Let Your Skin Sleep Well With Puretopia’s Sleep and Renew Night Face Moisturiser

Puretopia Sleep and Renew Night Face Moisturiser

I don’t normally use or talk about a lot of “natural” skincare on the blog because unfortunately, most of them don’t really work for me. I use quotes in “natural” because a lot of the skincare products that claim to be natural aren’t really natural. Hmm, tell you what, I’ll just use the term “plant-based” skincare instead, how’s that? You’ll know what I mean when I say natural then when I really mean they’re plant-based products.

The reason most of them don’t really work for me is that they’re often too rich for my skin. I currently tried one out from a popular skincare brand (I won’t mention what it is now but you’ll know soon enough) and, I kid you not, each time I used it, I broke out. I’ve also tried skincare from another more popular natural skincare brand and as much as people rave about it, I just couldn’t get their products to work on my skin. In the end, I gave up.

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Cheeks Are Coming Up Roses With Sisley’s Phyto-Blush Éclat in Pinky Rose (Including A Surprise At The End!)

Sisley's Phyto-Blush Éclat in Pinky Rose

I’m sure a lot of us are familiar with the luxe skincare brand, Sisley. I’ve always likened it to La Mer and La Prairie, where the skincare is a wee bit out of reach for me only because of the price point. Recently, I was introduced to some of the makeup they have and while they’re still considered pretty darn high end along the likes of Chanel and Dior, I’m happy to say that a lot of the makeup are under $100. Still not cheap, mind you, but oh so splurge-worthy. :P

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Bloggie Wednesday: Beautyholics Anonymous Finally Has A Weekly Newsletter!

We have a newsletter

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Happy hump day, folks!

Instead of talking about blogging today, I thought I’d share some good news with you. Beautyholics Anonymous finally has a weekly newsletter!

Can you believe that I’ve been meaning to setup a proper weekly newsletter for over 2 years now and am only getting round to it now? Two years! See what I mean by me being a serial procrastinator? I know, I know. Feel free to smack me.

Okay, please don’t. :P

The newsletter is called Beautyholics Anonymous Insider where I’ll not only share my weekly round-up of posts on the blog with you, I’ll also be sharing interesting finds on the web, and tips and tricks on beauty and blogging. Every week (fingers crossed!), there will be content that you will not be able to find on the blog. I’ll also be sharing any cool discounts and promotions on shopping for you because *ahem* I’m all about the enabling, aren’t I? ;)

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Pump Up The Jam With Maybelline’s SuperStay Better Skin Flawless Finish Foundation

Maybelline's SuperStay Better Skin Flawless Finish Foundation

Remember Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation? The one I liked for natural, “my skin but better” days? Also the one which packaging I absolutely cannot stand? Guess what? I found a dupe for the foundation and it comes in a pump. A glorious pump!

Say hello to a recent delightful discovery of mine. It’s Maybelline’s SuperStay Better Skin Flawless Finish Foundation.

I cannot believe that I’ve come to a point where I’m singing praises about a product mainly because it comes in a pump. Really, what has the beauty blogging world come to, eh? See, beauty brands, you give us good foundations that come in a pump and we will love them and love you. Give us good foundations with shitty packaging and you’ll find us walking away, no matter how great the foundations are.

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