An Introduction to Tim Talks: Demystifying Mental Illness and Health

Note from Tine: We’ve been working on this for a while now and I’m very excited to announce that there’ll be a new contributor to Beautyholics Anonymous. Introducing … *drumroll please* … Tim! No, he’s not going to be talking about beauty (the fella does my head in when it comes to product reviews. “I like it. Full stop”.) Anyway, for new readers to BA, Tim’s my husband and for the first time ever, he’ll be doing a monthly series on BA on mental health awareness. As a medical professional in mental health, he’s a better candidate to share his knowledge with you about it than I am. Mental health awareness is very important to me and it isn’t just because I married the fella but also something I went through years ago. And before you think he “cured” me, no he didn’t. Thankfully, I’m much, much better place now but I really do wish there was better mental health awareness back then.

As mental health can be a very sensitive subject, I ask that you approach the topic and comments with an open mind and kindness to those who are affected.

Tim and Tine

Tine has always been an advocate for increasing public awareness of mental health, and with her recent donation and write-up about Beyond Blue, we had a casual conversation about what it might look like if I could provide my perspective on mental illness. For those of you who do not know Mr Beautyholics (if I can use that term), I have been working in public mental health for most of my postgraduate medical training. I do occasionally get referred to as a ‘shrink’ but thankfully that is rare. I entered this field because there is so much that we still have yet to comprehend and conceptualise in the mind and its disorders, and I also like the challenge given it is still a field of medicine that people struggle to have a unifying view of.

Tine and I were brainstorming on what would be a good point of discussion to involve readers of her blog, and this idea kept recurring of doing a myth-busting series on mental illness and health. I think contemporary views of mental health especially in media has been slowly shifting, with more acceptance of peoples’ life struggles with disorders such as depression and anxiety.

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Bloggie Wednesday: When’s A Sponsored Post Not A Sponsored Post?

Bloggie Wednesday: When's A Sponsored Post Not A Sponsored Post?

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Ahh … sponsored posts. A bit of a dirty word in the blogosphere if you ask me. There’s quite a divide between bloggers who are okay with sponsored content and bloggers who aren’t. Either way, there’s no denying that brands are reaching out to bloggers more and more these days to reach their audience. One of the best ways to ensure guaranteed exclusive mention of said brands are via sponsored content.

I’ve seen debates in the comments on a number of blogs for the past year or so where the comments from readers were not so savoury of the blogger’s post. These were often articles on products that were sent to the bloggers for review and while the bloggers did receive the items for free, they were not paid to write the posts. Consensus of comments was that the bloggers should have disclosed that those were sponsored posts because the products were high in value, therefore the posts should be disclosed as advertorials. I even remembered a particular blogger who went through it and she had a tough time explaining to her readers.

The question is, what is considered a sponsored post and what isn’t?

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Dr LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Triple-Action Day Defence and The Super Hydrator Gets Massive Combo Hits

Dr LeWinn's Line Smoothing Complex S8 Triple-Action Day Defence

It’s no secret on the blog that I’m a big fan of the S8 Super Hydrator from Dr LeWinn’s. It’s a great serum for added hydration oomph to the skin and I don’t know if it’s just me but my other serums that I use on top of the Super Hydrator work better with the combination. The problem is, for some odd reason, the S8 Super Hydrator is exceedingly difficult to find these days. I’ve checked several Priceline and Chemist Warehouse stores and they don’t stock it any more.

In frustration, I reached out to the PR of Dr LeWinn’s to ask if the product has been discontinued and if that’s why I can’t seem to find it in stores. The good news is, it’s not discontinued. The bad news is (well, for me at least) that it’s so popular that stores are finding it difficult to get stock in. GAH!

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Awesome Beauty Advent Calendars to Countdown Christmas 2014

12 Awesome Advent Calendars for 2014

Okay, I know it’s going to sound really strange but I’ve never heard of advent calendars until I moved to Australia in 2008. Growing up in Malaysia, we never had advent calendars and when I saw them in the UK, I’ve always thought that they were are actual paper calendars, which was why it was something I never questioned.

When I finally found out what they were, I thought it was a cute, novelty idea and last year I decided to give one a go. Cheapie me wouldn’t pay a lot for one so I, erm, got mine from Woolworths for the princely sum of AU$1.00 and enjoyed a tiny piece of chocolate a day till Christmas. :P

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