Beautyholics Anonymous Christmas Giveaway


Beautyholics Anonymous Christmas Giveaway 2010

Christmas is just around the corner. Aren’t you excited? I sure am! To kick off the Christmas celebrations, here’s my Christmas present to one lucky reader.

Something small but pretty and elegant this time. The Christmas gift comprises

Beautyholics Anonymous Christmas Giveaway 2010

– Heathcote & Ivory Iced Pomegranate & Amber Luxury Hand Cream
– MOR Emporium Body Butter in Feijoa Lime
– Nesti Dane Romantica Florentine Rose and Peony Exhilarating Natural Soap
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
– Jane Iredale Bronze A Go-Go
– A Guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux
– (Not photographed) A $50 Sweet Contemplation Accessories gift voucher

Beautyholics Anonymous Christmas Giveaway 2010


1. Subscribe to my feed via email or in an RSS feed reader.
2. Leave a comment below the blog post – let us know where you’re from, and what you would like for Christmas this year.

That’s it!


1. This contest is open to ALL readers. Yep, all international readers as well.
2. Anyone can enter regardless of whether you’ve won anything here before.
3. One comment per contestant please. Let’s give a chance to everyone, yeah?
4. If you want to boost your chances at winning, you may do so by linking to this blog post on your blog. You don’t have to do a full-on post about it, just a link and a phrase would do the trick. Please email me with the link at sweetcontemplation[at]gmail[dot]com to let me know, and you’ll get an additional entry. I.e. 1 comment = 1 entry. 1 comment + 1 blog post = 2 entries. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
5. When you subscribe for email updates, please remember to VERIFY your subscription (please check your email for a confirmation notice). If not, you will not be subscribed to my feed.
6. Please keep it clean and spam-free.
7. Winners will be chosen randomly via an online-super-duper-random-list-generator-thingy.


The closing date for this giveaway is 17 December 2010 (Melbourne time, +10 GMT). All comments will be closed, and results tabulated. A random winner will be picked, and will be announced on 19 December. I’ll try to send the gift out as soon as possible.

Feel free to spread the word. I’d really appreciate it.

Good luck to all, and merry Christmas from me to you!

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Comments on this entry are closed.

  1. electronicfly

    Am electronicfly from Malaysia, reading your feed through google reader, and I would like to meet your whole gang (you, parisb, connie and the lke) 😀

  2. shusheshe

    I’m from Taiwan and I’m still thinking of what I’d like for Christmas ^^;

  3. Karina

    Hi, I’m subscribed to your blog via Google Reader. I’m from the Philippines. 🙂

    This Christmas I’m wishing really hard for… makeup! Because a girl can’t have too much makeup. (I think. 😉 )

  4. LuluG

    I’m LuluG from KL & I just love love love trying all the beauty brands that are not available in Malaysia (we have such limited range of brand here). Whenever I travel, I make sure I check out what’s local. Thank you for doing the hard work 😉 of reviewing all these amazing stuff for us. Keep it up! And oh btw, I would love to have a new look for Xmas (new hair, new make-up, new wardrobe…).

  5. Jayy

    Hi, I’m from Singapore, nice to meet you!
    I’d like to have beautiful makeup products, lotsa anti-aging skin care, and gorgeous clothings for X’mas! :)))

  6. Jayy

    Hi, I’m from Singapore, nice to meet you!

    I’d like to have lotsa beautiful makeup products, anti-aging skin care, and gorgeous new clothings for X’mas! :)))

  7. angel


    I’m angel from Malaysia. I’d like to have a lot of skincare products and my bf at my side. =)

  8. Jessie

    Jessie from Malaysia. All I want for Christmas, is a very Christmassy evening! Don’t ask me how, cause I really don’t know how to achieve that in MY 🙂

  9. Amanda

    I am from northeastern Ohio, and for Christmas this year I want:

    A heart-shaped Ruby necklace on a floating white gold chain.
    *le sigh*

    But I’ll probably get slipper socks… :/

  10. Glam Pink


    My name is Dalina aka Pink Princess from Malaysia. I wish Santa could fulfill my wish for this Christmas by getting me all those nice and pretty Christmas edition cosmetics and skincare which are so tempting!! I know it may sound so greedy, but I adore and appreciates all those cute products!!! Even those soaps for Christmas edition are so pretty!!!
    and I <3 <3 <3 your blog!! Thanks for the great reviews!

