Review: Ella Bache Everyday 30+ Protection

I received a bottle of Ella Bache‘s Everyday 30+ Protection face sunscreen when I subscribed to the Bella Beauty magazine. I was quite excited about this, as I’ve always wanted to try out something by Ella Bache, which is an Australian-made brand. Description: Ella Bache Everyday 30+ Protection is a weightless, oil and fragrance-free, 100 [...]

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I’m Still Here

Hi hi ladies, Nope, I’ve not fallen off the face of the earth. Quite alive in fact. I’ve just been rather preoccupied of late, hence the absence of posts. Here are a few random updates: – I’m sitting for my driving test tomorrow. EEEEEEPS! To say I’m nervous is an understatement. I don’t understand how [...]

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Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara Giveaway Winner

The giveaway for Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto mascara is now closed. Thanks very much for your participation :) There were 45 contestants (thanks girls!), and after running the list through, here are the top 20. And at the top of the list, we have our winner. CONGRATULATIONS CELINE! I’ve just popped you an email to [...]

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Have You Cleaned Your Hairbrush or Comb Lately?

Ahh … have I caught you there? When was the last time you gave your hairbrush and/or comb a good cleaning? ;) If you want to keep your hair tangle-free, dirt-free, etc-free for long, it’s important to use clean hairbrushes or combs. Hairbrushes and combs get dirty with repeated use, especially if you use styling [...]

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SIMOS: Where I Stash My Stash

Before I bring you shopping in my stash with me, first of all, I’m going to show you where I stash my stash. As you will see, I have a very simple dresser and set of makeup containers. It may not be fancy, but I always get a kick when I’m at my dresser, looking [...]

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