Fashion Victim. Literally.

So there I was this morning, all dressed up and ready to head out. To put the finishing touches on my *ahem* Gossip Girl-esque outfit, I slipped on something befitting of Blair Waldorf – the headband. I bought the headband in a shop in Chadstone over the weekend. ‘Twas a simple, but pretty grosgrain ribboned-band, [...]

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Endota Spa – A Rewarding Experience

I’ve not been able to find a beauty salon whose facials I truly like ever since I came to Melbourne a couple of years ago. Granted, beauty treatments in Australia are not cheap, so a lot of research went into finding the right one for me. I wouldn’t want to pay over a 100 bucks [...]

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Save For The Good Stuff

When I was going through my wardrobe and decluttering some of the items I don’t wear anymore, a thought kept going through my mind as I picked up item after item of clothing that I haven’t worn in two years. Some I haven’t even worn before. What the hell was I thinking when I bought [...]

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My Girly Stationery

When I watched the movie Clueless years ago, I wanted a feather pen. And I did get one eventually, even when mostly used as a piece of decoration on my stationery holder (as a pen, it was absolutely useless). What can I say, I’ve always been a fan of pink, girly stationery. In fact, I’m [...]

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Lucas’ Papaw Ointment – You Are A Lips Saver!

Okay, first of all, a papaw is a papaya. I had no idea till I came to Australia. Eh. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is apparently, very popular amongst celebrities, claiming to bring this little red tube (or jar) with them when they’re traveling on an airplane. Being the nosy parker that I am, I had to [...]

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