  11. mrs.amy

    hye,im mrs.amy from malaysia…i dont celebrate christmas but if i do,i’ll wish for any of MAC makeup (dont have one *sob2*), i wanna try ’em to see how good r they….

  12. Jen

    Hullo! I’m from Malaysia (subscribed to your blog via email) and all I want for Christmas is to celebrate it with a smile on my face.

  13. fuzbu

    Hey I’m from Sabah.

    This Christmas, all I’m asking for is some Christmas cheer. We all could use some irregardless of gender, creed or colour.

  14. MRS K

    Hi Tine! 🙂
    I’m Mrs K from Malaysia,i do not celebrate christmas but if i did i would so wish for a good quality roll of brushes! I really really wanted them for the longest! 🙂
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  15. Vicky

    Hello 🙂
    I’m Vicky from Aussie land! For christmas I’d love to pick up a huge haul from South Korea which hopefully is going to happen as my family and I are going there for the summer holidays this year.

  16. mcmcmcm

    From Turkey and I’d love to have all holiday gift set goodies this year 🙂

  17. mint

    Thank you for the giveaway.
    I’m mint aka winnie from Australia ^^. I would love to get a new digital camera for christmas :D, that way I can take better quality pics for my blog and all the special moments with my family and friends.

  18. sparklingtwinkle2000

    Hi Tine!
    I’m from Melbourne and all I want for christmas is a ticket back to KL. Lol, missing it dearly =(

  19. Sue

    Hi Tine,

    I’m from Malaysia (KL to be exact) and what I’d love for Christmas would be a happy and joyful time together with my close family and friends! Christmas is definitely a time of giving and blessing people around you and I do hope to bring smiles to those around me.

    Another wish of mine would be able to spend some quality time with myself. It’s been a rather long and hectic year, so before the year ends, I do wish to be able to wind and to ease myself a little bit =D

  20. Jytan

    I’m jiayi…I’m from Penang, Malaysia….I would love to have a nice trip with my family to celebrate Christmas…

  21. lydia

    im from singapore, and i’d like to have awesome christmas presents! lol.

  22. Jessica

    I’m from Brisbane 😉 and this Christmas, I really want a nice tea set for my new kitchen… lol 21 and thinking about tea sets… am I too old for my age?

  23. giddy tigress

    I’m from Penang and for Christmas this year, I’d really like to have all my loved ones feel cherished and truly happy. Sounds cliche, but it’s true…

  24. Elena

    I am Elena from Greece and I would like a Michael Kors handbag for Christmas!!!!

  25. Ria

    I’m from Greece and I want snow for Christmas.Just snow 🙂

  26. lajulaye

    Hi ! I’m Julie from France !
    My best gift for Christmas is a little kitten. I got her last Friday, and her name is Mya ! She’s so cute !

  27. K.Tan

    Hey, I’m from Singapore, and I really want happiness and contentment for Christmas. This year hasn’t been good for me I hope to end the year on a good note.

  28. Lilian

    Hi! I’m Lilian , a Malaysian living in Singapore now. I would want to spend Christmas back home with my family and have a relaxing and fun time with them =)

  29. BC

    I am currently in Dresden, and it is pretty cold thanks to all the snow…
    I wish to be very warm yet looks cool for Christmas 🙂
    Winter boots, travelling jacket, accessories etc are now top of my list.
    Any idea which jacket I should get? warm enough yet cool looking.. with at least 2 internal pockets…

  30. Sharon

    Hey I’m from India and I’ve subscibed to u thru Google Reader.
    For Christmas I’ve been eyeing the Vera Wang JetTone Beaded Necklace I saw on the Kohl website.
    I mailed you about my link.

