My Menstrual Cup Experience

Note: This is a long and graphic post where I talk a lot about menstruation and blood. It’s very TMI. Don’t worry, there are no photos of blood but just in case you’re squeamish about reading about blood, this blog post may not be for you. I also talk about vaginas. A lot.

Diva Cup

Sometime last year, I had a chat with a BA reader about that time of the month, tampons and sanitary pads … y’know, the stuff us women just LOVE to experience each month (sense the sarcasm in that one). She recommended that I give menstrual cups a go because according to her, once you’ve tried it, you won’t ever want to use pads and tampons ever again. I must admit, my first reaction was quite a resounding hell no. I was elated when I discovered the joys of tiny tampons; the thought of wearing something that big up there was something I couldn’t fathom.

As the months went by, I read more about menstrual cups and somewhere along the line, I became intrigued at the idea. I was curious as to how it worked and if menstrual cups really were that good. One night when I was browsing iHerb, I saw that they stocked Diva Cups and without further thoughts, I added it to my shopping cart. A week later, the cup arrived.

First thoughts of the cup when I saw it? GEEZ LOUISE HOW THE HELL IS THAT BIG THING GOING TO GO UP THERE?! Of course, I forgot that babies came out of the vagina so I freaked out for nothing. 😛

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All Perky And Rosy With EGLIPS’ Apple Fit Blusher

EGLIPS Apple Fit Blusher in Sexy Rose

Here’s a blush that has been a staple of mine for the past couple of months. I usually rotate my blushes but for some reason, this very simple (and very cheap!) blush captured my heart and cheeks, and I haven’t been tempted to switch to another blush. And you know me; I’m a blush fiend who needs to change up her blushes frequently!

I picked up this Korean blush from a previous Korean beauty haul on a whim. I’ve not heard of the brand EGLIPS before and I had no idea if this would be a a good one or a dud. I figured since it’s not an expensive item to begin with, I won’t burn too big a hole in my pocket if it’s a meh blush.

Whaddyaknow, it’s winner winner chicken dinner! 😛

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Using Cleansing Balms Without A Cloth

Using Cleansing Balms Without A Cloth

Prior to discovering cleansing balms, I was a big fan of cleansing oils. Double cleansing in the evenings became a daily ritual, even when I wasn’t wearing makeup. On makeup-less days, I double-cleanse to remove all traces of sunscreen on my skin. As much as I loved cleansing oils, they were truly a pain in the behind to bring along when travelling. Once, a tiny bottle of cleansing oil spilled all over my toiletries case. Thankfully there were double zips on the case, which prevented the cleansing oil from leaking onto my clothes. Needless to say, all of my beauty products were oily and I spent a good hour giving everything a good clean. I had to throw the toiletries case away because there was no way I could remove all of the oil that had seeped into and set onto the fabric.

The discovery of cleansing balms was like a hallelujah moment for me because it didn’t just mean I don’t have to buy bulky bottles of cleansing oils anymore, but it will be a breeze to bring along with me when I’m travelling. The only difference with cleansing balms compared to oils is the use of muslin cloths. It’s recommended that you use a muslin cloth (sometimes provided with the cleansing balm) to massage the skin and wipe the balm off the skin.

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Oh Magazines, Why Do Your Gifts With Purchase Have To Be So Damn Good?

Marie Claire Megan Hess Gift With Purchase

It’s no secret on the blog that I’m a magazine junkie. The habit started when I was in primary school, increased when I discovered my first teen magazine, and escalated to epic proportions in uni when I finally had access to all of the international magazines I’ve always wanted to read but could never afford. Back in the day, Malaysian magazines were sold as magazines only. But when I finally was able to buy UK versions of InStyle, Glamour, Marie Claire, etc, what attracted me more to the magazines were all of the amazing gifts with purchase (GWP) they came with.

“You mean they actually gave out free stuff with magazines? GET OUT OF TOWN!”

As I usually purchased women’s magazines, the GWPs that came almost monthly with those magazines were mostly beauty products. Sometimes they were deluxe-sized samples and when I’m lucky, the mags would come with full-sized makeup or even skincare. I bought a lot of magazines that came with full-sized beauty products because they were worth more than the magazine itself (and the mag would just be a bonus!).

You can see why the habit became worse. 😛

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