Total Beauty: 13 Most Outrageous Celebrity Updos

13 Most Outrageous Celebrity Updos Check out these gravity-defying hairstyles on celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Fergie and more Most celebrity hairstyles garner praise and admiration, but these horrible hairstyles left us scratching our heads. Why on earth would any A-list celebrity take such a crazy risk by sporting one of these over-the-top styles? Probably because [...]

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Beautyholics Anonymous Is Now Mobile Friendly

In the age of iPhones, iPod Touches, Android phones, smart phones and what have you, I’ve decided to add a wee plugin called WPTouch to my Wordpress platform and make this site a little more mobile friendly. This is especially so for iPhone/iPod Touch users. So if you’re on your iPhone or iPod Touch and [...]

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Commercialising Breast Cancer Awareness

As much as I understand and support breast cancer awareness in October, I did not feel compelled to talk about it much (other than a gentle reminder to do a breast self examination) this year. As time goes by, I feel as though the cosmetic industry is seeing October as a “let’s come out with [...]

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Fancy Schmancy Kotex Platinum Tampons

So there I was, at Chemist Warehouse getting toothpaste, when I casually sauntered to the feminine products aisle and saw the new sanitary napkins and tampons by Kotex – U By Kotex Platinum. The packaging’s so pretty that I just couldn’t resist. Oh well, it isn’t the first time I was sucked in by packaging [...]

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Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini Tote

Geekchic, Paris B and I are terrible for each other. It’s true. Three bag lovers should never be allowed together (albeit via the powers of the Internet), spurring each other on to buy yet another bag. Tee hee hee :P Last week, had a two-day 15% discount off any item in store. I’ve been [...]

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