  31. Cindi

    Actually, I don’t “need” anything for Christmas, but I
    enjoy fragrance, clothing and makeup gift cards and
    a surprise or two…
    Again, many thanks to you!

  32. Oda

    I’m subscribing already. 😉

    I’m from Norway, where it’s freezing cold right now. (12 degrees Fahrenheit, to be precise – it can get a lot colder here, though.) This Christmas I would like some good skincare product to help my skin get back on track. The perfume Cherry Blossom from L’Occitane would be nice too, I believe it’s the perfect everyday fragrance for me. 🙂

  33. Melbournite

    Hey there,
    Ya know I subscribe! Nice little xmas pressie giveaway – great idea!
    Hope you build a loyal readership through the blog community spreading of word 🙂

    I want about 3 different perfumes for xmas…… all flippin expensive but of course ;P I’ll be buying at least one of them……

  34. Kareem Thammavongsa

    Awesome post! I don’t know why Google doesn’t make it easier to find this kind of stuff…. Keep it coming though!

  35. Jess

    Hello! I’m a subscriber via email. From Malaysia.

    I would like a new laptop for Christmas this year. I accidentally spilt water all over my current one and now the keyboard doesn’t work.

  36. Melody

    hey, I’ve been subscribing by email for quite a while now! =D

    I’m from Canada, and I would love a whole bunch of Sephora gift cards…or anything beauty related. 😉

  37. Kat

    Hi! I’m from the Philippines…and for christmas, I would love to be debt-free (still working on it!)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  38. shaimaa

    I am a subscriber via email already
    I am from Kuwait , I love to have a separate room and i don’t wanna share it with my sis cause she is noisy ,I phone and makeup brushes

  39. elle

    jes moved to malaysia ^^
    i know everyone would want wish for world peace, but i’ll go for more green and do recycle, people! i dont want any physical things for this coming beautiful christmas, i just wish that my parents and all my love ones in good health and lots of happiness!

    xoxo elle
    wifluvelle at gmail dot com

  40. Lilit

    Hi, I’m from Sydney Australia … for Christmas I’d like what a lot of beauty addicts will want I’m sure, and that’s for Sephora to open stores in Australia!

  41. steph

    Hiya! Steph here from Melb, Oz and
    “All I want for Christmas is… you!”
    is what I want to hear this Christmas!
    (cheesy, i know)

  42. Jeslyn

    Hi, I’m from Malaysia and what I want for Christmas is for some miracles to happen 🙂

  43. Mel

    ‘elo Tine.. Happy Christmas.. greetings from Manila..

    I want a Sony Ericsson Xperia this Christmas.. it’s so pricey so i think it will just be a ‘wish’.. 😛

  44. Shazreeyana

    Hi there! i’m Yana from Malaysia..
    what i want for Christmas is a really sweet necklace from Tiffany&Co. .. It can be a small and simple one, but it would mean the world to me if my Hubby gets it for me..

  45. Melissa

    Hello! I’m Melissa from KL, Malaysia.
    What I want for Christmas is nothing to do with any luxury or fancy stuff, but would really love to patch things up and be in good terms with someone I hold dearly to.

  46. dyra

    hello im dyra from KL,Malaysia and for Christmas i would like to be somewhere which has snow with my close friends and family(since Malaysia has summer all year round 😉

  47. cindy Champion

    I’m Cindy C from Chilly Rock Springs, Wy. I love all things fashion and beauty so I have the Temptu Airbrusing system and Tria Laser Hair Removal system on my Christmas wish list this year!

  48. Adriana L.

    HI!! my name is adriana & I’m from south New Jersery, USA. On my christmas list is some new make-up!! im having a hard time finding jane iredale around here 🙁

    ~happy holidays to everyone!

