That Makeup Brush Really Doesn’t Have To Go There

Makeup Brushes

You and I know I’m crazy hooked on blushes. It’s a beauty weakness of mine that I don’t intend to fix any time soon. The thing is, it’s not just blushes that I don’t have strong willpower against. I have a thing for makeup brushes too and my collection is growing bigger by the year.

Ahh but do you know that makeup brushes don’t really have to go where they’re supposed to go?

Erm, say what, Tine?

The fun thing about makeup brushes is that they don’t have to be used the way they’re originally intended for. Just because it’s called a concealer brush, doesn’t mean it has to be used to apply concealer with only. Just because it’s called a blush brush, doesn’t mean that it can only be used to apply blush. A single brush can be used on more than one area.

Here are a few examples of the makeup brushes I frequently pick up that aren’t used for its original purpose.

  • I don’t use the Real Techniques setting brush to set powder over small areas on my face. I use it to blend creamy concealer under my eyes.
  • Wayne Goss’ The Holiday brush is popular for applying face powder but I much prefer to use it to apply blush on my cheeks.
  • Master Makeup’s MM Kabuki Brush is popular for applying bronzer but I use it to apply loose powder on my face instead.
  • I don’t use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply foundation. I use it to contour my face instead.
  • I prefer using synthetic concealer brushes as lip brushes compared to tiny lip brushes.
  • I use retractable face brushes as travel blush brushes because the retractable version for blush brushes are too small.
  • I use tiny synthetic eyeliner brushes to do pin-point concealing.

There are more examples but I’ll leave it here for now. Makeup brushes can be used any way you deem fit for your needs. They can be used in many other ways other than what is recommended. Oh, and I use cheapie and scratchy gift-with-purchase brushes to clean gunk off my keyboard. 😛

What about you? Are there any makeup brushes that you use differently from their intended purpose?

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10 comments… add one
  1. Robert

    The last point made me laugh hahaha, now I’ll have to dig through to find those crappy gwp brushes because I finally found a use for them! Keyboard cleaners hahahaha, could dust away dust from small cracks too 😛

    1. Tine

      Hahahaha it’s true, they really do make great keyboard cleaners! They may be rubbish for makeup but for cleaning in tiny hard to reach places, oh why not? 😛

  2. Paris B

    You have WG00 brush?? Thought about it and saw one at Hakuhodo that looked similar but not having seen WG I don’t know the size. I suppose I could wait and do homework since they’re both permanent lol! And how coincidental that brushes are on our mind today!
    Paris B recently posted..Blush placement made easy with the Wayne Goss Brush 2My Profile

    1. Tine

      Itchy backside made me buy that brush. Hee hee! I have a problem with it though. I’ve been using it for over a year now and each time I wash it, it still bleeds. Very strange.

  3. Asha

    Ooh, you have the Wayne Goss brush(es?) What’s your honest opinion on them? Was considering whether or not it might be worth investing in them.

    1. Tine

      I only have the The Holiday brush, not the other brushes so I can’t say the same for them. But for my brush, I thought it was all right. To be honest, for that price, I’d rather stick to Hakuhodo brushes (I was very curious to see how this one worked as I didn’t have a brush that shape before). I’ve had mine for over a year now but each time I wash it, it still bleeds. I don’t know why.

      1. Asha

        See? This right here is why we love you! HONEST opinions, not ‘I paid way too much money for this and it’s bloody fantastic, damn you!’

        1. Tine

          Hahaha aww thanks! Well there are some products I’ve paid a bloody amount of money for and still love, thank God for that! 😀

  4. Monica P

    I too laughed at your key board cleaning method, but you know .. what ever works!

    The only brush that I may use differently is a blush brush for face powder. Blush & Powder brushes just seem the same to me only one is smaller (blush) than the other.

    Monica P recently posted..Celebrating A Pear Shaped Gal Anniversary with a Give-Away from OribeMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Hahaha right?

      Yep that’s right! I do it the other way round; I sometimes use my face brush as my blush brush. This is particularly useful for applying very strongly-pigmented blush to diffuse the brightness.

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