Don’t Chuck Those Crappy Makeup Brushes

A lot of good eyeshadows sadly come with rubbish makeup sponge applicators or brushes. More often than not, we often chuck these makeup applicators and brushes in favour of our own. It’s such a waste, isn’t it?

Instead of throwing them away, or storing them in your drawer, why not put them to good use? I found a great use for those mediocre makeup brushes I get for free as gifts with purchase.

Makeup brush on Notebook

I use them to clean my notebook keyboard!

Makeup Brush to Clean the Keyboard

Our computer keyboard traps a lot more dirt than we think, and if you were to remove the caps, you’d be disgusted at how filthy it would be. The small eye shadow brushes are fantastic in removing dirt and dust that settled into those nook and crannies of your keyboard.

Makeup Brush Cleaning the Notebook

Just give the in-between holes a good swipe with your makeup brush (depending on the area of need; for a keyboard, you’d most likely only need a small brush), and then wipe the brush clean with a damp cloth. Do not wet your brush when cleaning the keyboard when the computer is turned on. If you wish to use a moist brush, remember to remove all excess water, and turn off your computer before you commence with the cleaning.

You can even use the makeup brushes to clean your audio and photography equipment as well, e.g. dusting your hi-fi set, your camera, etc. See, you don’t have to waste those lousy makeup brushes. They have a good use to them after all, if not for makeup.

Have fun!

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6 comments… add one
  1. Anonymous

    An absolutely fantastic idea. =]

  2. the Constantly Dramatic One

    Woman, not only are you a makeup genius, you’re practical as wsell.

    I like.

  3. Fabuless Beauty

    Great idea! Usually I just chuck the freebie makeup brushes.

  4. prettybeautiful

    yo me likes this idea too!
    i use cotton bud to clean my keyboard. lol and they do a really good job.

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