Beauty Tip of the Day: Cleaning Cracked Heels

Beauty Tip NoteIf, like me, you suffer from dry and cracked heels, and you don’t wear bedroom slippers or shoes in your home, chances are you might probably end up with dirt in those cracks of the skin. You know what I’m talking about? It’s those grey lines on your heels, caused by trapped dirt.

If the skin is very dry and the cracks severe, you may not be able to remove the dirt with rubbing your heels with soap alone. As much elbow grease I used, there was only so much of dirt I could remove by rubbing soap frantically on the heels with my hands, hoping to get rid of the ugly grey lines.

This is where a foot file comes in handy.

20090623 Foot File

What I’d do is this:
1. Wet the foot file when in the shower.
2. Squirt some shower cream on either side of the foot file (if the heels are very dirty, try using the rougher side of the file)
3. Rub the foot file (soaped side) on the cracked heels.

This way, you’d not only remove trapped dirt from the cracks in the heels, you’d also give them a good exfoliation. Just remember to slather some foot cream on those tootsies after you’re done. When exfoliated skin is not well-moisturised, it leaves room for it to peel.

This doesn’t just work for those with dry heels; if you have problems removing tough dirt from your heels (e.g. you’ve been walking barefoot on the road or something), try cleaning your feet with the foot file. Easy peasy.

This method works great for when my cracked heels get dirty, and I hope it works for you too.

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  1. Catherine

    Thanks for the tips! I don’t suffer from dry heels, but my mom does – I’ll be sure to pass this tip on to her next time I call her (or put together a foot-spa-esque package for her birthday). =)

  2. kalila

    oh my! you know, this post came right on time for me. lol

    my foot has been covered with socks in sneakers for the past 6 months or so and i just recently got into my summer sandals and noticed dry dirty heels that soap doesnt help to remove!

    thats a great tool + the pumice stone too!

  3. plue

    hm, body butters or anything that’s heavier in texture will help to give ur dry heels some comfort πŸ™‚

    foot creams never worked for me πŸ™

  4. Traclyn Yeoh

    Foot filer or pumice stone works just a little for me. Once a while I will scrub my heels. When I’m at home, I always wear a pair of indoor slippers.

    Schol cracked heel cream work pretty well but I’m a little lazy to apply lately.

  5. cuteandcurls

    What great timing! I do wear my indoor slippers at home but for some reason my heels are still dry and I can see cracks πŸ™ Like Traclyn πŸ™‚ I am also a little too lazy to apply heel cream hehehe but I think I ought to be strict with myself now and start applying. I used to use Pumice stone but now ive gone down right lazy hehehe ..

    Plue – you mentioned body butters or anything heavier? Does it really moisturise the heels? Maybe I could give it a try.

  6. Niche Topics

    There are many reputable formulas such as Kerasal and Scholl, available in stores for treating cracked heels. If you prefer to use a rich emollient body type moisturisers or cream, I suggest Shea butter or any other cream containing lanolin.

  7. omgavon

    Women don’t like to hear this, but those cracked heels and rough feet are something we men know a lot about. The problem could be athlete’s foot. Yes, ladies can get athlete’s foot as well.

    The fungus that causes athlete’s foot isn’t easily killed. Fungus needs moisture to thrive. If you’re slathering moisturizer on your feet, you could be feeding the fungus. Instead, dry those feet out! Dry them thoroughly after a shower and spray an anti-fungal on them. This needs to be done a couple of times a day for 2 SOLID MONTHS. A lot of people stop after a couple of weeks becomes the problem looks like it goes away. Fungus is very resilient and will come back at the first opportunity. Spraying daily will kill the fungus.

    You also need to spray the shoes and slippers you’re wearing. They’ve become homes for fungus as well. Everytime you slide your feet back into an infected pair of shoes, you reintroduce the fungus to your feet. Eww.

    I recommend Avon’s Foot Works Antifungal Foot Spray. (Follow the link on my name to take to my shop.) Buy two and put into your own sprayer. Spray twice daily. Do NOT use the Antifungal cream. Again, this traps moisture close to the skin. Use the spray until it’s gone and after two months, THEN switch to the cream if you wish to keep up a daily regiment.

    Stay Beautiful.

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  9. LA

    The best product I’ve found that works wonders on dirty cracked heels is called ‘Cracked Heel Repair’ (by Earth Therapeautics). After scrubbing my heels with soap and a pumice stone in the shower, I use a wet/dry foot sanding paddle and then massage in the heel repair therapy and cover my feet with socks (leaving them on for the night). This regimen repeated a few times in a two week period usually does the job. I’ve tried cocoa butter and many other moisturizers, but it seems that the combo of shea butter and tea tree oil in this particular mix makes the biggest difference for me in terms of overall skin softness. It may be possible to also make a similar mix in a home-made remedy.
    Good luck in whatever you try!

  10. kathy

    This worked wonders for my feet after just one try! There are still little cracks with some dirt, but it is so much better and not noticeable to people other than me. Afterwards, I put some coconut oil on my feet and put on some socks. It’s the middle of summer, so now sure how long that’s gonna last… πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for this help! I’ve been dealing unsuccessfully with my yucky feet for years (I’m a gardener who won’t give up working in the garden with just flip-flops) and this is the only thing that’s been helpful!

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