Bloggie Wednesday: Do You Disclose Your Affiliate Links In All Of Your Blog Posts?

Affiliate Links Disclosure

Happy hump day, folks!

I’ve been thinking a lot about affiliate networks and affiliate links lately and rather than just do my usual nightly brain dump on my notebook and husband, I thought I’d do a bit of my brain dump here as well.

I’d to talk about affiliate links today. In fact, I’d love your opinions on affiliate links, both as a blogger and as a reader because it doesn’t only affect our blogs, it affects our readers as well.

As a blogger, do you disclose your affiliate links in every blog post that contain them? Or do you disclose the fact that you have affiliate links in your Disclosure/Disclaimer page but don’t disclose them at the beginning/end of each post?

As a reader, does it bother you if the blogger doesn’t disclose affiliate links in each of those blog posts but he/she discloses them in their Disclosure/Disclaimer page? Is that enough for you?

Have I confused you already?

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I Hauled Me Some Bath and Body Works, But Not From Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works Shopping Haul

For a moment there, I actually thought McDonald’s sent me Frappe Chocolate! That would be many levels of awesome.

One of my favourite moments of shopping in the US years ago, other than going batshit crazy at the 5+ Sephoras I went to, was shopping at Bath and Body Works. The sheer amount of body care products was seriously overwhelming. There’s just so much to choose from that it’s almost imperative to carry a jar of coffee beans with you to sniff between each product range because your senses will take such a hit. Oh, and those US$1 Pocketbac hand sanitisers? I probably brought about 10 back with me just because I could. :P

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Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Compact: Many Cs in the Name And It’s A Cracker of A Compact!

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Compact SPF 25

Of all the foundations I’ve used, I’d say the ones I use the least are powder foundations and cream compacts. Powdered ones are mainly due to their inconvenience of having the powder go everywhere and cream compacts because they’re usually quite thick and can look cakey on the skin.

When Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream Compact landed on my desk for review, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it to be honest. Yes I’d love to try it given that I’ve not tried their CC cream that comes in a tube but I had to wonder how this would make my skin look. Would it look unnatural on my skin? Would the cream foundation settle into my fine lines, especially around my nose and making the area look cakey?

Thankfully, it was quite the contrary. I like it, I really do!

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The Lip Product Addict Tag

Lip Product Addict Tag

The first time I saw the Lip Product Addict Tag was the video by my favourite beauty YouTubers Essiebutton and Amelia Liana. This tag was their creation and it’s no wonder because they’re such big lippie addicts (let’s just say lots of enabling have happened). Since I do a Read My Lips post almost every weekend, I thought I’d give this tag a go too!

I don’t do tags often but it looks quite fun. Plus I do have quite the stash of lip products. ;)

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