Bloggie Wednesday: Which Social Media Platform Should I Use For My Blog?

Social Media Platform Overwhelm

As a new blogger to the blogging scene, there’s pressure to want to be on every single social media platform there is out there to grow your audience for your blog. Do I go for Twitter? Should I spend time on Instagram? Do I focus on Facebook? Should I snap pictures and videos for Snapchat?

Gah, how many hours in a day do I have to do all these?

It will come to a point when social media will overwhelm the heck out of you. It feels like you’re spreading yourself too thin to be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Periscope, Blab, etc daily just to grow your audience.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who feels this because I can tell you, 99% of all bloggers out there feel this too. I’m one of them. From experience, I can tell you this: If you try to be in all of these social media platforms at the same time, you’ll get nowhere. You may get a smattering of visitors coming to your blog from each platform. You’d have worked so hard to be present in each of these social media platforms but are the results actually worth it? Do you want a little bit of traffic coming in from many platforms or do you want major traffic coming in from just one?

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself this: which platform is worth spending precious time on to not only grow your following but also your blog?

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Cafe Skin Scrub: A Body Scrub So Delicious-Smelling, It’s Almost Good Enough To Eat!

Cafe Skin Scrub

Coffee scrubs are the trend du jour these days, aren’t they? You’ve most likely heard of them on beauty blogs, magazines, YouTube-land, Pinterest and more. Coffee scrubs have been around for ages but popular Australian brand Frank Body made the whole trend explode with coffee scrubs selling like hot cakes from other brands too, all packaged in kraft paper packaging that normally houses actual coffee beans.

A few weeks ago, I was at Chemist Warehouse and I stumbled upon a packet of Cafe Skin Scrub coffee scrub. Now I’ve never actually tried any of the Frank Body scrubs (I was given some to try last year but at that time, I wasn’t on board the whole coffee scrub thing so I gave it away) so I cannot compare the two. But if it’s anything like the Cafe Skin Scrub, well, they’ve got a winner because the Cafe Skin Scrub itself is a major winner in my books.

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Tine’s Guide To Getting Off Your Bum: Get An Exercise Buddy Or Two

Running Buddies

While I love holidays, I don’t enjoy the process of getting back to exercising when I’m home, especially running. I love getting back to my daily routine but when it comes to running, it’s difficult. It’s baffling because when I’m in Malaysia visiting family and friends, I’d either be running on the treadmill at my in-laws’ home or going for a run at the Botanical Gardens in Penang when I visit my folks. I try my best not to skip out on my runs and workouts and so far, I’d been pretty consistent with my exercises even when it was very warm to want to leave the air-conditioned room.

But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why it’s so hard for me to get back to running without feeling like I want to die when I’m back home in Melbourne. For all intents and purposes, it should be easier because 1) I’m familiar with the routes and 2) the weather is usually far more comfortable to run in compared to the hot and humid temperatures in Malaysia. For some reason, I found it very difficult to get back on the horse and my runs deteriorated. With the decrease of quality runs, my frustration grew and many times, I really wanted to give up.

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Hey I Just Met You So Coral Me Maybe With Catrice Cosmetics’ Illuminating Blush

Catrice Cosmetics Illuminating Blush in Coral Me Maybe

Do excuse the lame title for this product review. Obviously my head was in the song. 😛

I’ve never actually heard of Catrice Cosmetics until about a month ago when I was back in Malaysia visiting family and friends. I was doing my usual perusal of Watsons phamarcies and that was when I stumbled upon the brand on one of the shelves. After a bit of Googling, it turns out that Catrice Cosmetics is actually a German brand and is wildly popular in Europe along with the likes of KIKO and Essence. As for Catrice makeup in Malaysia, they come in a variety of styles with very affordable price tags.

At that time, I didn’t know what to get and knowing me, the safest bet would be to try out their blushes. I decided to get the brightest blush I could find and the Illuminating Blush’s design caught my eye. The Coral Me Maybe swatched pretty sheer but as I was in a hurry, I figured I’d just pop it in my shopping basket and give it a real go when I’m back home in Melbourne.

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