Mum’s Vanity Area

Mum's Vanity Area

It took quite a bit of convincing for Mum to allow me to share her vanity area with you, mainly because she’s embarrassed about how messy and cluttered it is. Oh quite the contrary, because Mum’s the neatest and tidiest person I know, and if that’s what you call clutter, mine would resemble a dog’s breakfast. 😛

I’ve always been very fascinated with Mum’s dressing table. She displays the perfumes my dad bought her proudly and her many, MANY bottles, jars and tubes of lotions and potions. Years ago, I asked her if she really used every single skincare product on her dressing table and she said yes. Mind you, she had at least 20 products on that table! She still does! Over the years, I’ve seen her skincare regime evolve. That whole famous Korean 10-step skincare thing has a thing or two to learn from Mum, because she has way more steps than that.

She has dabbled with many products from various skincare brands but for the past 5 years or so, she’s been religiously using only Korean skincare from high-end brands like History of Whoo and Sulwahsoo. Mum’s skin may be plagued with severe hyperpigmentation (it’s a genetic thing; I have it too), but her skin is more boing-boing and smooth than anyone I know who’s her age. I can’t tell you how old she is; she would kill me, but let’s just say, even though I’m almost 36, she’s not very much older than I am. *wink*

Mum’s beauty mantra is “at my age, if it [the skincare] doesn’t make my skin deteriorate, then it’s doing a good job”. She’s realistic in knowing that these products are not miracle products but she knows that if they continue to keep her skin boing-boing, then it’s considered an improvement. Wise words indeed.

I learned about skincare from Mum, from the regular use of sunscreen to layering serums for ultimate skin hydration. She’s practically the queen of serum-layering and judging from the great quality of her skin, it’s no wonder why.

If my skin looks as good as hers when I reach her age, then I’d consider myself mighty lucky. 🙂

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  1. Paris B

    Don’t forget, a part of how we look is owed to our genes, and if so, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about 😉 Esp not with your taking care of your skin now too! 😀 I like your mom’s choice of brands. I’d love to try History of Whoo but it’s so crazy expensive, I’m not going near it. Sulwhasoo is a decent brand, for a Korean brand, as in, it’s actually effective. But yes, expensive too compared to other Korean brands. That said, if I were to use a Korean skincare brand, I’d pick Sulwhasoo. Don’t have a lot of luck with other affordable ones 🙂
    Paris B recently posted..Exploring the world of matte liquid lipstick with the super affordable Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip CreamMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Hahaha true true. Still even if I was blessed with good genes, if I don’t give two hoots about my skin, it would still go downhill. Having said that, I must say that that logic doesn’t compute with Tim’s skin. The most he does for his skin is use a cleanser (cheapest you can find in the shops), don’t moisturise, don’t even use sunscreen unless I nag him too (the horror) … and he still has soft and smooth skin. Bloody unfair. 😛

      Mum loves History of Whoo but she too finds them really expensive, which is why she started using Sulwhasoo instead. She’ll only do her History of Whoo shopping spree when she’s in the US. My auntie (her sister) is a really good enabler! 😛

  2. xin

    now i am curious to see mama tine’s skin!

    1. Tine

      Hehe one day one day! 😀

  3. Mel

    Wow, what an intense routine! I struggle with just cleanser, serum and moisturiser! I’m so unfamiliar with Korean skincare, but have heard such good things. I hope you talk more about them in future and tell us whats good!
    Mel recently posted..3 Most Used Lip Products | CollabMy Profile

    1. Tine

      I’m giving bits and pieces of Korean skincare a go; will definitely talk about them on the blog when the time comes. In terms of skincare, they’re hit and miss, at least with the ones I’ve tried, but the makeup is so much fun. If you do get the opportunity to shop up a storm with Korean makeup, I think you will LOVE them. 😛

      1. Fiona

        I’d also love to read some in depth reviews of Korean skincare.
        There are quite a few Korean cosmetics places near where I work but I’m intimidated by them because I have no idea what’s good and what to look or ask for.

        1. Tine

          Tell me about it. I can only get Korean skincare online here in Australia (don’t intend to buy in Chinatown stores; they come in highly inflated prices) and browsing them online is enough to do my head in. There’s just so much to choose from! :O

  4. Kate

    I believe in the benefits of using skincare but my skin can only take in so much, possibly because I’m still not at the age to start layering many serums or creams yet. After cleansing, I spritz on a mist and apply my hydrating vitamin C serum before my moisturiser. Then I apply my pimple cream, currently battling with some break outs, and generously applying my sunscreen after. At night I just skip the sunscreen. If I’m feeling hardworking enough, I would apply a mask after misting and that’s that.

    My mum’s skin does well with different products and her vanity area is pretty much filled with skincare rather than makeup items. She does not use perfumes like myself, but we both love to use perfumes to spray on our beds before sleep. I think I got that from her 😂

    1. Tine

      That sounds like a good skincare routine! Vitamin C is a good choice. 🙂

      Hahaha that’s a good idea of spraying perfume on your bed! I do that with my curtains. 😛

  5. MonicaP

    Ooo, look at all those delightful products! I do love that very pretty purple and gold bottle 🙂

    MonicaP recently posted..My first order from FYTSO, Athletic ClothingMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Haha that’s some moisturiser thingy from History of Whoo. That gorgeous jar and all its trimmings cost in the vicinity of $200-$300. Ridic. 😛

      1. MonicaP

        Ah, so I did a little google search on History of Whoo .. OMG, what a beautiful line of skin care and cosmetics. It sort of puts Dior to shame !! LoL. Gosh, I wish I knew about this line years ago when my husband was working in Korea 🙁 would have made him buy me a whole lotta stuff !!


        1. Tine

          Right? The packaging alone is stunning. Mum swears by the products even though they’re crazy expensive (which is why she’s slowly transitioning to Sulwhasoo, which is still expensive but not kidney-selling expensive). There are plenty of Korean beauty stores on eBay that sells samples of the History of Whoo (sample sachets). Mum buys those too as they’re much cheaper. Most people swear that those samples are the real deal. 😛

          1. MonicaP

            Yes, saw the eye cream sample packets … VERY interested in trying those out 🙂 so will probably place an order and hope the spouse has a business trip to Korea soon ;-D

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