cotton Buds!

Mini Cotton Buds

Why have I not seen nor try these out before?!

If you have access to a MUJI store near you, you have to check out their mini cotton buds. They’re the same length as any normal cotton buds (or cotton tips as some of you may call it) but they’re about half the width of a normal cotton bud.

Straight up, they’re pretty bloody awesome. They look like fat toothpicks with small, compact bits of cotton at the ends but they’re so useful especially in fixing makeup mistakes. Here are a few things these mini cotton buds can do for you.

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August Hit and Miss List

August 2014 Hit and Miss List

We’ve come to the end of the month and you know what that means. Yep, it’s time to whip out my Hit and Miss List! This month, I discovered a new Holy Grail mascara, fell in love with loose eyeshadow pigments (that’s jolly well almost impossible in my books!), shed a few tears and blood over leopard print and read quite a lot of books.

Let’s get started with the List, shall we?

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