Creating My First Bespoke Perfume

Fleurage Perfume Atelier

Several months ago, I was binge-watching videos on YouTube when I came across a vlog by Lily Pebbles. She vlogged her experience on creating her bespoke perfume at a perfume atelier in London and I thought to myself, “I wonder if there are any perfumaries in Melbourne that feature bespoke perfumes?” After a quick search on Google, I discovered Fleurage Perfume Atelier. It was located at South Melbourne which is really near the Melbourne CBD. I had a feeling the experience is best shared with a girlfriend and I asked LeGeeque if she wanted to come along as well. LeGeeque adores perfume and very quickly (and enthusiastically too, I might add!) said yes.

Our appointment was made and we waited in anticipation for the day to come. Now, I had no idea what it would be like at Fleurage since I’ve never heard of the place before. However, the reviews online were good and the photos were even better so I figured we’ll be all right.

It was more than all right. It was a bloody amazing experience.

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Read My Lips: Rouge Dior No. 999

Rouge Dior No. 999

If you’re looking for one heck of a stunning red lip and want to splurge on a lipstick for it, look no further than Dior’s Rouge Dior No. 999. I had a bit of a makeover at the new Dior beauty boutique at Highpoint late last year and the makeup artist (Look for Sylvia; she’s fab) used this on me and I was absolutely hooked. And yes, even though I have a lipstick graveyard, I bought the Rouge Dior 999 and a matching lip pencil. Ooops. :P

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Get Those Glowy Cheeks on This Summer with Face of Australia’s Lumi-Tint Illuminating Stick in Hydra Haven

Face of Australia's Lumi-Tint Illuminating Sticks

You know one of ‘em popular The Multiple sticks by NARS? I don’t know why, but I’ve never been compelled to buy of those. I’ve played with them a lot in store yet have never been tempted to get at least one to try out. I adore their powder blushes but when it came to The Multiples, meh … I’m happy to give them a miss. When Face of Australia sent me their Lumi-Tint Illumnating Sticks for review, I must admit I was sceptical. They look mighty similar to the NARS Multiples and given that I’m not a fan of the latter, I had to wonder how the Lumi-Tints would work.

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Bloggie Wednesday: Auto-Subscribing People To Your Newsletters

Bloggie Wednesday: Auto-Subscribing People To Your Newsletters

© bloomua

Have you noticed that you’ve been getting email newsletters from companies that you didn’t even know existed? I’m not talking about random spam emails on SEO and web development but legit newsletters from the retail sector? They could be small companies (usually with something to sell) that you’ve never heard of and yet, you’re somehow subscribed to their newsletter without you actually signing up.

Magic? Hardly. They were auto-subscribing people to their email list. In my books, it’s spam. And it’s certainly not cool.

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