  49. Lauryn M

    I’m Lauryn from Minneapolis, MN. I would love a Kitchenaide this year. Every year I bake cookies and give them as gifts. This would make things a bit easier around the holidays.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Michelle

    Michelle O from Austin, Texas
    For Christmas this year my true gift to enjoy time with my friends and family and continue to live a healthy, happy life!

  51. Mary K. Martin (Kathy)

    I’m Kathy from Port Orange, FL. All I want for Christmas this year is: One day of Peace and Harmony when everyone can just get along and forget about all their troubles and have great family and friends time.

  52. Christine

    Hi I’m Christine from St. Petersburg, Florida. I was going to ask Santa for a Zuca rolling travel case. I am a newly certified makeup artist and need a good case to store my products so I can feel organized and professional when I show up for a job. Thanks so much for asking!

  53. Superwoolu

    Hi Tine! Saying hi from good ol’ Canada here! What I really want for xmas is to have a warm xmas… No snow please!! ( I should probably move to another location where it’s hot and sunny all year round :p)

  54. Wanda M

    I subscribed to your RSS feed in Google Reader. I’m from South Carolina, USA and I would like a KitchenAid Stand Mixer for Christmas!

    Thanks for the giveaway

  55. Beth Johnson

    I’m from North Carolina and do not really know what I want for Christmas. I always love jewelry of some kind, a makeup case would be nice too!
    Thanks and God Bless!

  56. Danielle Zonghi

    I am from Marlborough, Massachusetts. For this Christmas I am getting the best present in the world! I am getting married to one of my best friends and best guy. We are actually getting married at my childhood home with our family and a few friends on Christmas Day. It has been a stressful year but I am excited for the holiday and all that comes with it!

  57. Nadia

    Can I enter too? As you know, I’m already a loyal reader and subscriber to your blog, and from Melbourne!

    I’d love to get the violet/purple Omega Constellation Watch for Christmas. Ever since I laid my eyes on it, I’ve been in love!

  58. Mari Ohira

    Hi, I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil! Yes, your blog does reach the other side of the world! For Christmas, I’d like some peace of mind since I’ve been working and studying nonstop this year. Too bad I had to postpone my holidays to the next year…

  59. Lori Nation

    Hi, I’m from Kansas, Yes love the blog. For Christmas I would love for my husband to find a job since he was recently laid off from a job he was at for almost 6 years.

  60. Amy L

    I’m from WA, Australia. I follow your blog via RSS feed.
    For Christmas, I would love an android phone like Huawei U8230 as my phone just broke.

  61. Melissa

    Melissa from KL, Malaysia. love your blog and posts! and all i want for christmas this year is getting first class honours printed on my degree cert 🙂

  62. Lisa

    Hi, thanks for the great contest! Lucy B Organics are at the top of my wishlist – I especially want the Bronzing Shimmer Oil and the Tiare Coconut products.

  63. Marusia

    my name is Maria and i’m from Moscow, Russia 🙂 it’s -25 below zero here today, but i’m still alive and still keep on reading your posts! 🙂 i found your site some months ago and got subscribed for updates at once. I like the way you describe the products. For the presents i still haven’t decided – maybe some new lipsticks from Clarins? in WARM colours of course 🙂 it’s also so nice to have the possibility to partecipate in this giveaway! 🙂

  64. Valerie

    I live in South Africa and I would love a DSLR camera for Christmas so that my business can get off the ground 🙂

  65. Ling

    From UK living in Melbourne and I would like an iPad – yeah!

  66. quinieleong

    I am Quinie from Malaysia and I would like to have a pleasant surprise this Christmas! I love unexpected surprises(nice ones only though :P)

  67. ying

    I’m ying from Malaysia. All i want for Christmas is a family trip real soon!

  68. Anna

    I am Anna from the US, and all I want for Christmas is happiness for my family and friends.

  69. Joy

    I’m from England. For Christmas, I want an iPhone.

  70. va

    rss subscriber through google .

    I am in India and I would like get some organizational items so I can store my clothing and things better . Also an all natural lipstick or blush would be nice .
    The more natural the beauty product is the better it is for you .

