Products That Literally Saved My Skin

I’m very, very happy to announce that my skin is finally back to normal. Thank God, the peely ordeal only lasted a week. I really was worried it might stretch more and leave goodness-knows-what-sort-of scars and permanent blemishes on the skin.

Thanks very much to those who commented and emailed me about this. I really appreciated your input and help on this. After a process of further elimination, I’m afraid to say, it really was the Clarisonic that wrecked that much havoc on my skin. Even though everyone I know who has a Clarisonic use it daily without any problems, I’m afraid my skin just couldn’t take that much exfoliation. I shall now be limiting my use of the device to a maximum of twice a week.

Speaking of the Clarisonic, a couple of days ago, my skin had finally settled down, the redness and sting were gone but was really peeling badly. I kid you not, I had a mirror in front of me, and my itchy fingers started to play and pick at the dead skin 😛 In the evening, I had a sudden idea to use the Clarisonic to brush away the dead skin. It was a gamble, all right, since it gave skin problems in the first place. So when I was in the shower, instead of the usual 1-minute of brushing on the face, I brushed for about 5 seconds on each cheek. When I washed everything off, the dead skin was gone, revealing smooth skin.

YES! It worked! 😀

During the week of peeliness, I couldn’t use any of my usual skincare products because they stung something fierce on my raw, red cheeks. These were the only items I could use without any problems, and they really did help heaps.

Products That Literally Saved My Skin

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser – used this to cleanse the skin. I tried to minimise the use of makeup the past week, so I didn’t require a stronger cleanser.
Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion – I’ve never used this on my face, only my body. But I’m glad to say this worked well on my cheeks and chin. It was still a little too rich for my T-zone though, and my nose started to sprout a pimple or two. But compared to the rest of the very dry face, those spots were peanuts.
Avene Thermal Spring Water spraySesame recommended I spray my skin with a facial spray to keep it hydrated and not so tight throughout the day. I started with my Evian facial spray but switched to this instead. Worked like a charm, especially on warm days.
Trilogy Sensitive Skin Very Gentle Calming Fluid – this was the only serum gentle enough to not burn my skin. Soothed the redness too.
Lucas Papaw Ointment – I obviously cannot sing enough praises of this red tube of gooey goodness. The first few days of the raw cheeks really burned, and nothing I used helped. Except this.

I couldn’t be happier with the results of these products. Which made me wonder why the heck I spent so much money on expensive products when these cheap ones did the trick and more. Funny, right?

Anyway, if you ever have the misfortune of going through what I had, do try out these very simple but effective products. They will, literally, save your skin.

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  1. sesame

    Hey Tine: I’m glad your skin is back to normal and that you still can use the Clarisonic brush. I’ve never tried Cetaphil products but have learnt from so many others and yourself that their products are trusty in times of skin troubles.

    Hope to see more of your pretty FOTDs soon! 🙂

  2. Nikki

    You just don’t know how Lucas saved my life! My burn is getting better and it’s not as bad looking as before! thanks to you!

    You’re right, there are inexpensive products that works and we should just stick to it 🙂

  3. Indulgent Diva

    Glad your skin’s back to normal now. I’m also currently on repair mode and using half of the stuff you’ve got there! Hopefully my skin will start balancing soon otherwise I’m afraid I’m going to have yucky skin for the next 3-4 months during summer! arghhh

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