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Note: Picture-heavy post

I tweeted quite a fair bit about #MBBE the past week. It was the highly anticipated Melbourne Beauty Blogger Event, which I had the priviledge of attending. There was so much excitement about it over Twitter the past couple of weeks; what the bloggers were going to wear, get their makeup done, etc, that I was quite nervous and worried I’d end up looking drab for the day! I kid you not, I was seriously contemplating on getting something new to wear for the event. In the end, eh, I was just too cheap to do so 😛

The event was organised by Val of, who was an absolute gem for doing so because damn, the amount of work that went into the day was just crazy. Especially with the organisation of goodie bags. You’ll know why nearer to the end of the post.

The reason Val organised the Melbourne Beauty Blogger Event was to get the beauty bloggers in Melbourne to finally meet up and get to know each other face-to-face. Sydney almost always gets the big events that we Melbournians aren’t able to attend, so hey, it’s Melbourne’s turn. I thought it was a fantastic idea, and it sure was exciting to finally see the faces behind all those lovely beauty blogs I read.


The event was held at Oxygen Skin Centre, Docklands. Incidentally, I was there just a few days before, for a facial and massage. Digressing a little, if you are thinking of having a facial and/or massage at the Oxygen Skincentre, ask for Lucy. Lovely lady, I’d highly recommend her.

Right, back to MBBE.

We were treated to a sumptious afternoon tea, with macaroons from Earl Canteen, and drinks by Nudie. I’m not usually a fan of such drinks, but the one I had, the Coconut Water with Lychee and Lime, was pretty darn good.

Photo credit: Akisa

Nadia of Indulgent Reviews

Mel of Ampersandmel

The three hours were mostly mingling with each other, getting know one another, ooh-ing and aah-ing over who wore what (by the way, Sandi wore killer yellow heels that me very likey. I was too embarrassed to take just a photo of her feet). We were also treated to hand massages and feet treatment, which were fantastic (freakishly awesome crystal mud bath for the feet. It was like soaking your feet in Slurpee!)



Val gave a short speech, welcoming everyone to the event, and that we should do this annually (100% agree!). Sandi, who’s the director and editor-in-chief of Onya Magazine also gave us some insights into the writing industry, and how the love of writing and blogging led her to the job of her dreams. I couldn’t help but nod at every point she made, because they gave me the confidence and drive to want to continue writing.

Photo credit: Stef (I love this picture of Akisa and I)

Violet LeBeaux (she’s a master with glitter, and I look utterly dull next to her)

Ladies in pretty pink frocks

Celina of Fables in Fashion (far left)

The one who made this all come true, Val

And now, onto the goodie bags. I was completely flabberghasted when I saw the amount of goodie bags each person got to take home. FIVE. Bloody amazing, is what it was. In fact, they were so heavy that I had to call Tim to help me carry them to the car. I reckon they were over 10kg in total! At the end of the day, Val mentioned they were worth over $2000. Holy cow.

Lookie, baby’s got SWAG! 😉


{Click to enlarge}

It was a tiring day for me, as I stupidly wore 3-inch heels to the event, even though Val told us in advance to wear flats *facepalm*. Still, I had an awesome time, and cannot wait for the next one. Many thanks again to Val for her time and effort in organising this successful event.


Beauty bloggers of the day: Val (Ponikuta) , Akisa (Beauty Swatch), Stef (The Lip Print), Hannah (Counter Obsession), Sandi (Onya Magazine), Jo, representing Gaynor Alder (The Modern Woman’s Guide to Survival), Beth (Onya Magazine), Nadia (Indulgent Reviews), Mel (Ampersandmel), Amy (The Things I Love), Roxy (This & That), Jacie (You’ve Got Nail & You’ve Got Face), Violet (Violet LeBeaux), Jess (All I Want Is Everything), Celina (Fables In Fashion), Cheri (Ms Critique), Holly (Am I There Yet?)

PS: There was an official photographer of the day who took pictures throughout the event. Will post more pictures when they’re up.

PS: The next time you hear me going on about needing to buy this beauty product, that beauty product, you will remind me of this post and the amount of stuff I’ve gotten, yes?

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  1. Renee | Beauty Fool

    Aw Tine, it looked like such fun and you’re glowing! I wish we could have a beauty bloggers meet-up in Singapore, too 🙂

  2. ponikuta

    You’ve got a few bloggers missing from the list?

  3. Vonvon

    What an awesome event! Drooling at the goodies…..

  4. Vonvon

    Still ogling at the goodies…

    Isn’t the purple eyeshadow palette on the left foreground the NP set for Holiday?

  5. Stef

    I love that pic of you and Akisa as well! Was so lovely to meet you yesterday 🙂

  6. Abby

    Ah-may-zing!! Both the post and the goodie bag! That looked like such a fun-filled day! Wished we had it here too

  7. xin

    it’s ok tine, u just got an early xmas! 😀

  8. gio

    What a great event! Looks like you had a great time!

  9. Indulgent Diva

    I love that pic Stef took of you and Akisa! Kudos to you, Stef! I’m looking forward to the official photos!

    Thanks again for thinking of me and scoring me an invite to this event! Would not have been there without you! 🙂

    We should plan a catch up more often, shouldn’t we? Hehe 🙂

  10. Syen

    Oh my word. You lucky, lucky girl. Nice! =D

  11. Violet

    Next time I swear I’m wearing flats!! So lovely to meet you, we will definitely have to have a mini-meet sometime soon 😀

  12. Connie

    I’ve been seeing posts for this event and it looks utterly awesome! You girls look like you had fun and oh wow, look at all those goodies…

  13. Jess

    Awesome post and pictures Tine! Was so lovely to meet you at MBBE 🙂

  14. Omega

    I’m green with jealousy, looks like it was such a great event! Maybe one day they’ll do one in Melbourne, here’s hoping..
    Omega recently posted..Eye of Horus Lash Extension MascaraMy Profile

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