Tim Talks: The Black Cloud

A note from Tine: Welcome to another edition of Tim Talks! For those who are new to Beautyholics Anonymous, Tim Talks is a new series on the blog where my husband, Tim, will be sharing his knowledge to help raise mental health awareness. Tim is a psychiatrist who works in metro Melbourne. His area of interest is child, adolescent and youth psychiatry.

Today’s topic is one that’s close to my heart. It’s something I want to bring awareness to and why Tim and I started the Tim Talks segment on BA. It’s a lot more serious than my usual content but I hope this answers some questions you may have on depression. Please note that this article does not constitute medical advice and if you need more information, please consult your local GP.

Tim Talks - The Black Cloud

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I picked the title ‘the black cloud’ as it is a very apt descriptor of how depression feels like, where a looming sense of gloom and apathy is present all the time. There is mounting evidence to indicate that depression will be the leading cause of disability in the not so distant future, surpassing even medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases. With initiatives such as Beyond Blue and the Black Dog Institute promoting more awareness about depression, I am hopeful that sufferers and supports can better understand and manage this debilitating disorder.

In this blog post, I will focus on defining depression and also the psychological approaches to managing depression.

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Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation: Almost There But Not Quite

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

I haven’t had the opportunity to try out much of Tarte’s goodies, mainly because Tarte isn’t available in Melbourne, not yet anyway (when are you coming here, Sephora?!). The only items I’ve tried so far are a mascara and a primer many years ago (can’t even remember the names) and the Amazonian Clay Blushes, which I really like.

I’ve heard a great deal of good things about their foundations in the Amazonian Clay range and decided to pick one up to try when I was at Sephora in Malaysia. I was originally thinking of getting the Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation but decided not to in the end because as curious as I am about how it works, I knew I wouldn’t use it a lot because I usually prefer liquid/cream foundations. After dilly-dallying at the Tarte shelf for 20 minutes, I decided to get the Full Coverage Cream Foundation instead. This was also a highly raved product and after using it for a few weeks, I must say that while I don’t think it’s a bad product at all, I wasn’t terribly impressed by it either.

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Bloggie Wednesday: My Blogging Process

Bloggie Wednesday - My Blogging Process

If there’s one thing I’m curious about bloggers and want to know more about, it’s their blogging process. Each blogger creates content differently and I often wonder how their blog posts come to fruition. How does an idea translate to words? How long does it take for a blogger to come up with a blog post complete with pictures? What’s his/her writing process like?

On today’s Bloggie Wednesday, I’d like to peel the curtain back a bit and show you what my blogging process is like e.g. how an idea becomes a blog post on BA. It could be very similar to yours or it could be quite different to what you do as well. :)

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Addicted to Blush? I Sure Am! (Aka Another Blush Tag)

The Addicted to Blush Tag

What the … ? Another tag in the span of a few days? I KNOW. I don’t typically do more than one tag a month (or even 2-3 months!). But when Norlin tagged me on what’s called an Addicted To Blush tag, I mean, come on! That tag has my name written all over it!

Says the blush fiend. Ahem. :P

Don’t think of it as a tag. Think of it as me answering a whole lot of hard questions about my favourite blushes. They’re tough because it’s really, really difficult to choose my favourite in the categories below. You’ll probably know the answers to a lot of them but when one is tagged, one has to answer!

Alrighty then, who’s ready to talk about blush?

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