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  71. Sen

    I’m originally from Malaysia and now I’m Melbourne bound. I would like to have happiness and an awesome holiday for my Xmas haha!

  72. Lara

    Hi! I’m Lara from Valencia (Spain). Awesome blog and awesome giveaway!

    Leaving world peace and the likes aside (jk), I’d love the Urban Decay Naked palette (gorgeous!) and some new clothes. I just lost ten kilos (and counting!) and really need a new wardrobe!

  73. Grace

    Hi Tine!
    My name is Grace and I’m from Hong Kong.
    I know your blog and this giveaway event through the facebook of Jane Iredale!I’ve subscribed to your feed already^^
    I’m so glad to know that your blog focuses Asian Women! I always find it difficult in makeup because of my flat outline and skin colour.

    As for what would I like for this X’mas, I would like to grape the chance to learn more make-up skills cos I’m going to start my first job in January. I don’t really know much thing about makeup, so I want to equip myself for this during this x’mas.

  74. Betty N

    Hi! I’m from Savannah, GA and I really would like to win this for Christmas! Thanks for the giveaway

  75. mariel

    Hi I’m Mariel from the Philippines. I would like to have a bunch of dark chocolates for Christmas and share it to my family.

  76. Shereen

    Hi. I am from Malaysia. All I want for Christmas is to spend time with my family members:)

  77. Audrey

    Hello!! I am Audrey from Singapore. All i want for christmas is a warm family gettogether with all my cousins at Universal Studios Singapore. It has been some time since our last gettogether and I am hoping for one this Christmas! 🙂

  78. Thian

    Hi, I’m Thian from Malaysia. I would like to have a big box of chocolate and spend the time with my boyfriend.

  79. Tara M

    I am from Sydney Australia!
    I’d love a Clarisonic for christmas, i hope Santa remembers!

  80. alana

    I’m Alana and I’m in Melbourne. This would be my first year celebrating Xmas away from friends and families. Just moved to Melbourne in April this year. Am still settling down……What I want for Xmas? Something nice to cheer me up….cos no one remembered my birthday this year 🙁

  81. mrsshukra

    Honolulu! Would love a Canon S95!

  82. Lisa

    Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m from Toronto. I hope to recover from my kidney infection in time for Christmas dinners this year. Can’t wait to see family after being away for school!

  83. aNn

    Hi, i’m Su Ann from Malaysia.

    Hmm i really really want a holiday away frm the madness of work, preferably one involving the beach, cocktails and hot bodyguards!! Haha one can dream ;P

  84. Wei Wei

    Hi, I’m from Malaysia. All i want this Christmas is for my business start-up to start picking up (things have been really tough this year), and in general for my family and friends to be happy and healthy! 🙂

  85. Stella

    I’m from Brisbane, Australia and for Christmas I want to a day by the pool with my family and a pair of Jimmy Choos under my tree 🙂

  86. emmabovary

    I’m from Melbourne in Australia,and for Christmas I just want a day to relax with people I love,and play with new beauty prodz that will hopefully fill my stoking!

  87. rhania

    hi hun,

    im rhania. my friends call me rhain, and im from Philippines, what i want for christmas is a pair of contact lens with prescription (not on top of my “to buy” list because, christmas means = lot of expenses)

    much love,

  88. Crystal

    I’m from California and for Christmas I’d like to give a gift that will give the receiver “warm fuzzies” of love. You know… bubble hearts!

  89. yasi

    hi my name yasi am from india ……..well my christmass is definitely with family …enjoying the day at home n ofcourse cooking delicious food

  90. perfectskincareforyou

    Hey…I am from India. I am gonna have a blast int he last week of this year 🙂 starting from Christmas m gonna gear up my preparations to welcome the new year and hang out with friends and family….

  91. Ptreml

    I am Patricia from Minnesota. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE more than anything for an Apple iPad!! I have been lusting after one for a few months, and would definitely make a great present under the tree!!

  92. Karen

    hi, im karen from Sabah, Malaysia.

