Beauty Commandments – The Thou Shalt Nots

I received Paula Begoun‘s newsletter in the mail today, and her article on the ten beauty commandments everyone should know had me cracking me up big time. Not just because it was funny, but I nodded vigorously at every “thou shalt not” commandment. Really, how many of us has fallen into the traps below? *sheepishly [...]

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Dealing with Hateful Comments

Since I’m having a bit of a dry spell when it comes to writing about beauty products (mainly because I haven’t gotten anything new to even talk about), I shall touch a little on the subject of receiving hateful comments on your blog and how to deal with them. Picture the following – you start [...]

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Thinking About My Bits

Forgive me for thinking aloud, but if I’m adamant on not using fragranced feminine wash products, and only use fragrance-free and soap-free gentle wash for my, err, bits, then … why the heck am I using fragranced toilet paper?! Hmm … what do you think? Would it make a difference? Would using scented loo paper [...]

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Lipstick Queen Glossy Pencils Are Crayons For The Lips

Oh Kit Cosmetics, how you do me in. Stepping into the store, I almost always come out with something. One of my favourite brands to see and play around at Kit are Lipstick Queen lippies. I’m quite a fan of her lipsticks, and her new bright-coloured Chinatown glossy pencils caught my eye. During my last [...]

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