Do You Enjoy Dining Alone?

20090910 Dining Alone

There was once a time when I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of dining alone. What? Just me? It would be so weird, with no one to talk to! Even though it would only take me less than 10 minutes to devour a plate of char koay teow at the hawker centre, I’d still prefer to do a takeaway. Even if I had to do the dishes.

It all changed when I went to the UK for my tertiary studies. There would be times when I’d have my lunch at a cafe, all by myself, and you know what? It felt great. I took my own time, I had a book with me, and I loved it. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy socialising over drinks and meals. But there’ll be times when I like my me time, outdoors on my own, and dining alone gives me just that.

Here, I like to bring a book with me when I’m out at a cafe. During the weekends, when the hubs would jog along Brighton Beach (if I can’t own a place there, by george, I’ll walk on your expensive, sandy beach!), I’d be at a cafe, sipping coffee, and enjoying a good book. What can I say, jogging is not my forte. I’d have my journal with me, writing and reading. I don’t need a laptop with me. Just a book, with me and my thoughts. Ahh … bliss.

What about you? Do you enjoy dining alone?

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  1. Nikki

    I’m a talker! so I enjoy dining with friends or family! But given the circumstances, I would be ok to dine alone 🙂

  2. Catherine

    I like doing both, but for different reasons. I love going out with friends and food is definitely one of our fav things, but sometimes I just want to treat myself to a nice quiet dinner and have some time to myself too! I have no problem dining by myself & I make sure to tip well since I’m taking up a whole table.

  3. abby

    honestly, i don’t mind being on my own. i do like my own space once in awhile. if only to think things through and reflect. although, i usually read a magazine or the papers when i eat on my own. thus, i don’t feel bored in the least.

  4. Jyoan

    It really depends. I enjoy both eating alone and with friends. Eating alone makes it easier for you to find a seat, it also gives you time to reflect on whatever you want to reflect on for the day. But I love socialising too, so friends are perfect. Overall, I am not one who insists on being alone or on having friends, just see what the day brings for me. =)

  5. Eru

    I love dining alone. In fact, after 23 years of being always surrounded by people (family, friends, BF), when I have the oportunity I enjoy anything I can do on my own. Of course, good company is always wlecome, but I certanly enjoy reading and drawing alone while having a cup of coffee ^-^
    I’m not that weird, am I?

  6. Vonvon

    I like to have a small company to dine with…..but now that I am a Mom, I am yearning for every possible moment to have my ME time, be it to go shopping, or just a cup of tea, or even a full lunch…..eating time is the time I always yearn to have some ME time, if not, I would not be able to enjoy my food!

    You could be serving me abalone or lobster, but I would not have the faintest impression or remember the taste of what I have eaten if I were to dine with my kid…huh!!!

  7. MissTorii

    I would hate to dine alone… it feels very lonely of course. I woud defo ask my friend to dine in with me, if not, I would just eat at home, so I can eat together with everyone.
    But by having a book to read, that’s a different story.. I guess I don’t mind.. as long as it takes my mind off the fact that I’m eating by myself =p

  8. Lynn

    I like dining alone if I have nothing pressing to finish, cos like Tine, I like to take my time and read a book and people-watch when I’m eating alone. But if I’m eating at a fast-food joint or hawker centre, then I’d rather buy takeaway. I think it’s a remnant from my school and junior college days when eating alone by yourself in the school canteen was akin to social suicide. 🙂

  9. sunmom

    i appreciated dining alone because of a similar story as yours! 🙂 now, i like the peace i feel when i don’t have to speed up or slow down eating just to adapt to a dining companion…teehee! but i still love eating with other people, especially my family members and friends!

  10. gio

    I’m a bit of a loner and I enjoy spending time by myself. Just me and my thoughts. And a good book. But even though, I like to have me time to think and reflect on things, I hate eating alone, it just feels very lonely. But when I have to, I usually read a book or a magazine.

  11. Renz

    I love dining alone in cafes with a good book. Gives me some peace and quiet away from everything else.

  12. blu3

    I don’t mind at a cafe with a coffee in hand but I get bored if I actually eat a whole meal by myself.

  13. fabulessbeauty

    If it’s at a quiet restaurant, I’m okay with that. But if it’s a crowded restaurant, No!

  14. nana-chan

    i can almost proudly say that i’m the only one among everyone i know that is able to dine alone. actually i have 1 or 2 of my friends that does that, but other than that, have really narrow minded thinking.
    sometimes when i dine alone, and bump into ppl i know, they’ll be like “u’re alone? such a pity!”
    it’s a pain in the ass when ppl does that, but i don’t feel like talking back at them, so i just give them a smile n continue dining.

    i dine with my friends, don’t get me wrong. but when there are circumstances where u’re there alone and it’s lunch time, so just go and eat urself. what’ wrong? it’s very time consuming(and wasting) to go HUNT for a friend just to be there when u’re eating, be it that ur friend is eating with u or just looking at u eating. right babes?

  15. RC

    I thought eating alone at a hawker centre wouldn’t be that bad because it’s a casual, food court style place right?

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