Going Wild on Strawberrynet

What do you get when you have three Strawberrynet-crazy ladies, one awesome renewal bonus discount (on top off all that Strawberrynet loyalty discount and buy-in-bulk discount) and lots of emailing back and forth to confirm each other’s purchases? One crazy bill, of course! That’s quite a discount for six items, isn’t it? ;)

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Dermalogica Oil Free Matte Block SPF20

I’m always on the lookout for good sunscreens for the face. I’ve found a few which I thought were great at first, but they always fell short after a while. My skin would shine like the sun, and not in a good way, after a couple of hours. It’s not a good look, not with [...]

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A Bag Organiser Within A Bag Organiser

I’m loving my Borne Naked bag liner I bought last month. It’s meant to be a, well, as the name puts it, a bag liner or organiser, but I’m using it as my makeup bag. It comes with 2 mesh compartments inside, and the B on the zipper is just adorable! Oh, and this is [...]

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Illamasqua Is Coming To Australia

Big news, Aussie ladies! The popular British makeup brand, Illamasqua, is launching at Myer in Sydney towards the end of June. Illamasqua, the British make-up brand with the quest of empowering both men and women to explore their alter ego and the ‘darker’ side of themselves. For most, this tends to come out at night [...]

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