November = No Shopping Month

November Is No Shopping Month

Big shocker, thanks to the strong AUD, I’ve been shopping, shopping, shopping and have completely blown my budget for October. The pocket screamed for mercy, the credit card companies rejoiced in the extensive use of the card. That’s it, no more.

I hereby declare November to be a “NO SHOPPING MONTH“.

It shouldn’t be too difficult, I hope *gulp*. I’ve done “no shopping” months before and I survived. This should be no different. Sure there’s the Sephora sale, Saks Fifth Avenue sale … STOP.

Deep breaths, Tine. Deep breaths, and close down damn webpages.

So for November, the only item I’m allowed to buy that’s even remotely beauty-related is toothpaste, if I run out of any. No sneaky purchases from Coles or Woolies. I mean, a magazine or two is considered groceries, right? NO.

No books, no beauty products, no clothes, no accessories, no gadgets of any kind, no beauty treatments (well, this one’s a doozy, since I’ve already prepaid for some via Jump On It, Spreets, etc :P)

No shopping online for anything. So even if I see any good books on Book Depository, or Borders screaming 40% discount, these would be considered taboo.

Sales? I shall be blind and deaf to that word.

Let’s see how I fare after a month, shall we?

*fingers tightly crossed*

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13 comments… add one
  1. Connie De Alwis

    Don’t doo eet! Some deals will never come again!!

  2. xin

    LOL @ connie.

    u go tine! i support u!!! I need to ban myself from shopping too. gosh!

  3. Nikki

    Goodluck! I went to this shopping place as well over the weekend and I literally covered my eyes on sales and wonderful clothing, I think I have too much!

    Goodluck to all of us!

  4. Celina

    Sooo brave! I don’t think I could ever put this ban on me! Giving myself a budget yes, but to say absolutely no shopping? I take my hat off to you!

  5. Ling

    Not even magazines?? Gosh, best of luck to you…Has withdrawal symptoms started yet?

  6. Tine

    Connie: Oh you enabler you 😛

    Xin: Thanks, doll. See, Connie! Tsk tsk 😛

    Nikki: Amen, sister, amen. Good luck to us all indeed.

    Celina: I’m *trying*. I’ve done it before, and I’m sure (well, pretty sure. I think) I can do it again 😉

    Ling: Erm, see, I subscribe to magazines on Zinio, and I read them on my iPad. I have about 8-10 new, unread mags, and about 15 Japanese magazines (downloaded scans). So I’m more than set for reading material 😛 It’s only the second day, so no withdrawal symptoms yet 😛

  7. beetrice

    hehehe…good luck with that! 😀 don’t worry, save the $$ for next year and come back Msia to spend! (and if you’re really compelled to, you can always ‘spend’ towards my nest egg…hur hur…)

  8. mint

    goodluck! I’ve been trying to do that myself but haven’t been successful to just stop completely. haha. I’m still happy for the strong aussie dollar though.

  9. gio

    Good luck Tine! That’s a strict ban, I could never be able to do it but I hope you succeed! 🙂

  10. Syen

    Ohmelordy. I shan’t even attempt this at home. But all the best to you sista! =D

  11. akisa

    as much as i like the idea of a shopping ban month, your Friends & Family sale extended to 8 November!!! Just teasing Tine, I am advocate for curbing spending ^_^

  12. Sophia

    Good luck! I’m going to be running around like a mad woman looking for Christmas presents all November. Yikes! Hopefully, I won’t be too broke by the new year!

  13. Goingkookies

    OMG!! ALL D BEST! Not impossible but it’s going to be a super rough month for you.

    To resist temptation and depression from NOT being able to buy anything, DON’T GO TO THE MALLS!!

    Just stepping in to Woolies or Coles and you’ll still see things you itch to buy!! =p

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