Poll: Liquid or Pencil Eyeliner?

It’s been a while since we’ve done a poll, so I’m going to kickstart this week with a question for you lovely ladies out there – What method of eye-lining do you prefer? Liquid or pencil?   I don’t know about you, but I am practically HOPELESS when it comes to using a liquid eyeliner. I [...]

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Review: Clinelle Deep Cleansing Gel

Next in my series of Clinelle reviews is a gem I found in facial cleansers. I can’t believe I didn’t try it out sooner. I’m talking about Clinelle’s Deep Cleansing Gel.   When I tried out Clinelle’s Caring Milk Cleanser, I thought it was somewhat lacking as I didn’t feel it cleansed my skin all [...]

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Review: Clinelle Caring Milk Cleanser

I’ve heard a lot about Clinelle products, but never did try ’em out. Curiosity got the better of me, and about a month ago, I bought myself a few skincare products from Clinelle to try out, and I have to say, I am impressed.    I’ll be doing a series of reviews on Clinelle products in [...]

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Review: St Ives Whipped Silk Advanced Body Moisturizer

The first time I tried St Ives’ Whipped Silk Advanced Body Moisturizer, it was like a revelation. “Oh my, I can’t believe I have never tried this!”. The 59ml tube of body lotion which I have was a gift-with-purchase item. I’m normally not too thrilled about body lotions as the free gift as I’m very [...]

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