More Christmas Goodies

Just before the year ends, I thought I’d show you what goodies I’ve gotten for Christmas. Now there was that one by Nikki, which I ripped open immediately before realising that I should have kept it till Christmas Day, that is. Shucks.

And then these.

NP Set Eye Palette Closed

It’s a NP (Napoleon Perdis) Set Eye Palette in Seattle given to me by my galpal, Geekchic.

NP Set Eye Palette Opened

I’ve always wanted to try this out when it first launched at Target. Cheapskate me held back from getting this exact palette. I haven’t tried it out yet though, but I will when I meet up with her for Wicked The Musical this Sunday. Woot!

And then there was a gift pack sent by the lovely Prettybeautiful.

Gift by Prettybeautiful

An assortment of goodies – some facial mask sheets, a Sasa pocket calendar, a vial of Clarins Extra-Firming Tightening Lift Botanical Serum, Frownies, and a pair of sole cushions which I wanted to try out ever since she blogged about it. Aww I just love it when people remembered what I like. Sweet sentiments indeed 🙂

Last but not least, a small package from a dear friend.

Kanebo Testimo in 26CR

It was Kanebo’s Testimo eye palette! It has very darling purple shades, which I like. Yay, more makeup to play with! 😀

Girls, thanks so very much for the wonderful pressies. I was really touched. It was such a wonderful surprise to get these, and you’re such gems. *Hugs*

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7 comments… add one
  1. Nikki

    I’ve seen Napoleon Perdis in Hong Kong and the store is so cute, but nobody’s I didn’t buy any because I want to make sure before I purchase anything, can’t wait to see the e/s on your pretty eyes 🙂

    Happy New Year dear!!!

  2. plue

    that purple shade! ah! testimo palettes! i love them! but i can no longer find them anymore. 🙁 Enjoy it! ^_^ It’s a lovely palette!

  3. Jenn

    Wow!! you got so many pressies ya!! They all look beautiful!! 😀

    i must try out that sole cushion someday!! My feet hurt pretty bad whenever i wear heels! 🙁

  4. beetrice

    ahh…I have the same Testimo palette! *wink*…lovely colour… 🙂

  5. Sandy

    i’m contemplating to get that napoleon perdis palette. the colours are very lovely~ ^^

    are you in sydney now? 🙂 i work at david jones, come and visit me and i can give you discount hehehe ^^


  6. Karen

    That testimo palette looks good!

  7. prettybeautiful

    hope u like them 🙂

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