Fluoro-Summery Nails with Ulta3

Ulta3 nail polishes are what I call tiny treats in a bottle. They have a huge variety of colours (to date, they have 87 colours!), and you can pick them up along with mints and paracetamol at the pharmacy for a little pick-me-up. Not that I’ll be slapping on nail polish when I’m not feeling well, but like makeup, it’s a little something pretty to cheer me up and look forward to when I’m out of the flu funk.

I received four of these Ulta3 nail polishes in the ABBW goodie bag a couple of months ago. My first thought was “woah these are bright. Fluorescent nails? I haven’t had them since I was 15!” These were definitely a trip down pimple-face memory lane 😛

Here, we have Mojito, Tangelo, Frangipani and Tahitian Lime.

Ulta3 Nail Polishes in Mojito, Tangelo, Frangipani and Tahitian Lime

Ulta3 Nail Polish in Tahitian Lime

Ulta3 Nail Polish in Tahitian Lime

Ulta3 Nail Polish in Tangelo

Ulta3 Nail Polish in Tangelo

Ulta3 Nail Polish in Mojito

Ulta3 Nail Polish in Mojito

Ulta3 Nail Polish in Frangipani

Ulta3 Nail Polish in Frangipani

My least favourite of the lot is the Frangipani. It didn’t look good with my skintone, it was the streakiest of the lot AND it stains the nails. Some of it got on my cuticles and it stained them yellow too.

The rest of the colours are just my cup of tea for summer, especially Mojito.

What’s that now? Oh right. The 90s called. They want my fluoro nails back 😛

Ulta3 nail polishes retail at AU$2.25 for 13.5ml (cheap as!) and are available at selected pharmacies nationwide.

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10 comments… add one
  1. Cun

    Ive seen a few of these bottles on a couple of different blogs, they are so bright and look amazing, I have not seen them in the UK recently, I am going to have to shop them online.
    Cun recently posted..Winter tyres in the world of tyre chains and snow socksMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Cun: I didn’t realise Ulta3 stocked so many shades. Will definitely have to check out more of the colours 🙂

  2. xin

    Loving the lime! The grassy kind of green that I like
    xin recently posted..Weekend News: Touring Skinfood 1-Utama & ThoughtsMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Xin: The lime’s quite pretty. Hmm it’s making me crave “ais limau” 😛

  3. plue

    i’m with Xin, the lime is AWESOME! so pretty can die. but i think the whole lot is very pretty too, except the yellow. never look good on me >.<
    plue recently posted..Like!! Cosway Ecomax Delicate Fabric WashMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Plue: Yeah, I didn’t like the yellow either. I don’t think it looks good on our skintone. Plus this one stains the nails 🙁

  4. sesame

    Love the lime!!! Hey Xin…*hi 5*

    1. Tine

      Sesame: Hahaha it looks like the lime is a very popular colour! 😛

  5. Goingkookies

    At first, Mojito caught my eye… but on your nails, I adore the Tahitian lime! 🙂
    Goingkookies recently posted..Oh my blues!My Profile

  6. Issa

    I’m loving Tangelo! so pretty!

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