    I ♥ your blog, its beautiful. (:

    This year for christmas I wish it would snow in Malaysia! ;D

  93. emily

    Hi, I am emily from Malaysia.

    What I want for Christmas is to have a healthy family living happily together.

  94. charles

    I am from the tropical country of Malaysia.

    All I want for Christmas is a steady income for the coming year.

  95. robin

    I am from Malaysia and I want an Ipad for Christmas.

  96. brianvs

    I am your friendly reader from Malaysia and I want a DSLR camera for christmas.

  97. Swathy

    Subscribed to your mailing list…btw I am going on an outing with my family for this Christmas…I am from India 🙂

  98. Lisa

    Oops, I forgot to say I am from Michigan!!

  99. Aaryn

    My name is Aaryn. I’m from Ottawa, Canada. I’d like some new jeans for xmas! I usually read this blog regularly but I just subscribed on my Google Reader. 🙂

  100. Kiran

    Hi, I’m Kiran from Malaysia and I subscribe to your blog via e-mail. For Christmas, I would like the new Gucci Guilty fragrance.

  101. Aimee

    rss Google here =]
    I would like a entire cosmetic set for christmas! lol. Because i love make up but hardly have any! (like less than 10 including lipsticks and sample eye shadows)

  102. janet

    Hello, from a cold but with a warm heart UK. I hope you are keeping warm where you are. For Christmas, I’m am being a little greedy this year in asking for a few things. 1st that some of our troups make it home safe and get to spend time with their familys. 2nd that just one more person in the world whom could be classed as self centred will stop and take stock to remember christmas is about giving, even if it’s only just a little of their time. and thirdly If I’m on santa’s nice list would just love love love to recieve some Jane Iredale mineral foundation, I have only recently discovered her wonderful products and have put a few hints hubbys way so If I’m good I should get foundation, it’s only taken me 20 plus years to have the confidence to wear makeup. Yep I’m nearing my 40’s too. and what seems like longer to find the right one for me. So if I’m a lucky winner a little bit of Bronze will make my cheeks glow in the snow.
    Merry Christmas

  103. Jacqueline M

    Hello, I’m from USA and in Texas 🙂
    This year I’m hoping to receive an eyeshadow palette considering that I just started to wear makeup this year and now love using colors on my eyes. 🙂



  105. Sylvester Saw

    Hi admin, Hi guys.. I am from Malaysia.. This year Christmas is very special to me as my whole housemates are having presents exchange activity and we had just brought and decorate a Christmas Tree! Nothing special I want for this Christmas, anything will do, as long as I got the wishes and bless for this Christmas, I am happy enough.. Cheers.. =)

  106. Amber Gi

    im from the pacific northwest and i want a laptop!
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  107. Yvonne Loreal

    I’m from a little town in Texas.
    For Christmas I’d like to have my boyfriend return home safely from Saudi Arabia.

  108. Brandi

    My name is Brandi. I am from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA) and what I would most like for Christmas is to be with my family in Virginia. Due to financial constraints I won’t be able to make it home this year, so I will have to carry them in my heart.

  109. Lilpil

    I’m from Melbourne.
    All I want for Christmas is Love from the people I care very much about. Because without them, it just ain’t feeling the same. So I’d want them to show me their love 🙂

  110. milktea

    Hi Tine. I subscribe by email and am from Malaysia. I’d like to get a gym membership subscription (!) this Christmas so that I can stop being unhealthy, lol! Seriously, I need to move the body a bit. Exercising outdoors in Malaysia is frankly not practical for me anymore.

  111. Eva

    I am from Spain but I am living In England at the moment, so for this Christmas I want to spend some time with my family in Spain. Let’s hope the weather doesn’t turn up nasty and We can fly next week.

  112. Irene

    I am from Indonesia but living in Singapore. I want a Chanel bag for my christmas present ths year =) merry christmas!

  113. Mellisa

    I am Mellisa from Singapore. I want to spend my Christmas in a romantic way. That’s it for my wish this year. =)

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