Week of Makeup Favourites 2014: My Top 10 Eyeshadows

Week of Makeup Favourites 2014: My Top 10 Eyeshadows

It’s day 4 on Makeup Favourites Week and today, we’re talking all about eyeshadows!

Here’s the thing: even though I have enough eyeshadows to last me many, many years, I’m actually very picky when it comes to actually applying it on my eyelids. Eh, what sort of nonsense is Tine talking about, I hear you ask? You see, a lot of the eyeshadows I had purchased over the years were done on a whim and usually when I’m suckered in by packaging. I have extremely oily eyelids and even with the best eyeshadow primer on, a lot of eyeshadows don’t last the day without creasing, smudging and fading. Unfortunately, although a lot of the eyeshadows I picked up over the years were very beautiful on the palette, even lovelier when swatched but when they were applied on my eyelids and used for an entire day, they didn’t cut the mustard at all.

In my list of top 10 eyeshadows are the ones that made the cut. Mind you, these are judged with eyeshadow primer on as I never wear eyeshadow without primers. These eyeshadows stay on my eyelids without any problems and are the ones I wear repeatedly. In fact, I’d happily give up the rest of my eyeshadows as long as I have these. Ahem, any takers? ;)

Let’s get started! Here they are at random order.

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Week of Makeup Favourites 2014: My Top 10 Powders

Week of Makeup Favourites 2014

© Tanouchka

Happy hump day, my lovely chickadees!

Just a heads up: there’ll be no Bloggie Wednesday post today as we’re still on the Makeup Favourites Week. Yesterday, I talked about one of my favourite makeup products and that’s foundation. Today, I’d like to share with you my top 10 powders for setting foundation.

I very rarely step out of the house with just foundation on and no powder. As I have combination skin and a particularly oily T-zone, it’s imperative that I at least powder my T-zone area so that it doesn’t look like a shiny knob after just an hour or two. Some of these are classic favourites and some are recent discoveries.

Shall we get powdering? :)

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Week of Makeup Favourites 2014: My Top 10 Foundations

Week of Makeup Favourites 2014

Hello hello and welcome to Day 2 of Makeup Favourites Week! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my top 10 primers yesterday as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Today, I’d like to share one of my favourite topics in makeup. No, it’s not blush just yet (that’s coming soon!). It’s foundations. I won’t be talking about BB creams this time, just foundations. I’ve been wearing foundations a lot more than BB creams for the past 10 months so it’s only fitting that I tell you what my top 10 foundations are. Some are classic favourites and some are recent discoveries.

You’ll also find that this is the only makeup favourites topic that I actually have reviews for every foundation mentioned. I enjoy trying out new foundations and reviewing them so you can bet your bottom dollar that there’ll be a lot more foundation reviews to come in the near future.

Let’s get crackin’, shall we? Here they are in no particular order.

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Week of Makeup Favourites 2014: My Top 10 Primers For The Face and Eyes

Makeup Favourites Week 2014

Welcome to Makeup Favourites Week! A couple of months ago, I did a week of skincare favourites and seeing that many of you enjoyed the mini series (thanks for the support, folks!), I thought I’d do a week of makeup favourites too. This is a round-up of my favourite makeup products thus far and it ranges from primers, foundations to eye makeup and makeup brushes. Since I get a lot of questions on what some of my makeup favourites are, I thought I’d share what they are with you.

Before I move on to the first instalment of my makeup favourites, I thought I’d give you a heads up of what you won’t be seeing in this mini series. I will not be covering concealers (hah!) bronzers, highlighters and lip products. I seldom use concealers (I hear many of you gasping there) and while I do have my favourites, I just don’t have enough to make up 10 products for that category. Bronzers and highlighters aren’t really my thing either and although I do use them from time to time, again, I don’t use enough to make up for that category. As for lip products, I’ll be doing separate mini series for that like I did for my Rudiments of Rouge mini series so I’ll save lippies for the upcoming new mini series instead.

Alrighty, enough talking, let’s get started with Day 1, and that’s my top 10 primers for the face and eyes. I don’t use face primers each time before I apply foundation but on occasion, I will use primers especially when I need my face makeup to last for many hours. As for eyeshadow primers, I never apply eyeshadows without having primer on first. My eyelids are extremely oily and eyeshadows very rarely stay on my lids for long if I don’t have primer on.

Most of these primers are long-time favourites and a couple are recent discoveries. Regardless, they’re well tried and tested to ensure my makeup stays put for hours.

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