Tim Talks: When Counting Sheep Just Doesn’t Cut It

A note from Tine: Welcome to another edition of Tim Talks! For those who are new to Beautyholics Anonymous, Tim Talks is a new series on the blog where my husband, Tim, will be sharing his knowledge to help raise mental health awareness. Tim is a psychiatrist who works in metro Melbourne. His area of interest is child, adolescent and youth psychiatry.

Sleep is something that is underrated and overrated at the same time. A lot of us don’t have enough sleep yet some of us think we don’t need that much. Today, Tim shares his thoughts on sleep hygiene (didn’t know there was such a thing!) and how you can improve on your sleep.


Tim Talks

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As I was contemplating this write-up, Tine was curious to know how sleep tied in with mental health. In my view, sleep is an underrated and essential component to maintaining good mental wellbeing. There’s always airtime and exposure about lifestyle modifications pertaining to diet and exercise, but sleep doesn’t get a lot of mention, even though we spend on average a third of our time in bed. I could only recall some mention of sleep and dreams within such movies as the Matrix, Inception as well as Insomnia. There is a correlation between poor sleep quality and exacerbation of mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. On the same vein, changes in characteristics in sleep can be an indication of emerging depressive illness which I feel is important to recognize and manage assertively.

Remember when I raised the term sleep hygiene in the introduction piece to Tim Talks? Well, I will try to demystify what the principles are, and what are the things to avoid doing to promote better quality sleep.

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How To Style The White Blazer

Note from Tine: Norlin is my “emergency” stylist. She has great style, which I really like, and I often go to her pleas of “how the heck to I style this item of clothing that I need to wear next week?? Help! Ideas please!”. The idea of styling a white blazer came when I picked up a white lapel-less blazer from Sussan. The price was significantly reduced and I just couldn’t resist a bargain. A shopping mistake to make for when I finally took the blazer out of the shopping bag, I had absolutely no idea how to style it! Most of my blazers are black and now there’s this stark white blazer hanging in my wardrobe unloved. I turned to Norlin with my usual “HELP ME!!”. Thanks to her tips, I finally managed to wear it and it’s such a refreshing change from my boring black blazers!

I hope you enjoy her post as much as I did.

Styling The White Blazer

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As you can see, I’m jumping in today to fill in for Tine while she’s enjoying her holidays – lucky duck! Seeing that my speciality is in the area of styling, I thought I’d help Tine out a little and give her some ideas on how she could style up this white blazer she’s bought and has been hanging in her wardrobe since goodness knows when!

When Tine asked me to help give her some styling ideas, she also asked if the white blazer could get stained by the colour from the bag she might be carrying. I’ve searched high and low for that answer and unless you’ve waxed your bag, this usually doesn’t happen especially if you’re carrying a good leather bag. If say, for some unfortunate reason it DOES happen, then let me say this – make Vanish or Napisan your best friend. Actually, you need to have those handy just in case you stain the white jacket any other way for that matter.

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Bloggie Wednesday: Tips For A Great Head Shot For Your Blog

Note from Tine: When it came to deciding on who to ask to do a Bloggie Wednesday guest post, I immediately thought of Yishan. Even though she no longer blogs at Beauty Swatch, which was a successful beauty blog, she has a great amount of knowledge when it comes to blogging. She’s now blogging about photography and is a photographer herself.

Apologies for the rather abundant photos of myself on this post. I commissioned Yishan to do my headshots for me and as she came up with the topic of her top tips for great headshots for your blog, she used my photos as her examples. I’m honoured and quite red in the face at the same time. :)

Headshots aren’t just useful for your blog; they’re very useful for your LinkedIn profile as well. Yishan did a great job with my headshots and I can’t recommend her enough.

Enjoy the post!

Bloggie Wednesday: Tips for a great head shot for your blog

Hands up if you’ve avoided booking a photographer for your profile headshot, and either tried to do it yourself or get a friend/partner/relative to help?

Your current headshot for your blog probably helps your readers, PR companies and future employers put a face to your name, but the question is how well does it reflect your personal brand?

If the main reasons that are holding you back from getting a headshot done professionally done is the anxiety about posing or looking good in front of the camera, get a cup of tea ready before reading on, for I’m about to share in depth all the tips that I provide to my clients on everything from posing, beauty and outfit ideas for a successful headshot.

When Tine reached out to me, she was after a professional photo that could be versatile for different purposes, be it Beautyholics Anonymous or other freelance opportunities. Her brief was that the look had to be “quintessentially Melbourne”, stylish, relaxed with natural lighting and a look that was versatile to suit various freelance opportunities, as opposed to a corporate look.

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6 Things You Must Do To Prepare You For A Pap Smear

Note from Tine: Today’s guest post is by Ling who blogs at The Best Beauty Blog. I blogged a gentle reminder on making an appointment for a pap smear last year during the Cervical Cancer Awareness Week (if you haven’t made the appointment already, stop reading this, pick up the phone and do it NOW). This is very important for women, especially if you’re sexually active. What I didn’t know is that there are some things that you can do to prepare yourself for pap smears. I can’t think of a better person to tell you about than Ling. I wish I knew all these earlier; they would have made my pap smear appointments more comfortable and less awkward.


Guest Post 6 Things You Must Do To Prepare For A Pap Smear

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There are 3 incidences where women will cross their legs :-

1. After hearing a traumatic childbirth story { here’s mine! }
2. When they are pissed off and they’re not afraid to show it { note : arms will be folded too for maximum effect! }
3. When they’re sitting in the waiting room awaiting their turn for a pap smear

Love Hate them or hate them, pap smears are vital in early detection of cervical cancer.

All sexually activated (i.e. who have started having sex) women aged between 18 and 70 years should have a pap smear every 2 years.

Here are 6 things you should do to prepare you for a pap smear :-

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